Note that this section also serves as the armoury for the European Corporation (EuroCorp), since EuroCorp is the chief ally of the Mayhem Mercenaries.


LANDWARRIOR RIFLE: The Landwarrior is the next generation of automatic rifles, being able to fire large amounts of bullets in very little time with greater accuracy. It holds a larger clip than the standard M-16 rifle and is made from materials that make it light-weight and easy to carry. This is one of two standard sidearm given to soldiers of the Mayhem Mercenaries.

ARCLITE RIFLE: The second sidearm provided to soldiers, the Arclite Rifle used a new form of energy source called Arclite. Experiments done using stolen Crysillis crystals and crystal gemstones have lead to the Arclite ore, which emits its own form of energy that can recharge by absorbing sunlight. This allows the creation of Arclite weaponry used by the Mayhem Mercenaries. The AR fires a concentrated beam of Arclite energy that is very powerful. The crystals can also last for a week before requiring recharging, making it easier for soldiers since they do not need to carry extra ammunition.

ARCLITE PISTOL: The Arclite Pistol is a handgun version of the rifle. Carried by officers and Tabloid Soldiers, the pistol is lightweight, easy to conceal and made of material that does not trip off metal detectors. The crystals used by the pistol can last for a week before being recharged, longer if not used at all.

HORNET ROCKET LAUNCHER: The Hornet Launcher is an anti-vehicle/anti-aircraft weapon that can easily be carried by mercenaries due to its compact size and shape. Each Hornet comes with a pack of four Hornets that can be fired. Each rocket can be set to either be laser-guided or dumb-fire before being launcher, but the rocket's setting cannot be changed after being launched.

ION GLIDERS: The Ion Gliders is a revolutionary new form of personal transportation. Developed for the Mayhem Mercenaries by EuroCorp's Research & Development wing, the gliders, instead of using oil or gas for propulsion, instead release waves of ion energy that push the glider. The ion waves give off little noise and is much cooler than the heat emitted by normal engines. Flight control of the glider consists of moving one's body in certain directions to facilitate movement.

STATIC GENERATOR: The Static Generator is a sophisticated computer system carried by Airbases and Hyumi Seaplanes. The device creates a field roughly 15 kilometres in diameter of static around itself. The static hides all transponder signals from radar and causes malfunctions in the cameras of spy satellites and spy planes. A portable version is also available to hide mercenary units during combat operations.

CLOUD GENERATOR: Another computer system that is carried by Airbases. The device creates heavy cloud banks by taking in moisture from the air to create large fog banks, hiding the Airbase from visual images. If the Airbase is located in areas too hot or cold to contain moisture, the device switches to a holographic projection system that creates the illusion of a cloud bank, though this takes additional power from the Airbases' main reactors.


CIVILIANS: Civilians (called "civvies" by Mayhem troops) are regularly hired by the Tabloid Troopers to keep watch of important individuals, usually being told that a tabloid paper is after them. Shop owners, restaurant waiters, hotel porters, teamsters and other working civilians are paid large amounts to become unwilling spies, easily ignored by officials. They never aware that are actually working for the Mayhem Mercenaries.

TABLOID SOLDIERS: Also called "Tabbies", the Tabloid Soldiers are always dressed as journalists representing a popular tabloid paper of the region they operate in. They convince civilians to keep watch for "celebrities" and to phone them when they spot them. In exchange, the TS' pay the civilians significant amounts of money, after which they report to their commanders in the Mayhem Mercenaries. The Tabloid Soldiers gives the mercenaries a powerful and transparent spy system.

SHOCK SOLDIERS: Shock Soldiers are the standard infantry of the Mayhem Mercenaries. Although not the best trained, the Shock Soldiers perform their tasks as frontline grunts well. Armed with Land Warrior rifles, Arclite rifles or Hornet Rocket Launchers, depending on the required task.

MEDICAL SOLDIERS: Medical Soldiers accompany Mayhem soldiers during missions, providing medical aid to the injured. They wear the same armour as the Shock Soldiers, but are armed with Arclite pistols. Medical Soldiers can either work as individuals or as a unit operating from an ASH Chopper.

