Much of the arsenal used by the Vanguard originally belonged to the former Earth Defense Force, including some that were in development but were abandoned when the organization was disbanded.


PLASMA PISTOL: The Plasma Pistol is a smaller, compact version of the larger Plasma Rifle. While lacking the same power as its bigger variant, the Plasma Pistol serves as an excellent sidearm and personal defensive weapon while also being easier to conceal and carry.

SONIC RIFLE: Once an experimental weapon that was rare in number in the EDF, the sonic rifle has been mass produced and given to many soldiers within the ranks of the Vanguard. They operative much like the sonic rifle used by Striker, though the Vanguard has added improvements such as a larger ammo pack and a short charge-up time.

E-12 AUTOMATIC RIFLE: The E-12 is the EDF version of the FM2000, but produced many years earlier. It is an ultra-modern, lightweight and powerful firearm that gives a soldier an edge on the battlefield. It is easily to handle, aim and fire, carries a large clip, is very accurate and carries an optical scope with night vision. Like the sonic rifle, the E-12 has been produced in large numbers for the Vanguard.

PLASMA RIFLE: The EDF Plasma Rifle used by the Vanguard is unchanged from the version carried by Alexander Illanov. However, they were never manufactured in large numbers and thus are only used either as vehicle-mounted turrets or by specialized troops in heavy combat situations.

SAPPER GUN: A revolutionary breakthrough by scientists working on contract for the Vanguard, the Sapper Gun is an energy weapon that can neutralize any super-powered individual. The beam its fires not only causes a Road Rover or any other super sapien's power to become nullified, but also leaves them weakened and tired. This technology is still in its infancy, and requires a single soldier to carry the gun and its power pack without any additional firearms barring pistols. Also, the weapon does not work against regular humans.

SONIC GRENADE: The Sonic Grenade is a side-development of work done on the Sonic Rifle. The device contains a single-shot sonic charge that is activated once the trigger is pressed and has explosive power comparable to most regular hand grenades. In addition, the device can be recovered and reused after detonation in certain circumstances.

PROTO-L BATTLE ARMOR: The Proto-L Battle Armor is another leap forward in battlefield technology produced for the Vanguard. Issued to most Vanguard soldiers, the Proto-L has electronic systems built into the armor that keeps the wearer in peak shape, monitoring their health and administering medical aid when needed and providing battlefield and combat information in real-time. The Proto-L gives Vanguard soldiers the edge needed to fight in the field, especially against super-powered opponents.

PROTO-N BATTLE ARMOR: The Proto-N Battle Armor is an upgraded version of the Proto-L Armor with additional armor and Kevlar plating that covers most of the wearer's body and is built to resist hazards such as fires, chemical attacks or nuclear radiation. Although built with lightweight materials they are still bulkier and heavier than their counterparts.

CRYSTAL GUN: The Crystal Gun is the Vanguard's first attempt at adapting stolen KH Military Crysillis Crystals into weapon form. The result is a powerful though bulky weapon that can fire bolts of energy capable of piercing armor. The technology is still unstable and the guns can overheat or spontaneously explode if fired continuously.

NANO COMBAT SUIT: The latest product of the Vanguard's research and development department, the Nano Combat Suit is made from millions of nanobots that are remotely controlled via a microchip implant within the neck of the user. The user can then, with training, manipulate the nanobots to change the suit from having the appearance of civilian clothing to hardened combat armor. This not only allows the user to easily blend in but also to switch to combat mode in an instant. The suit can also help enhance the powers of any sapien it is given to. So far the suit is still in a prototype stage, with the only usable version having been given to Mei Jing for field tests.

ENHANCEMENT AUGMENTATION: The Enhancement Augmentation is a special device created for use by Animal Operatives. Vanguard research has discovered various methods of improving super powers, ranging from increasing range and power to reducing exertion and canceling out side-effects. The EAs are often custom-designed to fit as bracelets, collars, vests or belts, depending on the individual operative's abilities.


VANGUARD SOLDIER: Vanguard Soldiers represent the bulk of the Vanguard's force. However, they are mostly mercenaries or ex-military troops  who have been recruited by the Vanguard and are not actual former EDF agents. They do receive excellent training and are well-equipped to fight any opposing force. Most soldiers are armed with standard western arms, but higher-ranking individuals are trained to use EDF weapons.

NEUTRALIZER OPERATIVE: The Neutralizer Operative, called N-Ops, are specially trained and equipped Vanguard soldiers who are primarily tasked with fighting super-powered individuals such as the Road Rovers. Armed with Sapper Guns the N-Ops can stop a Rover's powers and make him an easy target for supporting troops. On their own, operatives are not as well-equipped to deal with regular, non-super powered individuals as their comrades.

