KH-50 GAUSS RIFLE: The standard-issue rifle of all Battle Troopers and Jump Troopers, the KH-50 is well matched in its ability against most targets. It fires bullets at 25 rounds per second at infantry and has a rocket launcher attached to allow the user to take on enemy armour.

CANISTER RIFLE: Used by Covert Troopers the CR is well designed for various covert tasks. It's built-in silencer allows it to be used as a sniper rifle and also able to be used as shotgun or a normal rifle for direct combat.

MULTI-DETONATION SYSTEM: This special device is used to destroy large structures with hundreds of small detonation packs that are tuned into the main detonator. Its fail-safe system makes it difficult to disarm.

THERMAL GRENADE: Carried by Battle Troopers TG's are much more powerful than their human counterparts. The thermal blast created by the grenade can destroy almost any target in its large blast radius.

ARGON FLAME THROWER: The Argon is carried by Flame Troopers. It has a longer range than the human type, but other than that is basically the same. The heat of the flames can melt human infantry down in a matter of seconds.

GRAVATIUM GUN: The Gravatium is a powerful beast. Carried by Lambda Troopers the GG can destroy virtually any target. It fires odinon lasers that can pierce through armour. The off-set of this weapon is the slow firing rate.

DEMUTATION SHOTGUN: The Demutation Shotgun is Malcolm's private weapon. It fires a green energy ball at a Cano-, Felo- and Wolf-Sapien as well as Cano-, Felo- and Wolf-Mutants that turns them back to their original God-given form and vice versa. In certain cases, such as Bear the Strayer, it randomly changes the subject from one original form to another.

TESLA CANNON: The Tesla Cannon is Tesla's personal weapon. It fires bolts of lighting that turns infantry to ash and heavy weaponry to molten slag.

LIGHTNING RIFLE: Oqulus' weapon of choice the LR also shoots bolts of lighting, but at a much lower voltage. It is still able to stun, or kill, infantry.

ME-10 MISSILE: Carried by all missile shooting vehicles and defences the ME-10 is the most effective missile ever created by the KH Military. Once fired at its target it cannot be fooled by normal countermeasures, and as such the targeted pilot must try to dodge the missile as long as possible, but this is extremely rare. It can, however, be fooled by holographic images of the targeted vehicle.

STUN GRENADE: Stun grenades are experimental weapons used by Oqulus. It carries a special Crysillis Crystal that, when activated, sends out a pulse to the victim's brain and renders him or her unconscious for a few hours.

TOW ROCKET LAUNCHER: The TOW (Target Obliteration Weapon) Rocket launcher can be used by any trooper. It fires a small but powerful missile at a target when the KH-50's rockets are ineffective.

CONCOSS FLAME THROWER: This is a more powerful upgrade to the Argon that is only used by General Black. It can fire at a longer range at a more powerful velocity and is also able to shoot powerful fireballs at targets that are out of the normal range.

VULCAN CHAINGUN: Used by a number of KH weaponry and the weapon of choice for General Trigger the vulcan fires armour piercing bullets at around 33 bullets per second. It can decimate large platoons of unprotected infantry and is also effective against enemy vehicles.

CONSTRICTOR COLLAR: The CC is used to keep Cano-, Felo- and Wolf-Sapien as well as Cano-, Felo- and Wolf- Mutant prisoners under control by removing their super powers and reducing their physical strength down to that of an average human. It cannot be forcibly removed as it will give the prisoner wearing it an electrical discharge. It can only be deactivated by a special remote control.

WOLFMATRON: The KH Military's version of the Transdogmafier, the Wolfmatron isn't as powerful as its Rover counterpart but is able to turn normal wolves into Wolf-sapiens. It does lack the ability to grant super powers to its subjects, but unlike the Transdogmafier the Wolfmatron doesn't have the one month limit in which the subject remains a Wolf-sapien forever and thus he/she may return at any time to return to normal wolf form and back.

ADAS: The Automatic Diagnostic and Announcement System (ADAS) is a special system that is placed throughout most KH Military installations and in Road Rover Mission Control. The ADAS gives important announcements quickly and easily It also detects and gives warnings or notices about any faults, intruders, accidents or other events within the installation.

TT-8 SPY SATELLITE: The TT-8 is a multi purse satellite that can be used to track enemy units, take images of enemy installations, act as an early warning system and as communication satellite. It carries a special stealth device which prevents it from being detected and being tracked by ASAT missiles.

MEDICAL UNIT: The medical unit is carried by KH Medical Troopers and is used for various medical purposes (see "Medical Trooper").

INTERDICTOR MISSILE: The interdictor is a special SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative) weapon used by the KH Military to destroy incoming nuclear projectiles.

