The following stories were written by Steven Today. Note that the accompanying text is that of the writer, not the administrator.

"Fur of Dog, Skin of Human, Heart of Hero": This is a Road Rover script of mine that introduces Bear, explains his past, shows us how he became a Cano-Sapien and sets up the Strayer concept.

"You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks But You Can't Make Him Perform": My script about Bear as he forms the Grizzly Strayer Unit and we are introduced to Nitro, Amani and Puffball. Something is happening in Barron Falls. Animals are disappearing left a right. Are they from hungry aliens or some worse? Read this story and find out.

"Time, Times and Half a Time": This is another Road Rover script of mine where the Grizzly Strayer unit shows up to help the Rovers save some of the lives of the "Road Rovers".

"Severed Blood": It centres around the Grizzlies pursuing an old enemy. Along the way Nitro finds her pack, Bear spills his guts about Nitro and even Amani gets into the act. But watch out for the ending, it will blow you away! After this one the Grizzlies will never be the same!

"Wedding Bell Blues": At last, the script that the fans have been demanding. Bear and Nitro get married! And, keeping with the Strayer tradition, it isn't going to be a simple wedding: We're going all on for this one. A slew of villains! Battles! Action! Romance! Twists and turns all the way! And even a miracle or too! Don't miss it!!!

"Shadow Boxing": Prowler is dead, the Honeymoon is over between Nitro and Bear and the world needs saving. The Grizzlies think they have problems now but they haven't seen anything yet. They are about to come up against a more awesome foe then they could ever have imagined. You asked for it and you got it. Bear's true past is revealed at last!

"Reconstructive Surgery": Every year at the same time Bear disappears for two weeks. No one knows where he goes or what he does, not even his wife Nitro. But that is all about the change! Come along and learn his secret while he relives his first adventure as a dog. Also get some answers to some of the most puzzling questions regarding "Strayers" (Like what happened to the original Cycle Rover)

"Time-Out": Shadow is gone, Bear and Nitro are raising their family and all is as it should be... Or is it? In semi-retirement these parents discover nothing lasts forever, not even peace. As they race of to save the universe it is up to a new generation of Strayers to protect the world!

"You have got to be kidding": It is indeed a dire time. All hope is lost. Pain and misery has fell across the land. The will to live is no longer there. It is the most tragic and devastating time ever... The Strayer Cable Network needs new shows! Once again it is up to the Strayers to save the day (and the ratings) They come forth and share with us their unique collection of self produced shows! But be warned, this story is not for the meek (and humourless) at heart!

"Final Resting Place": Once again the Grizzlies save the day, but at what cost? An old skeleton from their past comes back to haunt them all. Meanwhile, Bear is haunted by something he thought he had long since buried. All these things will come together either to strengthen them all or destroy them!

"Armageddon Of The Ancients": After a devastating war the Rovers are off on a peace mission and Puffball is out of action. It is up to Nitro, Bear and Amani to mind the store. Yet being spread all round the world they will come together somehow. Also, a new love will come into Exile's life and an old menace returns to make everyone's life miserable. The world is on the brink of Armageddon! Who will be able to save it?

"What Comes Around Goes Around": A new evil force presents itself in the galaxy, one responsible for the disappearances of several Space Rovers spacecraft including the Space Rovers themselves! The Road Rovers are dispatched to investigate while the Grizzlies embark on a different mission: Face an old ally or a new foe. Which will it be?

"Loose Ends": The Strayer family has growing pains. We welcome some new members but alas have to say farewell to some close friends. While this is happening the Grizzlies have to check out some strange happenings in nature. Tad, Bear's son, has his first adventure and the Rovers are off on a diplomatic mission. Watch out! This one is a real tear jerker that could tear Bear and his team apart once and for all!

"Leaps of Faith": This looks like it is the end. After years of working side by side as husband and wife Bear and Nitro calls it quits! If that isn't bad enough now a new menace enters the picture. A force so devastating it risks destroying everything that the Rovers and Strayers have work so hard to build! It could this be the end of life as we know it?

"Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow": After 18 years of service the Grizzies call it quits, they are retiring. But The Master has one more mission for them. A really important one (saving the world usually is) but the fate of the world lies in a mysterious figure. Meanwhile, the Rovers are suspended from duty and are threatened with disbandment all together just because they can't follow Hunter's advice: "Can't we just get along?" Join the gang on there very last mission!

"Tower of Babel": It is after "Severed Blood". Nitro and Bear's impeding marriage is quickly approaching... Or rather, Nitro and Rabid's. Thanks to The Admiral Bear is now a Wolf-Mutant. This is one of their last missions before they go on hiatus for their wedding. In it the Grizzlies foils the plans of Parvo and Groomer once again. They are sick and tired of their meddling but what can they try that they haven't before? A mysterious stranger steps forward to give them some ideas. When they are done one the Strayers will be lost forever! But at a cost. Meanwhile, the Road Rovers hit the road to find more recruits for their cause. Plus much more!

"Laodicia": Were back in the normal time frame. Bear and Nitro are off training new Strayers in England while Amani and her new love, Ben Walton, are working on developing new Strayer equipment together. All the while Puffball hangs with Outsider. Sounds kind of dull doesn't? Well, don't count on it! As always, the gang gets its muzzle where it doesn't belong and before you know it they are off battling terrorists and some old enemies! Plus much more!

"Falsification": The Collies (the Old Grizzlies) have their cut cut out for them in England. The government has called them up on a special case that if not solved could destroy England itself! Along the way, they will run across an old friend and and an old enemy. One filled with so much hate that the fate of the Strayers is in question. Meanwhile, the New Grizzlies fight to keep a deep dark secret buried. A secret so deep and so dark it could spell the end of Bear and Nitro forever! Don't miss it!

"Touch of the Reaper": The Collies (the Old Grizzlies) are still in England saving the day, but this time the world is in the balance! It is a race to an ancient artefact that could leave some baddies master of the world! Along the way someone creeps out of Bear's past. Are they friend or foe? Meanwhile, the New Grizzlies have to battle some old phantoms themselves. The past is really hard to live down. Also, Monique and Barb have an adventure of their own but it is anything but fun! That and much more! You don't want to miss any of it!

"End of an Era": The Collies are back in America on Dixie's tail! While they are here The Master asks them to go after Viri. She is up to no good but what exactly is not sure. But Bear has enough problems as the past comes to haunt him! Meanwhile, the Grizzlies (Tad's group) are sent out to learn maritime rescues but all is not what it seems. Finally, Nitro decides to take some R&R with her pack but that is kind of hard with her sister missing! There is more but you'll have to read the story to find out!

"Westerlies": The Admiral and his Wolf-Mutant goons are back with a vengeance and getting the Collies' fur up! But this time around it appears that his only plan is to get the Strayers out of the picture once and for all! He plans on doing this by sending them to a place where they can never bother him again. It is a desperate time for the Collies. Not so much where they are sent them but in what condition. It is so awful and dreaded that... that... that... Oh, I can't talk about it. You will just have to read it for yourself!

"Bad Vibes": Once again as the Collies are about to head off on vacation when the Master calls them up for special duty. But this is no ordinary mission. It is not just to save the United States or the world, but the entire universe itself! They must team up with some old friends in order to get the job done. Meanwhile, Puffball goes missing and you will never guess who is behind it! Some great sacrifices will have to be made by all in order to save the universe. You don't want to miss this one!

"Phantoms in the Twilight": What could cause Nitro to up and leave in the middle of the night for no apparent reason? Is she sick and tire of Bear? Does she hate her job? Is she feeling the call of the wild? Well, it is up to Bear and the gang to track her down and find out after she steals from them! Has she gone completely off her rocker or is there a method to her madness? You will have to read this one to find the answer!

Here are some of the documented adventures that the Grizzlies have cameos in:
"Steward and Stef: The Evil Years": What if the "Road Rovers" were replaced by different dogs. I believe it would go something like this.

"Merry #&@% Christmas!": This is the way I in vision a Road Rover Christmas Special to be.