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Hello and welcome to Tiger Mountain, a site dedicated to the animated television program "Road Rovers". I am the automatic diagnostic and announcement system that will be your guide throughout this site. Remember: have a secure day.

- Update made on 18 November 2017 -


After almost two decades since Road Rovers was first broadcast, the entire series is now available for purchase on DVD from Warner Brothers. Please follow the link below to place your order.

***Road Rovers at the WBShop***

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A recent technical problem at Tripod had led to the accidental suspension of this website for two weeks. The problem has been sorted out and the website restored, though the art gallery currently has many broken links. Be please patient while administration attempts to restore the gallery.

Administrator's note:

The Armory is open for suggestions for any type of fan-made Rover weapons at gnaude_@hotmail.com


Here's a text-based Road Rover game for all you fans out there! All info is included with the readme in the zip.

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