OCTOPUS MINE: The octopus mine is slight different from its human counterpart. First it can camouflage itself to protect it from enemy minesweepers. Secondly when it attaches to a ship's hull with magnetic spikes it can stay there until the timer detonates the mine or it is detonated from afar.

I-15 PISTOL: The I-15 is the standard-issue weapon to all KH Police Troopers. The pistol fires "cop-killer" bullets that can penetrate most body armor and some metal walls. The pistol clip carries 18 bullets and the pistol itself comes with laser site.

ZINCA CHAINGUN: Used only by Supreme General Stalker, the Zinca Chaingun is a special weapon built into Stalker's suit. The chaingun fires high-energy zinca laser at around 5 lasers a second. The incredible power of the chaingun's lasers makes it effective against almost any target.

ENERGY BLADES: Built into Stalker's suit, the energy blades (also called Zinca Blades) are a powerful pair of hand-to-hand weapons capable of cutting through stone and some metals. The blades can only be destroyed by destroying Stalker's proto-x battlesuit.

CLASS 1 GOLDEN ARMOR: The golden armour is the armor worn by General Stalker. The suit is made from light titanium alloy and other unknown materials. The suit has the ability to place a zinca chaingun into Stalker's paws via special folding procedures. The armor also has the ability to allow the forming of wings and unfolding of a jetpack for aerial transportation. The helmet itself containers computerized systems that gives Stalker information about the surroundings and subjects in view. It also blocks all gasses. There is only one golden armor in existence.

CLASS 2 SILVER ARMOR: The silver armour is reserved for the second-in-command of the KH Military, in this case being General Trigger. The suit is similar in design and structure to the golden armor in several ways. Differences include special built-in vulcan cannons, the silver armor which denotes rank and built-in injector systems that injects medications into General Trigger upon request or pre-programmed procedures. There is only one silver armor in existence.

CLASS 3 BRONZE ARMOR: The bronze armor is reserved for all squadron generals (unless he is second-in-command or Supreme General). The suit is similar to the silver and golden armors, but they lack the unknown armour material, thus making them somewhat weaker (thought still very strong). Each armor is also custom built to include the desired weapon of choice for the general who has the suit. There are currently two armors, with a third being rebuilt after Tanarus' own suit was destroyed by Stalker.


BATTLE TROOPER: The rank and file of the KH Military, the Battle Trooper is superior against its human counterparts. The suit worn by these troopers give extra protection as well as giving the user strength upgrades. The weapon used by these troopers is the KH-50 Gauss Rifle.

FLAME TROOPER: The Flame Trooper is just like the Battle Trooper except it has a flame thrower and thicker armour to allow it to close in on enemy infantry.

POLICE TROOPER: The Police Trooper is used to police and guard public KH buildings such as Alcatraz and Malcolm Industries Tower. Though not as tough as the Battle Trooper and lacking armament, the PT is highly mobile and is effective against most intruders.

MEDICAL TROOPER: The Medical Trooper is used to heal wounded troopers in combat quickly with the use of a special Crysillis Crystal, which heals wounds in a matter of seconds. They also carry various drugs to cure all known diseases, poisons, stun drugs and a host of others. They are trained in martial arts for self-defence.

COVERT TROOPER: The Covert Trooper is a spy, assassin, sapper and sniper all in one. A formidable foe, the CT is highly specialized and is used in various tasks. The CT's Chameleon suit allows it to blend in with the environment. They are armed with Canister Rifles.

JUMP TROOPER: The Jump Trooper sacrifices armour in return for a massive mobility advantage. The JT suit comes with a jetpack and wings to allow is to fly through the air and surprise enemy forces. They are also armed with Gauss Rifles.

ASSAULT TROOPER: The single most power trooper on land, the Assault Trooper is thick armoured and in groups is able to take on all but the strongest defences. Though slow, their Vulcan chainguns and surface-to-surface missiles makes this trooper a walking nightmare.

LAMBDA TROOPER: The elite of the elite, the Lambda Trooper are the commandos of the KH Military and the bodyguards of the Supreme General. Carrying a large number of weapons, highly manoeuvrable, fast and excellently armoured the LT have the reputation to be the ultimate super trooper.


WALKER: The Walker is a highly versatile vehicle. The walking ability of this machine allows it to traverse most terrain with little effort. It is armed with twin auto-cannons and missile packs. Its primary usage is to provide support to troopers and air defence for heavier weapons against airborne enemies.

HOVER TANK: The Hover Tank isn't as tough as its larger brethren, but it has a massive mobility advantage. It is able to travel both on land and on water. The HT is equipt with a twin 100mm cannon which makes this a threat to any force.

