The following stories were written by Kyle Morris. Note that the accompanying description text of the first story is that of the administrator, while the others are that of the author.

When You Need A Friend: Kyle and Kody, two new recruits at Road Rover Mission Control, get acquainted with the veteran Road Rovers and go on their first mission to earn their spurs.

Foul Play: Fresh from a six month vigorous training course, Kyle is set to sit his final assessment which will determine whether or not he can join the ranks of the active members of the Road Rovers team. However there is an accident at the training facility and Kyle goes missing. Foul play is suspected. Hunter is injured in the process and is left with a tough decision that may cost Kyle his life. Nobody knows what is really going on down there except the one person stuck in the middle of it all. Can Kyle keep himself alive long enough to escape and can the rovers return in time to find him before it costs him his life?

Living On Borrowed Time: We are back at the training centre where we find Kyle struggling to cope with his new assignment. Under the impression it is still training, will he be more likely to take big risks and will it cost him dearly? The Rovers make plans to go and get him back, but time is running out. WARNING: This story is rated 18 for swearing and violence.