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DD-v2-Pistol: The DD-v2-P (or Pulse Pistol) a highly modified version of the Havoc Double Death Pistol. While having the same design, it is gray in color and does not fire the double laser beams. It instead fires laser bolts at a very fast rate, much like a machine gun, but because the rounds pierce only up to heavy personal armor, it’s ineffective against the armor on vehicles. With its recharging internal battery, it has unlimited ammo. It is a standard sidearm carried by all Sec-Force soldiers.

DD-v2-Rifle: The DD-v2-R (or Pulse Rifle) is a revision of the Havoc Double Death Rifle. This rifle has the same outer design, but a gray finish and does not fire laser beams. This rifle instead fires small laser bolts nearly double the speed of the pistol design and is effective at punching through both infantry and medium vehicle armor. It too has a recharging internal battery, giving it a limitless supply of ammo. This weapon is carried by Tac-Op Troopers and ACT Troopers.

Tesla Rifle: The B2-TC Tesla Rifle is a high tech rifle built with a ‘bull-pup’ frame, carrying its external chemical battery behind the trigger group. The Tesla Rifle can fire energy spheres that explode in a small electrical discharge at a very fast rate, or send a steady stream of ‘lightning’, both of which are quite against soldiers and vehicles regardless of their protection. Because of its reliance on an external power supply its ammo is limited to the amount carried on the trooper. Due to the skill required to handle this weapon, it is assigned exclusively to SHOCK Troopers.

Zephrim Gauss Rifle: Carried by Cov-Op Troopers the GC-J Gauss Rifle is a heavy armor piercing sniper rifle. Using a magnetic field to propel a depleted uranium slug at nearly the speed of sound, these sniper rifles can punch through any armor on any vehicle and can pierce through several smaller vehicles or soldiers in one shot. The Zephrim Rifle is considered one of the most accurate and deadly anti-armor weapons on the battlefield.

Venom Pistol: The X-A1Venom Stealth Pistol is a completely silent weapon for use in close and medium ranges. It holds an external 15-round clip firing specialized bullets. The “Venom Bullet” is capable of piercing any body armor, and injects a special poison upon impact that can paralyze or kill depending where the bullet hits. This Sidearm is exclusive to Cov-Ops Troopers.

Prism Rifle: The ST-01 Prism Energy Rifle is a Pulsed Beam weapon that fires a continuos stream of laser energy up to fifty meters. Its internal power supply can recharge indefinitely, but requires some time to fully recharge. This weapon is used mainly by Med-Tec Troopers and sometimes carried by Tac-Op Troopers in substitute of their Pulse Rifle.

Reaper Riot Gun: The C-NM Riot Gun is a rotating quad-barreled shotgun, making it a very destructive weapon against nearly all targets without heavy armor. Alternatively the belt fed ammo can be replaced with armor piercing slugs, increasing its effectiveness against armored targets. It is used by Tac-Ops SWAT and Black-Ops Troopers when maximum damage is needed in a short amount of time.

Swarm Missile Launcher: The O-SC Swarm Missile Launcher fires a group of ten micro-missiles that home in on whatever or whomever the targeting systems locks onto. Target Lock takes about two seconds, but the re-load delay is quite large (nearly five seconds) and as such makes this best suited as a support weapon. This is mostly carried by Tac-Ops SWAT and SHOCK Troopers because of the heavy weight.

Omni-Grenade: A specialized grenade used by all Sec-Force Troopers. It has a damage potential and blast radius based on what setting it is changed to. The grenade looks like a hand-sized ball with a thinner middle that glows a certain color in response to the current setting and a button on the top-side to change the settings and an accompanying safety grip for the timer.

O-G Green: The center of the Omni-Grenade glows green representing its non-lethal stunning effect. Most seen in ‘flashbang’ grenades, the effect is a bright flash accompanied by a very loud ‘bang’, effectively stunning anyone in the vicinity for a short amount of time.

O-G Yellow: The yellow setting of the Omni-Grenade represents a standard explosive grenade. Nothing sets this apart from any normal hand grenade used by modern military forces.

O-G Red: When the center is set to red the Omni-Grenade will explode with a large amount of napalm, burning anything and anyone unfortunate enough to be hit with it.

O-G White: A White Center represents the ‘Cataclysm Effect’. A white hot explosion disintegrates everything within the twenty-five foot radius, regardless of all other factors.

Om-Gen Releaser: This weapon looks like a futuristic version of the M79 Grenade Launcher. It has a four grenade clip that can fire Omni-Grenades with further distance and greater accuracy when compared to throwing by hand. A display on the side of the Releaser will automatically switch the Omni-Grenade to the preferred setting upon firing. Used mostly by Tac-Ops SWAT or SHOCK Troopers.

Medi-pack: A Medi-pack is a backpack that contains a special healing apparatus that can heal others within seconds, supercharging their natural healing abilities over a hundred-fold. To use the device the Med-Tec Trooper takes a specialized ‘pistol’ that is attached to the backpack by a small cord and ‘fires’ at the injured Trooper.