SKY SOLDIERS: The Sky Soldier are the flying infantry. The aerodynamic armour and ion gliders, which can fold or unfold, allows the sky soldier to fly well over enemy forces to provide surprise attacks and allowing access to key strategic areas. They are used as air support for attacking infantry and as scouts.

MAYHEM DRONES: Following the Techno War and seeing the effectiveness of robotic warfare, the Mayhem Drone was created using designs based off drones recovered from the GONV. The Mayhem Drone is well armored and equipped with flight capabilities, night and heat vision, arclite weaponry and high manoeuvrability. They are used in cases of heavy fire fights or where it is too dangerous to send in normal soldiers.


SECURITY GUARDS: The security guards of EuroCorp are similar to most security personnel of most business across the world. While giving the outward appearance of normal security guards, they wear Kevlar vests under their uniforms. The carry glock pistols in visible holsters, though they are also armed with MP5 submachine guns out of sight. They are also trained in a more military manner than most security guards. Their main role is to guard EuroCorp properties across Europe and the world.

RIOT GUARDS: As the name suggests, riot guards are EuroCorp personnel equipped riot gear and trained in similar manner to the riot police of most global police forces. Equipped with shielded helmets and riot shields, riot guards are mainly used to keep rioters and anti-EuroCorp protestors away from EuroCorp property and personnel. In extreme cases they are also equipped with MP5 submachine guns.

EUROCORP COMMANDOES: The commandoes of the European Corporation are well-trained, well-equipped specialists on par with such Special Forces units such as the U.S. Delta Force and British SAS. The role of these commandoes is to conduct missions for EuroCorp outside the boundaries of European business practices and international laws. Therefore, EuroCorp publicly denies the existence of such commando units.


Note: All ground vehicles of the Mayhem Mercenaries are capable of flight. They are placed in this category because they are primarily designed to operate as normal land vehicles when not flying.

SKIMMER BIKE: The Skimmer Bike is a high-speed motorcycle that hovers above the surface from 1 to 10 meters. Using a small VTOL-engine, the Skimmer can travel at more than 200 km p/h is used by mercenaries for high-speed pursuit, harassment and recon. Each bike has two Arclite cannons fitted to the sides of the bike. An onboard computer helps navigate the bike through difficult terrain.

AERO TANK: The Aero Tank is the main battle armour of the Mayhem Mercenaries. It is equipped with a single 100mm turret and two anti-aircraft missile packs on either side. Because it's powerful VTOL engines, it is highly manoeuvrable on both land and air. The penalty for this is that it is equipped with lighter armour than its nearest land-based counterpart, the M1A2 Abrams.

RIOT TANK: The EuroCorp Riot Tank is a converted Armoured Personnel Carrier that has been fitted with a battering ram. The purpose of the riot tank is to go into riot areas and provide cover for EuroCorp security personnel, while the ram is used to clear obstructions out of the way. The tanks also contain a command system for EuroCorp security officers to coordinate EuroCorp personnel on the ground.

SECURITY CAR: The EuroCorp Security Car is a vehicle that is modelled after the pursuit vehicles of law enforcement. Generally these vehicles are designed to match those of local law enforcement, but with EuroCorp markings and colours. The vehicles are also better armoured and have bullet-proof windows, while also carrying radar and tracking devices and computerized radio systems. Their main role is to service EuroCorp installations and escort executives on the road.

W-1 JUGGERNAUT: Research in the field of mechanical walkers (using the remains of GONV mechs) has resulted in the creation of a new artillery platform for the Mayhem Mercenaries - the Juggernaut. The juggernaut is a bi-pedal mechanized walker that carries three 100mm cannons and two anti-air missile packs and is operated by a single pilot. When preparing to fire, the juggernaut deploys a pair of stability flaps on the back of its legs, allowing it to then begin firing its cannons over a range of up to 40 kilometres. When mobile, juggernauts can either walk or use a large jet pack to travel. While powerful over long ranges, the juggernaut cannot defend itself at close range against land targets and is particularly vulnerable to infantry.


