This section is where you can learn more about the Administrator of Tiger Mountain, Gerhard Naudé. He will be taking command from this point.

Name: Gerhard Naudé

Nicknames: Noddy, Striker

Age: 31

Birthday: 11 February (born 1982)

Hometown: Bloemfontein, South Africa

Family: My parents, older sister, second brother-in-law and their two daughters.

Hobbies: Computers, cycling, swimming, writing, reading, talking with friends and watching movies.

Degrees Earned: Bachelors Degree (B-Tech) in Language Practice.

Current Job: Data entry clerk at medical accounts firm Partner4Life

Favorite Movies: Well, there are too many to list but they include Hard Rain, Independence Day, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Tremors 2, Con Air, The Shawshank Redemption and Ghostbusters.

Favorite Shows: Mythbusters, Road Rovers, Rescue 911, Murder She Wrote, Baywatch, Cosby, Who's Line Is It Anyway?, Knight Rider, America's Dumbest Criminals, Ed Edd 'n Eddy, documentaries of all varieties.

Friends: Philip, Chiron, Pieta, Adam, Leon, and a whole lot more.

Images: Here is a more recent computer image photo of myself.

Voice: Here is my first voice sample which also includes me saying my name (for those who don't know how it is pronounced). To be honest, I was pretty shocked when I first recorded my voice and listened to it being played back :/.

10. Sleeping.
9. Cycling.
8. Writing stories that I imagine up.
7. Drawing pictures.
6. An overactive imagination.
5. Rain without thunder or lightning.
4. Reading a good book or comic.
3. Grape-flavoured bubblegum.
2. An excellent computer game.
1. Talking trash with old friends.

10. Commercials during TV shows and movies.
9. Soap-opera shows and movies.
8. Jokes that are not funny (especially if it is directed at me).
7. Going to classes all alone, then having those bunk classes pest me about any new work.
6. Those people who think Road Rovers is worth cancelling.
5. Barney, Teletubbies or anyone dressed in similar costumes.
4. Novels that come in two-part books.
3. Untidy rooms.
2. Tests, homework and exams.
1. BAD commercials during TV shows and movies.

Favorite Authors: David Eddings (The Tamuli Trilogy, The Belgariad), Larry Bond (Vortex, Red Phoenix, Cauldron), Tom Clancy (Op-Centre Series), Terry Brooks (The Shannara Books), R.A. Salvatore (Demon Wars trilogy)

Favorite Websites:
10. Alex (
9. TVTropes (
8. Wikipedia (
7. Angry Alien Productions (
6. Cracked (
5. Sabrina Online (
4. The Suburban Jungle (
3. Newgrounds (
2. 8-Bit Theatre (
1. Neopets (

I will update this later when I feel like it.