This project is the latest attempt by the fandom to convince Warner Brothers to return the Road Rovers back to television and maybe even have new episodes created. It involves having Road Rover fans work jointly on an adventure script, called Moonraker 2, and then having the director and creator of the script send it to Warner Brothers.

Here is a word from the script director, Anthony Smith:

"Ladies and gentlemen. Hello, my name is Anthony Smith and I have a proposal to put forward to you that could bring the Road Rovers back on the air or the big screen. Everyone listen: I am not making unrest. It's time everyone got together for the final time and work together. If we don't help each other we might loses the Road Rovers forever so everyone get together and work on this film story. I know we can bring them back!"

Following now is the script itself.

Moonraker 2

This story script is based on the James Bond 007 movie, Moonraker. It is a combination of James Bond and Road Rovers, as well as the movie Armageddon NOTE: The Story file can opened via Windows WordPad after download and unzipping via WinZip.

What is needed for this project is the following:

1. Fan contribution - Fans can download the script, read it and then give their own ideas, suggestions, improvements, constructive criticism and so forth to the director. All such information can be sent to

2. Fan participation - Fans can also help with the editing of the script, such as with spelling, grammer and punctuation, as well as having their characters included with the story.

3. Addresses - Any addresses to Warner Brothers (in particular e-mail addresses) and WB staff who worked on Road Rovers can be sent to the director (see above) or to the site administrator at

4. Distribution - The script and this project assosiated with it can also be sent to other Road Rovers fans and fan sites, as well James Bond or Armageddon sites to gain more interest in this project.

5. Teamwork - This is a project for all Road Rover fans and thus we should all be in support of this project and work together to help bring Road Rovers back.

If you have further queries or questions about this project, feel free to contact the site administrator or the script director.

Finally, all hate mail, deconstructive criticism, flames and other negative messages can be sent to

(Note: The following message is from the script writer and has been edited for grammer)

Hello, my name is Anthony Smith, creator and writer of Moonraker 2. I would like to say thank you for people who read the story/script, but what I don't understand why are people not talking to me. Is it because what has happened to space shuttle? It does not mean it's the end of a friendship. Let me tell you of a few people that helped me:

Krankor, of the Unofficial Road Rovers Site. He gave me a chance to write a text on his site about the story and put the story up.

Varakorn Ungivichian, who gave me ideas on space. I enjoyed tand liked them. Nice one Varakorn!

Robert Baer jr for being the first to put the story on the web.

But last but by no means least Gerhard for helping me with this story.

So let's forget the past and live in the future. The shuttle disaster has passed. Let's get those reviews and move on!

Yours Sincerely

Anthony Smith