The following stories were written by McCracken. Please note the descriptions were created by the Administrator with Catman's permission.

Parvo creates genetic made Cano-sapiens.

Two Super Powers
Pravo and the Felo-Sapien Overlords launch an all out attack against the Road Rovers

Let's Roll Team
The L33t team are assigned on a mission with the Bobcat Strayers.

A Road Rover Christmas Carol
A Road Rover version of "A Christmas Carol"

A Shattered World (Part 1 of 2)
Over wondered what would happened if XL766 was evil.

Restoring Order (Part 2 of 2)
Zach retrieves XL766 from our dimention to defeat his evil counterpart


Episode One: The Dark Secret
Cut Version
Uncut Version
XL766 is having nightmares of his past.

Episode Two: Staircase to Hell
Cut Version
Uncut Version
The Rovers are sent after XL766. DAH is exploring the base where XL766 is.