The following stories were written by Kylen Miles. Note that the accompanying text is that of the writer, not the administrator.

And Then There Was One  Parvo has finally succeeded, and the world has fallen to his feet. Parvo created a machine that produced a high-pitched frequency - one only dogs can hear - that had a command. Now, all dogs work on his side. Where are the Rovers? Working for him- mind slaves of evil- all but two. Hunter, whose heart was too strong and pure to succumb to the evil, and Alethia, the Japanese Spitz, who was in a drugged state during the broadcast of the signal. However, Hunter has been missing for weeks and is presumed by the frightened world to be dead- and Alethia, no one knows where she is or what she is doing, but she's working on it........

"Goodnight Saigon" (COMING SOON) - Colleen has been dognapped from her dog house in Great Britain. A frantic, world-wide search ensues. However, after months, it is given up. Scotland Yard closes the case, saying Colleen is just another of the numerous, runaway dogs of every day. Back at Mission Control, life goes on, and screening begins for a replacement. However, Hunter is uncooperative and refuses to participate- he is sure Colleen is out there somewhere. And, awhile later, during a face off with Parvo, Hunter meets up with Colleen again, but she is in a different form as well as a different mind...........

A Complete Summary of Alethia's Past  for everyone who wrote to me asking for this.  Well, it's finally here!  A complete summary of Alethia's tragic, violent past!  Also included is an oppurtunity for you to never be left in the dark on Alethia's past ever again! You'll just have to take a look to find out!

Blessed Are the Bleeders  Alethia has been plagued by the same  horrific visions for days now.  After an arguement between her and the rest of the Rovers, she takes off and returns to the destroyed Perris Park Institute.  She disappears from there and finds herself in a web of deceit and chicanery- and can't find her way out.  Can the Rovers reach her in enough time?  And who is this familiar stranger named Dash?  Will she ever escape the clutches of Dace and his pack of snarling, rebellious Cano-Sapiens? (Last Updated 1/25/98)

"Return of the Soldier"  (COMING SOON)-  The long deceased lover of Alethia, Renegade, returns to earth in an alternate form. He is on a mission from God - to aid the Road Rovers on a deadly mission.  He joins as Centennial, the burly eskimo dog.  He is surprised to meet Alethia among them, and it's all he can do to contain himself.  He is still madly in love with her, but she loved a Renegade years ago, and now, she has fallen in love with someone else.  Does Centennial, with the soul and memory of Renegade, stand a chance?

"Red Snow" was written many years before I ever got the internet, and existed only on stained notebook papers and in my head. However, I have finally decided to share it with everyone else. It is a little different from my other fan fictions in that the story keeps the characters mostly out of morphic context. This story is, however, a shining debut for all Exile lovers, being that he becomes one of the main characters in it. Please enjoy it, and remember, you can send all comments to me :)