The following stories were written by Shawn Tigges. Please note that the descriptions are that of the author, not the Administrator.

New Beginnings

Hunter and Colleen are finally getting married!!! That means the old team is retiring, and A new one is taking its place, but knowing Parvo, he isn't going to make the transition easy

Never Abandon Their Own

All is quite for a few moments as we check in on Hunter and Colleen on their honeymoon, but as always, Parvo is going to make things "interesting."

Hateful Times

Parvo is tucked safely away at Leavenworth, and the Roverd have begun to settle into a new routine. Unfortunately, not all of the badguys are supervillians, Now the Rovers are against the worst of all enemies, hate.

Family Ties

Chaser is having problems reconciling his past, but can a Marine Lieutenant be the anwser to his problems?

Dangerous Games

The kids are old enough to make their own decisions, but that is not always a good thing

Blood Fued

Krystal and Chaser travel to Scotland, but their vacation is cut short as old tensions in the Brittish Isle flare once again

For Better or Worse

It's wedding time for Krystal and Chaser, and you know what that means, problems with the dresses,picking the brides mates, and of coarse with the Rovers, a emergancy thrown in to keep things interesting...


Chaser and Krystal are getting ready to celebrate the birth of their first child, but a mysterious cano-sapien teenager is going to jostle things up a bit.

A Hero's End

Sarah is having horrible dreams about the death of her family, but, are they more than dreams?