The following stories were written by Michael Browner. Note that the following descriptions are that of the author, not the administrator.

14 on 2 Dice - Part 1/3 - All'inizio (At the Beginning...)

There's confusion at the RRMC when there's an announcement that another Road Rover is to be recruited.  However when he arrives, everything goes fine... but appearances can be deceiving...

14 on 2 Dice - Part 2/3 - Il Ingannevole (The Deceitful)

Hunter and Colleen have been captured by Parvo, therefore making Cobber 'temporary leader', much to the disgust of the others.  A plan is hatched, but there's something wrong about the newly appointed 'top dog'...

14 on 2 Dice - Part 3/3 - Il Piu Le Cose Si Cambiano... (The More Things Change...)

The Rovers are up against one of their most challenging opponents yet - one of their own.  Will the Rovers find Cobber before he gives the Jasmine formula to Parvo?  And just what is he hiding?  All will be revealed in the final chapter.

Something Old, Something New...

Huh?  Cobber's gonna marry Sheena?!?  With diary excerpts from Cobb and video-taped by Dervish, it's gonna be the wackiest wedding ever!  (Future possibility only!!)


Dervish is stuck looking after the pups Dawn, Star, Muzz and DJ.... yikes.  My entry in Dervish's contest '99.  (*.rtf format)


It's official - the canosapien project has begun and the world leaders are about to be informed that humanity is not the only highly sentient race on the planet.  Can they take the news?

Shards of a Shattered Mirror

The Space Rovers rescue a pod that was being sucked into a black hole only to find that the contents of the pod include a Kelpie/Australian Shepherd cano-sapien child... ** PRINTER VERSION **


Finally adjusting to life aboard the Canius Minor, Deon is suddenly whisked away by Lucky who has an intriguing plan up her sleeve in order to get her Cobbie.  Of course, the wind isn't exactly blowing in the Space Rovers' favour when the kids decide to save Deon themselves... ** PRINTER VERSION **

Coming Soon - On Both Sides of the Chess Board (in working stages)

Stephenson returns, again plaguing Cobber's mind, trying to fulfill his dreams of conquest and dominance over the cano-sapien.  However, something goes awry when Dylan can hear him too...

Coming Soon - (unnamed cooperation RP story between Dyl and Cobb)

After a narrow escape from some very hungry Rovers, Dylan and Cobber crash land in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains where Cobber is bitten by a very poisonous snake.  Things turn for the worse when they are saved and Cobber may never walk again.  Can Dylan and Cobber's friendship help each other get through this trauma?

Coming Soon - Fragments of a Dream (Shards Pt II)    NEW!!

Deon must make the decision.  Is he to stay in this universe, or go back to his own?