The following stories were written by Ricky Galahad. Note that the accompanying text is that of the writer, not the administrator.

I Will Remember - Colleen's getting married and everyone's filled with joy, right? WRONG. But where did Ricky run off to in such a hurry? Why would he vanish and leave only a note saying: "Cain has won"? Could it... be? It's up to Alethia to find out before Tylia grows up without a father. ( Last updated September 6th - This happens after BATB, so I suggest you wait until it's finished before reading this one )

Fade To Grey - Just one of those days I guess. Colleen gets engaged to someone else, Ricky finds out he has a daughter by one of the mutant pack that betrayed and tried to kill him, and of course Cain is never too far away. But that isn't the only thing going wrong for Ricky. The Rovers have been captured by an insane scientist who's in the mood for games! Unfortunately for them, losing could prove fatal. In this make-believe world, things get all too real. Can Ricky save them in time, or will he be trapped inside as well?( Last updated September 6th )

The Trailing Beast - After foiling an attempt on the life on Hunter's mother, a new Sapien is about to show up at RRMC. But there's more to him than meets the eye. Behind his handsome exterior, pleasing disposition, and alluring charms, lies a soul fraught with a dark and painful past. A past that continues to haunt him, follow him relentlessly. Will the Rovers be able to convince him to stay, or will the trailing beast claim another victim?

Twice as much trouble, twice as much pain - Havoc is back and he is trying to bring his business to America. In conjunction with Strayers, the Rovers attempt to stop him, despite the odds. Just when things look fatal for our heroes however, Ricky returns to save the day. Unfortunately, their victory is short lived. A new evil emerges, one that threatens the security of the entire nation! But that's not all Ricky has to be concerned about. How Colleen will react when she learns about the new love in his life? ( Last updated September 6th - As I change, so does my writing. This story is no longer being worked on. The format is a pain, and it no longer follows Ricky accurately. However, I have had several requests for me to finish it, so I just may someday.)

Orion's Last Gleaming - Here's a story from Steven Today that I was free-lancing. After stopping Storm and Havoc, the Strayers are suddenly thrust into a new mission. But things are not as they seem. The situation worstens as Rabid and his crew are forced to undertake a perilous mission for the side of evil! Watch for cameos by Ricky and Star. She's just a friend... right?? ( I was dropped as writer of this fic, so I am no longer updating this story )