The following stories were written by Phillip King. Please that the accompanying text is that of the author, not the Administrator.

Semper Fi: This story is a story 2 new chars. Janne and Janae' (if the real Janae' sees this somehow I'm using just your name). Anywho(that word drives people nuts) 2 intruders are coming to invade earth. Who they are may not shock you but as heck will shock Janne and Janae'. If you like Dragon Ball Z you may want to read this.

Per Mare, Per Taran: A new evil is arising by sea, by land can someone stop it. Uh yeah or I'd have to quit writing.

Delta India Echo: After Valcav's death the Per Mare, Per Taran is off to find a new evil soul. It has chosen him and he is coming to Earth. Will anyone stop this Per Mare, Per Taran for good or will it try is kill Janne for the rest of his life.

--- Coming soon ---

Bones 'n Joints: Janne and his family took out Valeri and his minions so they don't matter anymore. Janne reunites with his mother and his sister. However, Janne's peace doesn't last long as a mystery man hires an assassin to kill him, a Klandno. Although no where near as strong he possesses a sword with a great amount of power. This will be far very shocking to anyone who reads my Fan Fics.