The following stories were written by Robert Baer Jr. Note that these are links to the different story sections on his site and that the accompanying text is that of the writer, not the administrator.

Space Rovers The Space Rovers were a small group of Road Rovers who appeared briefly in a single episode of the show. The only one of them that WB gave a name to was Persia, their leader. I named the other three in the scene (see pic below). I felt that their story needed to be written, so aboard their new spacecraft the "Canius Minor" the Space Rovers story will now be told, my way!

Otto & Sam Otto is a German Shepard, Sam (Samantha Maddog) is a collie, and Otto's wife. They are featured in my other short stories (Dinosaur Journals, BirdWorld and the Renegade Files). After an accidental meeting, both agree to become associate members of the Road Rovers.

Buford's Collie Squadron The Collie Squadron is a special force of the Road Rovers, under the direction of "Uncle" Buford. The members are members of the Maddog "family." There's the father (Ben) his four daughters (Vicki, Abby, Linda and Molly) and his son Roger. Also, Otto and Samantha Maddog sometimes help them out. * NEW * Long lost daughter Misty has joined them also!

Amos Doggie & Hannah Amos Doggie was a three legged swamp dog who lived in the Louisiana marshes. He is unusual in that he can speak like a human and can communicate with alligators, who are his friends. He found his future wife Hannah, a Newfoundland dog, tied to a tree and abandoned. The two fell in love and later got married. After joining the Collie Squadron for a mission, the two decided to join the Road Rovers. Uncle Buford gave Amos a new bionic arm/front leg.

RR Birthday Fics Every Road Rover Fan in the fandom has a birthday, even me! ;-) So, I've decided to give each Fan a present, a story written using his/her title character in it!