KHSAS LAUNCHER: The Launcher is used to transport and launch KHSAS-11 missiles. Each missile carries several plasma bombs that can devastate large areas and has a maximum range of 500 kilometres.

COLOSSUS TANK: One of the most feared weapon in the KH arsenal the Colossus Tank is the most power tank in the world. Armed with a duel plasma cannon and twin missile pack the Colossus is also heavily armoured to allow it to enter battles that other human tanks would best avoid.

TROJAN APC: The Trojan APC is used to transport troopers to and from battlefields. It has multiple gun-ports, allowing the troopers inside to fire at enemy targets. It also has a laser turret on the roof to fend off aerial foes.

MOBILE BATTERY: The Mobile Battery is a hovering missile launcher than can fire both SSM (surface-to-surface) and SAM (surface-to-air) missiles. Its hovering capability gives it a massive mobility advantage, allowing it transverse all terrains except steep mountains and deep waters. It's primary function is as a battlefield support vehicle.

RECON BIKE: The Recon Bike is used to scout ahead of military forces and to harass enemy supply convoys and infantry. It's lightly armoured, but its speed makes it a difficult target for heavy weaponry.

MAMMOTH TANK: The Mammoth Tank is the primary battle tank of the KH Military. It fires armour piercing bullets at a high velocity due to its rotary cannon. It is best used against infantry and light weaponry.

JAMMER TRUCK: The Jammer Truck is used to jam enemy communication and radar systems. It's long range allows it to hide a good distance from the target area. It is lightly armoured and requires protection.

TUNNEL TANK: The Tunnel Tank is a modified APC that can tunnel underground to transport troopers safely to the battle field and to surprise enemy forces.

RADAR SENSOR: The RS acts as a mobile radar to KH ground forces when out of range of the radar domes. It also carries a special Stealth Senor that can detect stealth, cloaked or burrowed enemy targets. It can track enemy ground forces at a range of 50 kilometres and enemy aircraft at a range of 100 kilometres.

GRIZZLY TRUCK: An upgraded version of the standard human military mack truck and the only KH Military vehicle that is allowed to be sold on the market by Malcolm Industries, the Grizzly Truck is a better all-terrain vehicle capable of transporting military personnel and equipment over most terrains due to its improved suspension system. It also comes with titanium armor, bullet-proof windshields, GPS tracking system and a unique nuclear reactor for an engine.


ORCA: The mainstay of the KH Air Force the Orca is the supreme fighter of the skies. Armed with twin laser cannons and ME-10 missiles it can take on a large variety of aircraft and is highly manoeuvrable due to its turbine engines. It's main use is to defend the slower Valkyries, Transports, Shuttles and Dropships from enemy aircraft.

DROPSHIP: The Dropship is used to transport troopers to and from the battlefield quickly and easily. Though it does have some defences it relies mainly on the Orca for protection and escort.

TRANSPORT: The Transport is used to move heavy equipment, cargo and machines as well as weaponry. It can pick up damaged weaponry and take them to the nearest repair facility. It is completely defenceless but is the fastest craft in the air next to the Orca.

AIRSHIP: The airborne equivalent of the carrier, the Airship transports KH aircraft via special hangars under the belly. It is kept it the air by Ilsolan Gas, a by-product of the Crysillis Crystal that is far lighter than air. So light that the ship needs heavy armour to keep it from floating away. This makes the ship more difficult to destroy than their World War One cousins. It can also defend itself well due to the number of laser turrets attached to the hull.

VALKYRIE: The bombers of the KH Air Force the Valkyrie's primary function is to fire ATS and ATA missiles at enemy targets. It can also drop multiple bombs that range from standard iron bombs to napalm. It carries a vulcan-chaingun to fire at enemy craft, but relies on the Orca for protection.

SHUTTLE: The Shuttle is used to transport very important persons and equipment. It is the most vulnerable vehicle in the KH Air Force, but has stealth capability to hide from enemy aircraft.

MOHIGAN: The Mohigan helicopter is the most manoeuvrable aircraft and is well suited against most targets, but is best used as a close combat support vehicle on the battlefield. It also has stealth capability to gain access to areas that most pilots would consider suicide.

THE ALEXANDER: The Alexander is the command ship of the KH Military and the headquarters of the Supreme General. It carries many missile and laser batteries to fend off aerial attacks and also has plasma cannons to fire at ground targets. It is also able to carry KH aircraft. It's primary weapons are the Death Hand cannon and the Ground Shocker laser cannon.


ATTACK JETSKI: The AJ is light on armour and armament, but its high speed can outrun most seaborne ships. It is primarily used to scout ahead of the heavier ships.