TASK OPERATOR: The Task Operators are the heavy-duty troops of the Vanguard used in combat zones and situations that pose too great a risk to regular soldiers. Thanks to to their Proto-N Battle Armors these troops are extremely difficult to injury, much less kill and their Crystal Guns allow them to apply heavy firepower against opposing forces.

ANIMAL OPERATIVE: Animal Operatives, or A-Ops, are the result of the Vanguard's own efforts into creating cano-sapiens. While consisting primarily of canines, a number of other mammal species comprise membership of the A-Ops. Along with being fitted with standard Vanguard equipment, many of its members are fitted with Enhancement Augmentations that magnify the strength of their super powers and reduce the stamina required to use them.


VANGUARD RHINO: The Rhino hummers used by the Vanguard were all taken from EDF storehouses and are almost identical to the Rhino used by Striker, with a Sonic Cannon, Blackjack Mines and flight capability. These particular Rhinos underwent an upgrade to give them a slight more powerful engine, compound armor to replace the plated armor and better flight manoeuvrability. The Rhinos serve as the primary ground vehicles for the Vanguard.

ROADTRAIN TRUCK: The Roadtrain Truck is an 18-wheel truck and trailer used by the Vanguard as a mobile command and control centre as well as a troop transport. While usually dark blue in colour, the Roadtrain can be painted to resemble a commercial transport to travel unnoticed in civilian areas. The trailer boasts various computers that provide communications, radar, signal interception and jamming among other functions. It also fitted with armor plating to make it resistant to enemy gunfire.

HEAVY COMBAT UNIT: Research work done on the remains of GONV robots recovered after the Techno War has led to the creation of the Heavy Combat Unit, or HECU. This large, automated robot is armed with two energy cannons on its arms and two built-in rocket packs. Combined with thick armor plating, an advanced combat AI and mobility, the HECU is a fearsome weapons platform that can be sent into extreme combat situations.

LIGHT COMBAT UNIT: Further research work done on GONV robots has allowed the Vanguard to create and field smaller versions of their HECUs, the Light Combat Unit (LICU). Although lacking the armor and firepower of its larger brethren, the LICU is a capable fighting unit and works well as support for the HECU or Vanguard soldiers. Their claws not only allow them to engage in hand-to-hand combat but also to retrieve items or objects when doing so would put a regular soldier in extreme danger.

DUSTKICKER AA: The Dustkicker Anti-Aircraft Platform is the Vanguard's primary method of protecting and guarding against hostile aircraft. It is fitted with gatling guns and missile packs and equipped with highly advanced targeting systems that allows the Dustkicker's operator to locate and lock onto enemy targets. Its treads allow it to operate over a wide variety of terrain.


MOSQUITO: The Mosquito is a very light attack helicopter created primarily for scouting and light ground support. Developed to be easily controlled by a single pilot, the Mosquito is highly maneuverable and capable of providing decent firepower and air superiority. It also comes with stealth technology, allowing it to easily slip through enemy lines undetected. Unfortunately its light design puts it at a real disadvantage when confronted with heavily fortified positions and more powerful assault helicopters.

CONDOR: The Condor Helicopter was developed by the EDF alongside the United States' V-22 Osprey. But while the original project was shelved and the V-22 project continues to struggle, the Vanguard managed to get the Condor to successful production. The Condor serves as a troop transport and squad insertion vehicle and its tilt-rotor technology allows it to convert between a helicopter and a light aircraft, depending on the situation.

SEEKER DRONE: The Seeker Drone is the Vanguard's version of aerial combat drones: a miniaturized version of a helicopter combined with the AI systems that run the HECU and LICU robots. The Seeker can serve as either an airborne scout and recon unit, either automatically or via remote control, or as a combat unit thanks to its small but still formidable autogun and rocket packs.

AIRDROMEDA: The Airdromeda is the Vanguard's next-generation cargo plane. It can carry heavy cargo to Vanguard around the world thanks to its long range, four power engines and ability to land on shorter runways than are required for most modern aircraft. It can also service as a Air Radar and Early Warning craft or a command centre due to its computerized interior. While unarmed, the Airdromeda is capable of dodging and avoiding hostile with various countermeasures and stealth capabilities.


PORTABLE AUTO TURRET: The Auto Turret is a tripod-mounted, computerized automatic weapon that can easily be carried and deployed to serve as a defensive or area denial tool. Its is made mostly from carbon fiber, which makes it lightweight yet durable. It can carries several ammunition packs that can easily be reloaded and is capable of friend-or-foe recognition.