Please note that some of the arms names have been provided by Steven Today since Warner Brothers never disclosed their real names.


SONIC RIFLE: A portable version of the Sonic Cannon, the Sonic Rifle can fire sonic blasts at particular targets. It has five different power levels, from stun to kill. This weapon is one of the standard issued weapons of the EDF and is the standard sidearm used by Striker.

COLT REVOLVER: The Colt Revolver owned by Striker is a Colt Peacemaker (or Colt .45) that originally was handed down from his great grandfather when was traveling the United States. Striker has since kept the revolver as a memento of his slain family. He always keeps it with him as a backup firearm and is very accurate when shooting it. While it mostly fires rounds purchased from the Colt's Manufacturing Company, it sometimes fires custom rounds requested by Striker.

PLASMA RIFLE: The Plasma Rifle fires a ball of plasma at a target. The power of this is offset by its slow reload. The power of the plasma shot, however, can be used against infantry with good effect, but is most effective against larger, more powerful weaponry.

EMP JAMMER: This small device, built by Alexander Illanov, sends out a electro-magnetic signal that disables all electronic weaponry, whether it be allied or enemy weaponry, and rendering it unable to fire.

LASER MAGNUM: A significant upgrade to the .386 magnum, the LM fires a small laser at its target. Though good against infantry, this weapon is useless against heavier weaponry.

WING ROVER: The Wing Rover is a jetpack vehicle that can be used by an individual subject to gain a massive maneuverability advantage over the enemy. It's only equal is the KH Military Jump Troopers.

TRANSDOGMAFIER: This large piece of equipment is what the Master uses to transform canines, felines and wolfs into cano-, felo- or wolf-sapiens. The process also gives the transformed subject unique super powers and very high endurance.

ROVER SATELLITE: This is a highly advanced orbital satellite that can identify objects the size of a vase from very high distances. The Road Rovers use this ability to keep check of enemy forces as well as providing communications. However, it's dog-like shape makes it an easily identifiable target for ASAT (anti-satellite) missiles.

COLLAR TRACKING UNIT (CTU): The CTU is a standard issue collar but has a small tracking device in it so the Rovers can track down the wearer electronically, in particular missing operatives.

ELECTRONIC LOCK PICKER (ELP): The ELP is used by Exile during infiltration and sabotage mission to dismantle electronic locks and to open doors.

PETRI PISTOL: The Petri Pistol is the standard issue weapon for all Strayer units, including the Grizzlies. It fires energy blots that, instead of harming the target, paralyzes it. The target is only able to breathe when in this state and thus the Petri Pistol is the perfect weapon for capturing criminals. (submitted by Steven Today)

PETRI RIFLE: An upgraded version of the Petri Pistol, the rifles fires a more powerful energy shot with a wider radius of effect, but has a slower rate of fire. (submitted by Steven Today)

PLASCASTER PISTOL MK4: Captain Shadow standard sidearm, it is still considered in its experimental stages. The gun is capable of shooting either a piercing beam of emerald energy (that can pierce through multiple layers of thick titanium) or a three shot burst of green energy bolts (that are rapid fire but not as powerful). The PlasCaster is slightly larger than a Beretta pistol, and also looks similar to it, except where the casing ejector would be is a rectangle pod that glows a greenish color with a lighter shade of green waves flowing inside it. (submitted by Richard Barrere)

FLASH ORBS: Small, metal, marble sized orbs that flash with a blinding light after thrown. Primarily used to stun opponent when being chased or followed, the flash is so bright it can cause permanent blindness if the stunning effect goes untreated. (submitted by Richard Barrere)

EMP GRENADES: Small, thin rectangular grenade. The EMP Grenade has a transparent center, which has a single blue spark moving around inside it. Unlike EMP Inhibitors, which lose their effect after being turned off, EMP Grenades permanently deactivate any electronic system caught within its ten foot blast radius. (submitted by Richard Barrere)

