This is the prison complex where the Road Rovers were once held. Though they have escaped, the information gained from them is still being housed here. Further information might be acquired at a later date.


Road Rovers is an animated program that was aired by Warner Brothers Studios in 1996. It starred Hunter, Colleen, Blitz, Exile and Shag: cano-sapien super heroes who fight for right throughout the world. The success of the program lay in its fine blend of action and comedy as well as the good use of teamwork. The program consisted of 13 episodes before Warner Brothers decided to cancel it. "Road Rovers", however, have gained a steadily growing number of supporters and fan-based international network sites dedicated to the canine heroes. For more information on the characters of the program please see the description list.


Hunter is the leader of the Road Rovers and is a male Golden Retriever. The Master chose him while he and Muzzle were held at a dog pound. Besides his obvious ability as leader his super power is super speed. Other than that he's also highly loyal, friendly, caring, generous and lucky. His only known relative is his mother, who lives on a ranch in the US state of Wyoming. When not a Road Rover he stays with the US President in the White House in Washington DC.


Colleen is a female Collie. She was a stray who lived in the streets before "the light shone on her". Her powers in martial arts makes her a dangerous opponent to her enemies. She is love with Hunter, but latest intel shows that Hunter doesn't appear to notice it even she calls him "Huntie Wuntie". She doesn't like Blitz and enjoys to annoy him by calling him names like "Mr. Fluffy Pants" and forgetting his real name. Her current residence is with the British Prime Minister in London.


Exile Mikalovich SanHusky is a male Siberian Husky who hails from the Russian Federation. His eyes have the ability to fire either a heat or ice beam or to be used as night-sight, but his English grammer isn't actually what one would call perfect. He, like Colleen, doesn't like Blitz, in particular his "tooshie biting" and thus usually calls him "Weird Boy". His home is with the Russian President in the Kremlin in Moscow.


Blitz is a male Doberman who originally came from an autoyard in Germany. Although he has sharp claws and teeth his cowardice undermines his status in the team. He also the disgusting habit of biting the rear ends of his enemies whenever he gets the chance. He hates Hunter because he thinks that he should be leader, but everyone doesn't think the same way (and neither do we). He is in love with Colleen, but she just ignores him or calls him every kind of name except his real one. He has been given to the German Chounsellor in Berlin.


Shag is a male Sheepdog who comes from Switzerland. Though there must have been some mistake because he is VERY different from the others. First when he is turned into a cano-sapien he keeps the outward appearance of a sheepdog (our scientists think this is because of his mass of fur), the only diffference being that he can walk like a human. He is a greater coward than Blitz and scares for just about anything. However, his fur allows him to store various items in it and is able to handle missile launchers. Please note: he usually aims the weapons the wrong direction. He stays with the Swiss President in the mountains of Switzerland.


Muzzle (former name Scout) is a male Rottweiler and is the pet of The Master. After having been sent through a poorly designed Cano-Mutator of General Parvo's he had been rendered insane. As a result he is usually strapped to a cart in a straight-jacket. When released he can decimate anything, or anything, in his path. This makes him a valuable asset to the Road Rovers in battle.


The Master was known as Professor William Shepherd and was the creator of the Transdogmafier. His assistant, Jeffery Otitus, wanted to sell the plans but his buyers needed proof. As a result he used Boots (Prof. Shepherd's cat) as a test subject and turned him into Parvo. Parvo wanted the plans to the Transdogmafier from Shepherd and captured Scout (see Muzzle) to make the deal. Instead of giving the dog he instead left a bomb that destroyed Shepherd Laboratories and turned Professor into The Master (probably from chemicals that were in the building at that time). He then went on to create the Road Rovers. Today he resides in Road Rover Mission Control giving the Road Rovers their missions to protect the world.


Professor Hubert, a male bloodhound, is the main scientist at RRMC and has helped design the Road Rovers' vehicles, weapons and equipment. He has the best nose in the world and can identify a sample just by sniffing it (he keeps an archieve of samples of all animal species). Nothing more is known about him thus far.


General Parvo was known as Boots (see The Master) but is now a human cyborg (he does, however, still retain feline ears). He is a notorious villain who's only goal in life is that of world domination (much like everyone else). He plans to gain this through his army of Cano-mutants, the stronger version of Cano-sapiens. He is tried many times but has always been defeated by the Road Rovers. He does cough a lot as a result of hairballs and thus requires lozenges to stop his coughing. He has no permanent base because the Road Rovers usually end up destroying it.


Storm was a United States Military Captain who was given a dishonourable discharge after opening fire without a direct order during the Gulf War. He vowed revenge and stole a decoder of the US Navy's secret orbital laser weapon to destroy major US cities. The Road Rovers stopped his mad plans, but when he went to stand trail mercenaries freed him and transported him to their spaceship. He tried to brainwash the world leaders to destroy each other with nuclear weapons, but once again failed. Intel shows that because of his mental instability he now resides at the Sunnyvale Sanitarium.


Very little information is known of Persia except that she is a female Afgan hound with an Irish accent who is also the leader of the Space Rovers. No other information is available.


Colonel Havoc was the leader of the rebellious forces that controlled the country of Ovitznia in Eastern Europe. Havoc loves war and money. As a result he had his forces steal the Sceptre of the Valley in order to have Katzenstok and Esneria (two neighbouring countries south of Ovitznia) declare war on each other. He would then sell weaponry to both factions and, after the war, take control of the war-torn nations. The Road Rovers, however, retrieved the Sceptre from Havoc and his forces and had Havoc arrested by United Nations forces with the aid of the native Ovitznian wolf packs. Afterwards Katzenstok, Esneria and Ovitznia were united (the united countries togther take the unusual shape of the Walt Disney character Mickey Mouse's head.)



The Groomer is General Parvo's loyal assistant in his goal of world domination. Her origins are unknown, but she is believed to come from Ireland. She gave Parvo his name and became his assistant after she completed her first mission (removing Proffessor Otitus, see below). She has shared in Parvo's victories and defeats (mostly defeats). She always has a Lozenge despenser with her to stop the General from coughing up hairballs (which disgusts her). She is very ruthless and cunning. Caution is advised when confronting her (unless you are a member of the Road Rovers or otherwise).



Professor Otitus was Professor Shepherd's assistant who helped build the Transdogmafier and obtain the needed government grants to fund the project. However, because of his greed for money, he wanted to sell the blueprints of the Transdogmafier to the highest bidder. Requested for proof, Otitus was to transdogmafy Muzzle, but was unable to capture him. So instead he substituted Boots (see Parvo) for the process. When he saw Parvo appear, he was scared so badly that he became partially insane. After failing to build a working Cano-mutator for Parvo, Parvo had the Groomer shave his head and it also resulted in him becoming completely insane.


Professor Atwater was a scientist who was concerned about the aftermath of radiation pollution, meltdown and nuclear winter. This would have been classified as a normal mental condition, except Atwater wanted to have mankind mutated into insects in order to survive a nuclear winter (which is NOT normal). Everyone except Parvo didn't listen to Atwater, but Parvo funded his research, only to have it used to transmutate insects into large monstrosities. Having seen his research being used for evil purposes, he defected to the Road Rovers. Unfortunately(?) he suffered an accident at the Upstate Nuclear Power Plant (New York State, US), which rendered him insane. He now resides at the Sunnyvale Sanitarium, with his insects (in their natural form) as his "friends".



Lieutenant Skeam was Colonel Havoc's best commander and was one of only a handful of people who nearly succeeded in destroying the Road Rovers. He suffered the same fate as Colonel Havoc and was also arrested by United Nations forces.