Det-Pac: The Det-Pac is a series of demolition grade explosives used to take down entire buildings. Each smaller ‘Pac’ is connected to the main system through ‘Burst Transmission Frequencies’, eliminating the restrictive nature of wires. The fail-safe system is very complex and at the first sign of unauthorized deactivation the system will detonate prematurely.

Cybernetic Enhancement Program: The CEP is a program intended to increase the already high success rate of normal Troopers. Cybernetic limbs (typically arms below the elbows and legs below the knee) are attached to the subject, allowing them to have incredible strength. Sometimes, if the subject accepts them, extra armor is fused into their skin, or an eye or inner ear is replaced with cybernetic equivalents to increase their abilities in those areas. Only volunteers are accepted into the program and only if they can prove their enhancements will be just that, because the cybernetic implants are permanent and the program will be of no use if the implants are relied on too heavily.

(More Equipment under review. Will report in later update.)



Unlike many military outfits, the Sec-Forces train both Human and Non-Human (Cano/Felo-Sapien/Mutant) in equal numbers.

Tac-Ops Trooper: Tactical Operation Troopers form the bulk of the Sec-Forces ranks. Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, and Psionic Powers, they are far more than a match against any normally fielded soldier in existence. They can choose between the Pulse Rifle and the Prism Rifle for their main armament, depending on the mission requirements and use their Psionic Powers to keep themselves alive through even the longest of battles but are not yet fully trained in Offensive Psionic Attacks.

Tac-Ops SWAT: The Tac-Ops SWAT Trooper is a soldier who had undergone the Cybernetic Enhancement Program, and are over twice the strength of their non-enhanced brethren and know more Psionic Abilities at a stronger level, including some offensive powers. They normally carry the Swarm Missile Launcher or the Riot Gun for their main weapon if they do not wish to take the Pulse Rifle.

ACT Trooper: The Arial Combat and Tactical Troopers use backpacks with fighter jet-like wings and a high performance anti-gravity engines to fly in the air. Having less armor than the Tac-Ops, they rely on their speed and maneuverability to stay alive, as well as their Psionic Healing. They carry a Pulse Rifle in all situations regardless of the mission, and are very skilled in its usage and are skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Cov-Ops Trooper: The Covert Operation Troopers are the secret soldiers of the Sec-Forces. Using their Stealth Psionic Powers, light armor, and expert hand-to-hand abilities, they can get into any area or base without detection. Masters in marksmanship, they use their Gauss Sniper Rifles to take out vehicles from a distance without them even knowing who is shooting and their Venom Pistols to take down any infantry. Common rumor is that they are never seen going into or out of their mission area, the only sign that they were there are the neutralized targets.

Med-Tec Trooper: Medical-Technician Troopers are the support soldiers for any squad. They use their Medi-packs to heal any injury their squad mates suffer from and their electronic equipment to bypass security protocols and reroute automatic defensive weaponry. They are skilled in hand-to-hand techniques and use their Prism Rifles with ease. Their specialized Psionic Powers allow them to help heal the injured and control objects (including people and computer systems) but lack any attack powers.

SHOCK Trooper: A SHOCK Trooper is a powerhouse among the Sec-Forces. Wearing a thick, full body suit of armor and accompanying full head helmet they are protected from all but the heaviest of attacks. Their strong Psionic Powers are geared for offensive attacks, and use heavy hitting weapons, normally the Tesla Rifle, Swarm Missile Launcher, Riot Gun, or Om-Gen Releaser. They are only trained in hand-to-hand, but most enemies never get close enough to exploit that shortcoming.

Black-Ops Trooper: The most powerful and capable Troopers are promoted to the Black Operations section of the Sec-Forces. They wear armor similar to the Tac-Ops but are made out of materials that are far stronger. They are Masters in hand-to-hand combat as well as Marksmanship, and are the most powerful of all other Troopers in Psionic Powers. Though normally carrying modified Pulse weapons with an increased ‘punch’ but slower rate of fire, they can instead carry the Riot Gun when needed.

Black-Ops SWAT: The normal Black-Ops Trooper is a nearly unstoppable soldier, and when strengthened with CEP components become the nearly invulnerable Black-Ops SWAT. Their already powerful physical and Psionic powers are upped to unbelievable levels, and never miss their intended target when shooting. They can freely chose what weapon they want among all the available weapons in the Sec-Force Armory and are considered the most dangerous and effective soldier possible. They are only deployed against the most powerful of Sec-Forces foes.


(Blueprints of Sec-Force Ground Vehicles are currently under review. Will report on them later)


(Sec-Force Aircraft are being tested. Reviews of the ships will follow in later updates.)


All Sec-Force Troopers know how to use some Psionic Powers and are trained extensively to use it.

(Psionic Powers under investigation, will announce summary in future reports)