MINICROSSBOW: A small wrist-mounted crossbow that accepts multiple kinds of ammunition, including standard armor piercing darts, poison darts, tranquilizer darts, 'flashbang' darts, and high explosive darts. It can fold into itself and will be extremely small for ease of carrying and has a writs trigger and voice activated, auto loading clips. (submitted by Richard Barrere)

THE DARK BLADE: This twin edged straight bladed sword is Captain Shadow's personal weapon, which he forged himself. Made out of a strange black metal it is both indestructible and sharpened to a fine edge so sharp it can cut metal with relative ease. The hilt of the sword has another handle attached sideways, making a secondary handle where the hand guard would normally be. The sword has been infused with pure magic, and because of that it sucks away the light around it, making any room or area as dark as twilight until it is put back into its sheath. (submitted by Richard Barrere)

EWD(EARLY WARNING DOGTAG): With this dogtag Rovers can be alerted if their comrades are in danger and need assistance. When this is the case the dogtag flashes.

CHANGELING/CLOAKER BELTS: Invented by Wesley Hawk as an infiltration device, the belt has the power to turn the wearer invisible or become someone or something else. Missions against the KH Military and GONV Forces has proven that body heat is the only way to detect a cloaked person; Mr. Hawk is currently working to fix the problem. (submitted by Greg Williams)

BREAK BEAM PULSE CANNON: The BBP cannon is a light recoilless cannon that fires trajectory-altering magnetic ion pulses which disables the power systems of vehicles, rendering them inactivate, and can even be used against missiles by disabling the guidance systems. The cannon can also stun organic targets when placed at the right setting. It can be carried by infantry, but is best used when attached to vehicles. It carries its own power supply so if the vehicle it is attached to is disabled, it can be removed and carried. It weighs around 25 pounds and uses a common lithium ion power source with enough power to run for about 4 days in standard mode or 1 day in long range mode with a maximum charge. It consists of a single-barrel design layout with a manual optical sight and built in lock-on radar. When its attached to the vehivle a HUD comes up with the sight. When the target comes into range a red triangle-shaped icon falls over the sight and starts rotating. It has a firing rate of 950 PPM or pulses per min. Its main drawback is that it has a rather loud report and produces a bright red coloured pulse.

TENNIS BALL CANNON: The weapon of choice for Hunter, the TBC fires a dog saliva-covered tennisball at the target. The tennisballs come in conventional hard-hitting bullets, or ones that explode on impact. The tennisballs can also be tossed as grenades.

CABLE LAUNCHER: A device worn around the wrist that launches a cable and hook to the top a structure and pulls the user to the top or used to climb down a building. It can be also used to swing to one structure to another. (submitted by Kristen Coughlan)

SAPIEN BOMBS: A device invented by Lily that emits a bright flash that make a Cano-sapien, Cano-mutant, Felo-sapien, or Felo-sapien return to their regular form. (submitted by Kristen Coughlan)

COMMUNICATOR WATCH: A communicator/watch that is worn around the wrist. The communicator is only activated by the user's voice. It also has a homing beacon and a emergency alarm that warns the other members of his or her team that they are in trouble. (submitted by Kristen Coughlan)

CLOAK DEVICE: A device worn around the upper arm that will cloak the wearer up to one hour on its own batteries and three hours hooked to a power pack. (submitted by Kristen Coughlan)

POWER PACK: A device worn on the belt that extends the power life of certain weapons and equipment. (submitted by Kristen Coughlan)

ELECTRIC BOLT: A bolt that if placed on a vehicle or large equipment remotely activated it will disable the equipment making it usless. (submitted by Kristen Coughlan)

JAMMING BOLT: A bolt that jams GPS Links, Weapons, and Radio on a vehicle for a certain length of time. (submitted by Kristen Coughlan)

ALPHA-RED GOGGLES: Used to look through building to see if anyone is inside. It can also detect persons using cloak powers. (submitted by Kristen Coughlan)

BLOCKING DEVICE: Used on persons and vehicles it makes the user invisible to radar and other scans. (submitted by Kristen Coughlan)

RADIO WATCH: Also called a Com-Watch (or Watch-Com), the Radio Watch resembles a stylish, high-tech wrist watch with both digital and mechanical clocks and the insignia of Unit STRIKE painted on the face. However, built within the watch is a small radio transmitter and receiver. It has an effective range of 10 kilometres and this range can be extended by using the transmission system of the Stealth Rover. The speaker is designed to allow maximum sound output quality, plus it has a filter that can remove a great amount of background noise. Radio Watches are worn by all members of Unit STRIKE except Merit, who does not require such a device.

