The following stories were written by Joe Desutoroia. Note that the accompanying text is that of the writer, not the administrator.

The Reflector Killer (IN PROGRESS) When a few new recruits are added to the ranks of the Rovers (some by freak accident) Exile's twin brother Garis is among them. But when a mysterious saboteur rattles RRMC, more bad news comes to light. Two powerful terrorist sects are coming together, and allying themselves with the Dark Rovers. Only one person can stop the oncoming disaster. And he's more unpredictable than Shag's cooking. LAST UPDATED 2-18-00.

Kuvasz Enigma: (IN PROGRESS)When a cult surfaces in Mexico, only the Road Rovers can stop it and its fanatical leader, a former crime partner of Parvo's, Omeg Adoom. When they show up to blast them to oblivion, they are bombarded by a strange telekinetic storm. Barely surviving, they find the culprit; a feisty war torn Kuvasz. Not knowing of her destructive tendencies, they transform her into one of their own. But when Adoom seizes the island of Palau with a stolen Nuke, the Rovers must take Winter to the East Pacific. And pray things go as planned. LAST UPDATED 2-18-00.

Fire Wind- My debut. When the Road Rovers are faced against monsters unleashed upon Montana by the thought-dead Omega Doom, the creatures are apparently destroyed. While they must deal with Huntress' absence and the budding romance (and telepathic maelstrom) between Exile and the new cadet Winter, the monsters return, this time unleashing a weapon that puts the fate of the galaxy in its hands-eek, claws, claws! ;)

Synchronicity (IN PROGRESS) One more trick waits up the sleeve of the vile terrorist leader Omeg Adoom. His new plan is to unleash the cousin of Diuurym, Lutorn, on one of the most influential alien worlds. Teaming up with the escaped Colonel Havoc, Adoom plans to take the planet for his own after the oncoming disaster. LAST UPDATED: 2-18-00

The Mind's Shadow Infuriated at the loss of Caskasiara at the paws of the Rovers, Omeg Adoom seizes the Seyrtroal system with the Mind's Shadow, an experimental quasi-supernova weapon. A war erupts between Seyrtrol V and Huual-ra. Huntress discovers horrible assassins holding the Alturyan royal family hostage. Exile discovers the telepathic link between himself and Winter and runs off, bent on committing suicide and taking Adoom with him. These strands converge in a battle that will decide the fate of the Outer Rim. LAST UPDATED: 2-18-00(IN PROGRESS)

Storm's Eye (IN PROGRESS) For the last 12,000 years, the planet Amazonas has just sat silently in space. But only now, is it being exploited. The Dark Rovers have resurfaced and, along with Exile's evil twin brother Garis, have built a new base on the jungle planet. After the Dark Rovers hijack an aid ship bound for Harskja and hold the crew hostage, the Rovers must fight the six to the death. LAST UPDATED: 2-18-00.

Shards of the Past (IN PROGRESS) Thomas Zavier and Miranda Len's plot has been discovered. For now, the renegade Cano-Sapien Garis remains under their protection and trying to ressurect an old fear. So the Rovers must defeat him and destroy the Transdogmafier plot Adoom had while he was alive. If Garis is successful, he alone will wield more power than Adoom ever did. To make matters worse, the traitorous Daralean fleet has organized droid rebellions on several worlds, forcing them to divide their strength. LAST UPDATED: 11-16-99.

Apocalypse Knight (Special thanks to Ricky Galahad with helping me with the title) (IN PROGRESS) The lines are drawn, the fleets massed. Now, with the Rovers squaring off against the integrated Daralean and Dark Rover fleets, Winter recieves terrifying visions of the future. A weapon of planet smashing force will fall into Garis' waiting hands. While Winter and Alethia sneak out, trying to destroy the weapon while its still under construction, a powerful, thought dead figure emerges from the ashes of an alien war.LAST UPDATED: 12-5-99.

Happy Halloween: The so far incomplete addition to Derv's contest. When Austin goes out of the loop and plays a string of practical jokes, Dawn and DJ are sick of it. With the other Rovers, the plot to get revenge. LAST UPDATED 12-5-99.

Peek-A-Boo (IN PROGRESS) When Koror returns from the brink of his own premature death, his sanity is once again questioned. This is complicated when a former ally (of Koror while he went insane) goes on a rampage with a mind device dubbed the "Carousel." It draws out people's darkest fears, and drives them to madness and near death. And this mad socialite could be General Parvo's sister!