The following stories were written by Travis T. Wonders. Please note that the descriptions are that of the author, not the Administrator.

The British Wars My first fan fiction I wrote. Number one in the series.
By the Shores of Maui THe second part of the series
Friends to the End The Third Part of the series
Not My Son THe Fourth Part of the Series
Lord of the Fleas Not in the series, but a wonderful story I wrote. I encourage and reconemd this one!
Beast in All of Us (Death of A Rover) This is Part One of the two part story. One of the best I've ever written. Beware...its content may not be sutiable for all readers.
Beast in All of Us (Death of A Rover) Part 2 Part 2. Also might not be suitable for all readers. Good message though.
Road Rover M Road Rover M Part 1
Road Rover M Part 2 Part 2. When Good Dogs Go Bad
Road Rover M Part 3 Part 3. The Justice Files
Road Rover M Part 4 Part 4
Faith A story I wrote with me as the main character. My furry persona.
Love is Blind A co written story with Chaos aka Jessica. Came out wonderful :)
A Tail of Two Species A play I wrote for school. Hehe. Coolies.