PERSONAL COMMUNICATION DEVICE (PCD): A communications device that is an amalgamation of a walkie-talky, camcorder, camera, GPS device and a tazer. (submitted by Kristen Coughlan)

PORTABLE FLYER: A small hang glider that can be folded up for easy transport and storage. Each glider is customized to a person's weight. (submitted by Kristen Coughlan)

BATTLE SHELL: The Battle Shell is a mechanical combat suit that was specially designed for Merit when it became apparent that the drone was not of great use in the field of combat. The shell allows Merit to be loaded in and then encased by armored plating while allowing the drone to plug into the shell's systems. The shell is mounted on treads that can reach a top speed of 20 kilometers/ph and each arm is equipped with twin cannons that fires bolts of electrical energy, with effects that range from stun to kill. The front of the shell allows Merit's hatch to come out to allow him to work. A special "aggression" microchip encourages the usually pacifist Merit to use force when necessary.


THE RHINO: The Rhino is a specialized Hum-vee used by special EDF agents. It is covered with titanium armor which allows it to take large amounts of damage. It has also been designed to fly. The armament consist of the following: a Sonic Cannon, EMP missile launchers, Vulcan miniguns and Blackjack mines. Striker's Hum-vee has the Road Rover symbol painted on the sides.

DIESEL ROVER: The Diesel Rover is a modified undercover Mack truck used to transport food, clothing and other essentials to Road Rover Mission Control in secret and as a trailer for participation in parades and other public events. It can also be used as a back-up trailer for the Mobile Rover Headquarter (MRHQ). It carries a Global Positioning System (GPS), radio communications and a conventional CB radio. (submitted by Jake Williams).

TRI-TANK ROVER: This is a two seated bullet shaped land based vehicle that has two front tank treads and a single rear tire. The treads are for traction and the tire is for speed. It is used to traverse heavy industrial areas.

CYCLE ROVER: This is a tri-wheeled motorcycle that travels mainly on streets and roads. It has the ability to convert to a jet-ski to traverse bodies of water. It can carry two-passengers.

TANK ROVER: The Tank Rover is a four seated tank like vehicle designed for the use in snow but it also has the ability tp change into a helicopter which can also change into a large sled. It can also small- to medium-sized cargo.

STREET ROVER: The Street Rover is a three-seated car that can travel at high speeds due to the rocket thrusters built into the rear of the vehicle. It can also use the thrusters to fly when it produces wings.

BURROW ROVER: The Burrow Rover looks similar to the Street Rover with one notable feature: it carries two "arms" that end in large shovels. This allows the vehicle to dig in the ground and burrow underground to surprise enemy forces.

CAVE ROVER: This is a six-wheeled, four seated vehicle that is used to travel into tunnels, mining shafts and caverns. It carries a towing hook and a single missile launcher that can fired at pursuers.

SLED ROVER: This is a single seated motorcycle sled which is driven by a lone traction wheel. It can only carry one occupant and is used to traverse snow-covered areas.

SYLVIA: Sylvia, the personal vehicle of Amani Wolf (Grizzly Strayer Unit), is a converted full-sized pick-up truck that has been upgraded by Professor Hubert. Besides the standard winch, fog-lamps and roll cage it also an advanced dashboard and the ability to fly using built-in wings and thrusters. (submitted by Steven Today)

SHUTTLE TUBE: This is what this transportation system is called. They lead between the homes of the Rovers to RRMC. They allow them to quickly move to and fro. The entrances are hidden so not to reveal the Rover's true identity. They can only carry one passenger at a time.

