Please note that these arms were provided by Richard Barrere.


INFILTRATOR-CLASS COMBAT SUIT: An experimental powered suit made of special materials that look leathery but are far more protective. The Infiltrator-Class suit is made for speed, maneuverability, and stealth. Sacrificing the protection factor of the Warrior-Class suit to achieve this, it makes this suit far more susceptible to damage from bullets and energy weapons, but is still very protective overall. The suit is able to augment the abilities of the wearer, and has special system to achieve the perfect blend of stealth equipment. These include Silent Systems (making all movement completely silent), Therm-Optic Camouflage (complete invisibility to heat sensors and eyes), and Counter-Electronics (jamming all sensory equipment that try to scan the suit) plus many more. This is the suit normally worn by Captain Shadow and Nicholas Night.

WARRIOR-CLASS COMBAT SUIT: A Powered Armor suit that gives a very good blend of protection over all kinds of damage. It is made of a leather-like material but is very resistant to all kinds of damage, including Kinetic (bullets, knife cuts, etc), Energy (lasers, plasma, etc), and more. The suit also enhances the strength and speed of the wearer, letting the wearer have seemingly super-human characteristics. This suit is normally worn by Jade, and is sometimes referred to as a “Torso Suit” because most models don’t cover the arms.

KNIGHT-CLASS COMBAT SUIT: A Powered Armor suit made very much like the Warrior-Class, only with heavy armored plates instead of the leathery material. It offers even more protection against damage and enhanced systems that surpass the strength of the Warrior-Class at the sacrifice of speed and maneuverability. Although similar to the Warrior-Class model (which doesn’t cover the arms), this Suit has short sleeves. This suit is Rubius’ choice of wear.

IVAN-CLASS EXO-SUIT: A Powered Exoskeleton Suit, that is humanoid in shape and normally stands eight feet high, carrying extremely heavy weaponry. The weapons include a Quad-Barreled Gattling Laser cannon and a PlasBurner Cannon in its right arm, a Howitzer MK2 Grenade Launcher, Force Net Launcher, and Energy Shield in its left arm, as well as external Micro-Rocket Pods on both legs, as well as a Beam Cutter on the right shoulder. Although slow, its Reactive Armor gives it superb protection against firearms, but only moderate protection against energy based weaponry. Only used when massive firepower is needed within a mobile package.

PLASCASTER PISTOL MK3: Standard issue pistol given to all soldiers in the 24th century. The pistol is slightly larger than a Beretta pistol and looks like one. But where the shell ejector would be is a small rectangle pod that glows with green energy and lighter waves of green that flow inside it, but the pod is noticeably smaller than the MK4 (about a quarter smaller). This pistol has two firing modes. One is a four shot burst of green energy bolts, while equal to the MK4 in penetration power, it isn’t as accurate is its three shot burst. The second firing mode is a single, larger energy bolt, which has nearly the same penetrating power as the beam setting of the MK4, but is offset by a slow (1 shot per second) firing rate. This gun is used by Jade, Rubius, and Tig.

PLASBURNER CANNON: Normally mounted on vehicles and Exo-Suits, the PlasBurner is a cannon that has a self contained Fusion Plasma Core that vents its energy in similar fashion to a standard flame thrower, only with a more extreme result. The fifteen foot energy flame can melt metal within seconds, and against soft targets (i.e. soldiers) are even more devastating.

BEAM CUTTER: A small energy weapon made primarily for cutting through metal and armored targets. It produces a steady beam of energy and melts even the strongest known metals on contact. The idea of using it against soft targets, such as Troopers, is a destructive one indeed.

HOWITZER MK2: A large Grenade Launcher, normally mounted on Exo-Suits, but can be modified for use by personnel, but will be difficult to wield. It can accept a wide range of explosive armaments, including standard explosive grenades, fragmentation grenades, proximity grenades, EMP Grenades, and ‘Smart’ Spider Mines. The Howitzer MK2, when modified for a person holds two, five shot ammo clips in front of the trigger group, and can switch between the two with a switch near the barrel hand guard, otherwise, the clips are held inside the ammo storage unit of the Exo-Suit.

ENERGEN WHIP: A whip that looks and functions like a normal whip. But when activated by the thoughts of the owner the tip of the whip will extend into half a dozen purple energy tentacles that can quickly tie up and subdue an opponent or attack them like a normal whip (this ability can be activated by the owner only). Although useful, the energy tentacles will drain the power of the whip quickly, and will disappear in less than a minute and be unavailable for a few minutes as the battery recharges. This is Jade’s personal weapon.

FORCE NET LAUNCHER: A Rifle sized weapon that is sometimes modified for use in Exo-Suits, the Force Net Launcher (sometimes called the Spidey Web) shoots a small sphere that, when hitting a target, explodes into an energy net that constricts around the target, thus immobilizing them. The energy net can last up to fifteen minutes before losing its power, or deactivated early by pressing a button on the sphere itself.

ENERGY SHIELD: A Tower Shield made out of pure energy that can deflect or absorb all attacks that hit it. Using a self contained power source it can stay active for long periods of time and can be activated and deactivated with no drain on its power core. Normally built into all Combat Suits as well as Exo-Suits.

MEDICAL SYSTEMS: A system of medical equipment built directly into all Combat Suits and Exo-Suits. The Medical Systems automatically activate and transform energy into medical aid to heal any kind of injury that the user sustains. The system is so powerful that is it capable of bringing a soldier back to perfect health even when he or she is fatally wounded.

REACTIVE ARMOR: A metal made to resist damage from bullets and other types of similar damage. Using specially made materials the armor can deflect the shot or absorb nearly all the strength of the hit depending on the caliber of the bullet or the strength of the attack.

REFLECTIVE ARMOR: A special material that is made to reflect or absorb the power of all energy-based weaponry. It can be mixed with Reactive Armor to make a very powerful and nearly indestructible armor grade, but it takes a large amount of time and materials to do so.


OLYMPIAN APC: The Olympian is an Armored Personal Carrier capable of operating away from base for extended periods of time, using its extensive electronics packages to coordinate all activity during a mission making it a capable control center. This APC, unlike many of its kind, is made to fight and survive battle as well as get people back and forth during missions quickly and safely. It has an eight barreled ‘mini gun’ on the top of the roof above the driver’s section, and a ‘Micro-Rocket’ Turret on the rear section of the roof. Protecting the Olympian is a thick layer of Reactive/Reflective Armor giving it amazing protection against bullets of all kinds as well as all energy weapons, saving it from everything short of the megaton range. The Olympian does not travel by normal wheeled or tracked means, instead it has four Anti-Gravity Units where the wheels would normally be, allowing it to glide over any terrain at a very high rate of speed.