MISSILE DESTROYER: The most common ship in the KH Naval Fleet, the MD is fast, well armoured and armed with a good armament. As its name suggest it is primarily used to protect Battlecruisers from cruise missiles, submarines and aircraft that can overwhelm the ship. It can also launch cruise missiles at inland targets.

BATTLECRUISER: A floating nightmare, the BC is tough to destroy and is a serious threat to almost any target. It is armed with laser turrets, surface-to-air missile launchers, four massive artillery cannons, two torpedo tubes at the front and laser batteries on the sides. All this makes the BC moving death.

HURRICANE SUBMARINE: The HS is the most powerful submarine compared to other subs. It is fast, far more manoeuvrable and is able to counteract enemy torpedoes by destroying it with the laser turrets installed on the decks. It can also launch four torpedoes instead of the usual two and can launch ASAT (anti-satellite) missiles.

LANDING CRAFT: Landing craft are used to transport units over large bodies of water. Though fast, it is vulnerable to enemy fire and thus requires escort.

MAS FRIGATE: The Mine and Anti-Submarine Frigate (MASF) is used to both lay octopus mines and to remove enemy mines. It also carried depth charges, allowing it to destroy enemy submarines. It can't, however, fire at air units and thus relies on its bigger brethren for protection.

THE CORPORATION: The Corporation is the yacht of Malcolm. Though it is unarmed and relies on escorts, it has high manoeuvrability and speed and carries anti-torpedo defences. It's main use is to act as a floating business centre for Malcolm Industries.


ROTOR-TURRET: The Rotor-Turret is used to defend bases from enemy armour. It fires explosive shells at its target at a rapid speed and its heavy armour ensures its survival. It cannot, however, fire at air units.

CHAINGUN-TURRET: The Chaingun Turret is a defence system that is placed within installations. It carries a security camera to identify and destroy intruders.

LASER BATTERY: Laser Batteries fire two pulse lasers at enemy aircraft. If somewhat inaccurate and having a relatively short range, the LB can destroy most aircraft in a single shot.

SAM LAUNCHER: SAM Launchers fire ME-10 missiles at enemy aircraft that are out of range of the Laser Batteries.

SHROUD GENERATOR: The Shroud Generator creates a black field in a radius up to a maximum of 150 kilometres that prevents enemy spy satellites from seeing what the SG is hiding.

EMP GENERATOR: The EMP Generator is a special device of which there is only three in existence. It sends out an electro magnetic pulse to shut down any unit that uses electronics. It has a unique targeting systems which prevents it from accidentally shutting down friendly forces and has a range of approximately 40 kilometres.


THE IRON FIST: Tesla's pride and joy, and the KH Military ultimate symbol of its power, the Devastator Cannon codenamed "Iron Fist" was built in the utmost secrecy by the KH Military in Antarctica. Construction on the Iron Fist took one year and only when the weapon was first used in anger did the United Nations (and basically everyone else) hear about this super weapon. It's aiming system was remotely controlled by the GONV computer from an unknown location, but it could also be manually controlled from inside the Iron Fist itself. The Iron Fist had independent power generators to power the immense disintegration laser. The laser is fired from the cannon, bounced off the solar panel of any satellite and beamed back down to Earth as a deadly beam that can utterly destroy any target. The weapon brought the KH Military closest to world domination than any military force in history, but their dreams were shattered and the Iron Fist destroyed by the Road Rovers and their allies in a showdown in the Iron Fist Base in Antarctica.

SCEPTRE LASER CANNON: The SLC was a special laser cannon built in the mountains of Ovitznia with the aid of Colonel Gustav Havoc. The laser cannon was to be used as a powerful support weapon during the War in Colombia. The cannon fired a high-energy laser focused from the prized Sceptre of the Valley to an orbital mirror which reflected the beam to the target. The laser was powerful enough to destroy or seriously damage a large skyscraper. The laser was only fired once at the World Trade Centre, completely destroying the top half of the one tower and causing many fatalities. The laser was later destroyed by the Grizzly Strayer Unit and the Sceptre recovered.

EMP WAVEGUN: The Wavegun was an experimental satellite weapon being built as the first offensive satellite in the KH Military arsenal. The Wavegun was designed to release waves of electro-magnetic pulses via small controlled nuclear detonations within the weapons core inside the satellite. The waves could then be focus on a specified target, whether this would be a single tank or an entire country. The Wavegun was controlled from a ground-based station that had the satellite's black control box. During the Techno War both the Road Rovers and the GONV Forces coveted the control box, with the Rovers having succeeded in stealing the control box and using the wavegun to shut down the vast majority of the GONV Forces in and around Europe. However, the Wavegun was destroyed when General Stalker activated the satellite's self-destruct mechanism to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. Though destroyed, the Wavegun was only the first of several offensive satellite programs by the KH Military.