BORG, CYCLE, RED, VIOLET: They are Cycleborg, or a cyborg that happens to be a motorcycle. The Cyclborg was developed by Professor Hubert at Road Rover Mission Control and distributed to the Strayer units (almost every unit has at least one). They were being delivered to some new Strayer Units when Mad Dog unit attacked the delivery truck and stole the cycleborgs and equipment inside. Drifter recovered the truck. When Drifter was building the cave base, large rocks came down trapping Red and Violet in a cavern with some of the equipment and he couldn't get them out. Drifter uses Borg. When Rebel joined up with him, he got Cycle. Borg was taken by the Road Rovers when Drifter was "killed" and given to Krista. When Bud, Tasha, Lily, and Chase joined, Bud moved the rocks with his super strength and freed Red and Violet. Bud got Red and Tasha got Violet. When Drifter was found, Borg was given back to him. They are sleek and high tech jet motorcycles. Borg is forest green, Cycle is black, Red is scarlet, and Violet is dark purple. They have several closed compartments for storage. On the fuel tank and the handlebars are several buttons, switches and dials. There is also a video screen which can acts as a video radio, an electronic road map of the surrounding area or displays for other things. The vehicle is part machine, part living tissue. It can morph into several different things, one giving it the ability to fly. They are powered by a Neutro-Ionic power system which is more efficient and economical than standard power. Thanks to their living brains, Cycleborgs can respond in a variety of emotions. (submitted by Kristen Coughlan)


JUMBO ROVER: The Jumbo Rover is a converted Boeing model 747 aircraft used by the Road Rovers. It carries many high technological equipment and has enough seats for about 350 passengers. It also carries a Transdogmafier and a hangar for transporting heavy equipment and Rover vehicles. It's primary use is as a flying command centre should Road Rover Mission Control become destroyed or taken over by hostile forces. It carries no weapons, but it has stealth capability, missile countermeasures and is hardened against EMP.

TURBOJET ROVER: The TurboJet Rover is a six-seated aircraft that flies at near sonic speed or can convert into a submarine to travel below the surface. It's armament is a single cannon mounted in the nose that can destroy most targets in a single shot.

CLOUD ROVER: This is a helicopter that comes in two models: the single-rotor version that carries a weapons payload similar to the AH-64 Apache and the twin-rotor version that is primarily used to transport personnel.

PACK ROVER: The Pack Rover is a large, four-engine jet that is used to transport heavy cargo and other Rover vehicles.

SONIC ROVER: The Sonic Rover is the fastest aircraft in the Rover armory. It can travel at super-sonic speed (up to Mach 3) for a few minutes to evade enemy forces. It can carry six passengers.

JET ROVER: The sleek, black Jet Rover is a fast jet that is mainly used to escape from enemy forces. It carries powerful missiles that destroy a target as large as a mountain peak. It can carry six passengers.

SKY ROVER: This is a three-seated jet that has VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) technology and carries a water cannon (to fight fires and to contain riots).

STEALTH ROVER: The Stealth Rover is a specialized vehicle built by Professor Hubert for Unit STRIKE on Striker's request. It resembles a F-117 Stealth Fighter, thought it is much larger (about the size of the Pack Rover). It has a cockpit with six seats, a recreation room, bathroom, armoury and bunkrooms for extended missions. It also has a cargo hold that can carry two vehicles and several motorcycles. Like the F-117, the Stealth Rover uses stealth technology. It also uses the VTOL technology found on the Harrier Jet. Despite its size, the Stealth Rover is highly manoeuvrable and fast, thought it can still be out-flown by more nimble aircraft such as the F-22 Lighting and the MIG-42. It's armament consists of standard air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles as well as a laser chaingun and precision bombs.