A-12 MAYHEM JET: The A-12 is an A-10 Warthog that had been modified for use by the Mayhem Mercenaries. Besides being able of carrying multiple bombs and missiles and firing depleted uranium slugs from the front mounted minigun, the engines of the A-12 have been altered to be VTOL engines. Additional thrusters to complement the engines allows the A-12 to operate in many areas that lack airfields. It is primarily used for air-to-ground bombing runs and destroying formations of enemy armour.

F-80 SKY RAIDER: The F-80 Sky Raider is a modified version of the Harrier Jump Jet. The most significant change is that the F-80 has two types of engines: one being a standard F-18 engine, allowing the SR to fly at high speeds. The other being a VTOL engine that allows the SR to land and take off from nearly any location. However, this manoeuvrability comes at the expense of armour and armament. It's primary role is scouting, reconnaissance and escort of other, more powerful aircraft.

MAYHEM CHINOOK: The Chinook used by the Mayhem Mercenaries is exactly the same as that by the United States, barring modifications such as electronic countermeasures to protect against missiles, a larger hull and a thicker skin to deflect bullets. It is used to transport troops whenever the Helix is unavailable for use or when conducting light sorties.

HELIX CHOPPER: The massive Helix is a custom-built, quad-engine transport helicopter used to transport large numbers of mercenaries into hostile battlefields. The Helix has thick, 5 inch titanium plating that can stop most incoming fire, while multiple gun ports and turrets allows the troops inside to fire back at attackers. This allows the Helix to directly assault enemy formations without taking significant damage. It's powerful engines allows it to also transport large quantities of cargo.

AIRBASE: The airbase is essentially a flying aircraft carrier. Massive fusion turbines under the airbase keeps it airborne while numerous gatling and missile systems provide defence. The airbase can house and service large numbers of Mayhem vehicles and troops. It also has barracks, training and recreation areas for all personnel and repair bays and fuelling docks for vehicles. The airbase is also equipped with four Cloud Generators to hide the massive vehicle from all radar systems and air forces.

HYUMI SEAPLANE: The Hyumi is a massive seaplane used to carry large quantities of troops, vehicles and equipment. It's massive size dwarfs the nearest commercial aircraft, the Airbus. The seaplane is equipped with multiple defence turrets and SAM launchers to ward off attackers as well as large amounts of electronic counter-measures. It is also equipment with the Static Generator to hide itself from enemy satellites and radar.

ZP WAR ZEPPELIN: War Zeppelins are modern versions of the air ships designed by Graf Zeppelin. The new design is more stream-lined and the engines considerably more powerful. The outer skin of the war zeppelin, instead of consisting of fibres, is made from an alloy of aluminium and titanium which gives it added protection while having considerably less weight. The zeppelins are equipped with gatling and missile systems for defensive purposes. The main role of the War Zeppelin is to act as a forward battle command vehicle and storage for troops and vehicles during missions.


G/M DEFENCE GUN: The Gatling/Missile Defence Gun is a dual system that uses both high-velocity gatling guns and hornet missile launchers, allowing it to take on a wide variety of targets. These guns can either be fully computerized or can switch to manual control, whatever the situation desires. The gun comes in two different styles: a fixed system attached to Airbases, Hyumi Seaplanes and War Zeppelins; and a smaller version that can be transported and deployed for mobile defence purposes.


LONGBOW ONE: Longbow One (LO) was an experimental railgun artillery platform designed and built by the British military as a means to support ground forces from save distances. Mounted on large tank treads, LO carried a large rail cannon that fired depleted uranium shells at extreme velocity over tremendous distances. It's range could reach hundreds or even thousands of kilometres and could even be used to fire at targets in space. However, LO was stolen from the British government by the Mayhem Mercenaries with the intention of using it upon the Space Rover. Intervention by Unit STRIKE prevented the mercenaries from using it and LO was destroyed when it plummeted down a canyon in central Russia thanks to explosives planted by the Strikers.