OCEAN ROVER: The Ocean Rover is the most powerful naval vessel of the Road Rovers. It is a nine-seated submarine that resembles a large yellow canine. Indeed, it uses it's "legs" to paddle forward or backwards. It has no known armament.

HOVER ROVER: The Hover Rover is a six-seated hovercraft that has a single turbine to propel it forward. It is mainly used to travel by river and to navigate swamps, but it also has the ability to produce wings in order to fly.

HYDRO ROVER: The Hydro Rover is a two-seater speed boat used to travel mainly upon rivers.

STEALTH BOAT: Invented by Wesley Hawk as an infiltration vehicle, seating a dozen commando's. The Stealth boats are able to convert into a submarine and carries a laser canon in the nose.

USS RETRIEVER: A modified Nimitz class aircraft carrier on loan from America for use by the Road Rover organization. Modifications include standard RR equipment; jammers, hacking equipment, and various radars. What sets it apart from a normal carrier is a missile room just off the bridge used on special occasions and a mini-submarine dock underneath the main hull. Plus it carries the usual compliment of jets.


SUPER TROUPER: Not a soldier, rather, it is a titanic laser cannon. Tailored exclusively to the refitted luxury-liner Inspiration's titanic rear crown, the Super Trouper weighs approximately 700 tons, and can severely damage or destroy a ship up to 30,000 gross tons in a single, 20 foot wide shot. The cooling system is elaborate, over two miles long and winding into the engine's own cooling system. This has only been used twice, once during the hunt for Garis, and during the Battle of Palau. (submitted by Desutoroia)

RADIO JAMMING ORB: The RJO found aboard the Inspiration and several other naval ships can block off all but magnetic communication within a two mile radius. A blue-red aura surrounding the apparatus indicates that the power is on, and invisible beams shoot static in narrow bands, leaving the ships clear to continue receiving readings. The orbs can also be paired with shield generators and have a diameter of 35 feet. It's critical weakness is electronic interference from EMP (eletro magnetic pulse). (submitted by Desutoroia)


SPACE ROVER: The Space Rover is a large, dog-shaped space ship that carries a vast array of offensive and defensive weapon systems. One unique feature is the Saucer Rover, which can detach from the mother ship to allow more speed and agility. The ship can also travel at warp speed.

RRBM-165P "THE HOWLER": he Road Rover Ballistic Missile-100P, or RRBM-100P, was proposed by an aspiring Road Rover scientist just days before the KH Military launched the failed attack Francisco Ortega's Private island, but was dropped. Then, the day after the Iron Fist Crisis, the RRBM was given a massive overhaul and brought before the Directors of Arms again, this time with their approval. The RRBM went through a surprisingly fast R&D process, while most new weapons or vehicles take decades to fully mature, this weapon only took about two years. The RRBM-101P had many problems at first, and thus more and more versions were spawned, until one was deemed as perfect as could be reached: the RRBM-165P. This version had a more then acceptable fuel-consumption rate when compared to it's range, was hard-wired against EMP from a nuclear explosion of various magnitudes, along with the most bizarre feature of all: A drill bit at the front end. This drill is intended to allow it to burrow even deeper into hard mountain rock then it's smaller Bunker-Buster cousins, reaching depths of up to .8 km. This drill would also allow the missile to dig beyond the outer hulls of vessels before detonating it's payload, maximizing the damage inflicted. When the missile was being tested, the scientist noticed that the noise of the drill swirling in mid-air combined with the sound of the engine, sounded much like a low-pitched Wolf's howl, thus the birth of 'The Howler's' name. A smaller, soldier-sized version is on the drawing boards, but is unlikely to see service for some time. It's dimensions are 1.52 meters x 6.1 meters, range is between 60,000 and 70,000 km and has a maximum speed of between mach 7 and mach 8. It's launch pads can be in-ground missile silos, missile equipped submarine or destroyers (maximum limit of six) or large flat-bed truck (maximum limit of three). It's payload can either be either 3,628.74kg to 9,071.85kg TNT or other non-nuclear explosives. (submitted by K-9: The First)