Welcome to the Hall Of Infamy. Here the visitor will find a records of those who really made the Road Rovers and their allies heroes: the villains. Big or small, intelligent or stupid, sane or insane, they are ones who always try their best to defeated the Road Rovers and attempt to gain power and always fail. Thus this area is created to give tribute to these fine examples of evil. If you have a villain you would like to appear here, send a description of him/her/it and, if possible, an image to gnaude_@hotmail.com. Please note: the names are arranged alphabetically and some of the descriptions are by the creators.


Queen of the Werewolves, Alura attempted to conquer the world with her werewolf "children." Claiming to be the daughter of King Lycoan, the first werewolf, she was to bide her time and wait for the opportunity to conquer the world; the Road Rover's London encounter being a test. When her only son, Cerberus, was lost during the Ocean Blue crisis she vowed revenge on Bengal for killing him. Her first move was to assassinate the monarch of the already weakened nation of Malcoria, moving in a clockwise invasion of the Black Sea region. She considered the KH Military a bunch of wannabe's and dealt them a serious blow, but not before KH scientist discovered a cure. She was not impressed when General Stalker enlisted the help of Captain Bengal and the Sea Rovers, vowing to the sink his "fleet on canoes." Her children soon whittled down the fleet and then went after the big prize in a special submarine used to ram the side of the Retriever. She did not anticipate Bengal's act of self-sacrifice as he set off the
ships reactor taking her with him. And with the cure delivered, Alura's menace was eliminated. (Character by Greg Williams)


The father of Janne and Brind. He comes to earth with his son Brind to try to get Janne and his family to join him and his son. He is not evil in his heart. He's only evil because he really didn't have a choice ( well he did but it was dying which didn't thrill him) He got killed by Brind after he tried to surrender. He gets saved by Janae for an hour or two but in the end he finaly dies. He really talks to Janne after he's finaly dead. He's about 6-2, 215 lbs. with a high 'n tight hair cut and he has a scar on his left eye. (Character by Phillip King).


Janne's brother and Amour's son. He came to earth with his father trying to get Janne and his family to join him and his father. He was missing for 18 years with his father and Janne didn't know why. He has no mercy, he doesn't want to be good any more. He is very strong (even bullets dont kill him) he can form energy with his hands. He can fuse with his father to become Brind'Amour. He became evil because of Vaclav. After his father wanted to give up he killed him. He also killed Colleen. He was killed by Janne in Semper Fi. He is about 6-6, 245 lbs. His white hair comes down to the bottom of his ears. He has black fur with brown eyes. Without a doubt this boy is evil. He has a problem with his smoking habits and is an alcoholic. (Character by Phillip King).


A rookie bounty hunter who looked up to Outlaw and his team until the Maddogs snatched a bounty away from him at the last second. He was furious and swore revenge by trying to make Outlaw look like a murderer. He was sent to jail but was let out some months later. He later tried to distract the bounty hunters from Parvo's plan to destroy them but the Rovers warning prevented it and he was arrested again; and escaped again. After Parvo stole the last Immortal Gem Bo tried to harness it's power but was destroyed taking the base with him. (Character by Greg Williams).


Boris was a friend of Exile when they were in obediance school in Siberia. When he was abandoned by Exile (to become a sled dog) he became very angered, and this was worsened when he was chosen by the Master and found out that Exile was also a Road Rover. He left and took up the name Hacker to become a ruthless evil. He is particulary adapt at disrupting and/or destroying weddings and is willing to go as far as to steal milk bones from puppies. He had also succeeded into tricking two females for his own evil ends: one was Colleen's sister and the other was the Strayer Dixie (who is also the mother of Trixie, Hacker's daughter). He had been classified as insane and today is an enemy of all Road Rovers and their allies. (Character by Bart Walls)


Buran, a borzoi (Russian wolfhound), was originally the pet of Vissarion's family. Vissarion was a former KGB operative and had made lots of people angry in his career. After the attempt on Vissarion's life, which resulted in the deaths of the rest of his family, Buran, then only a puppy, escaped into the Siberian wilderness, along with a husky from the sled team of the mobsters. The husky was Exile before he was called by the Master. This may set up some personal feelings between these individuals later. Buran and Exile were recovered by a scientist named Fyodor Pushkin on a research mission. Buran stayed with Pushkin while Exile went to a different owner. When Petrovsky and Shalimov came to trick Pushkin into working on the Countdown project for Red Thunder, they noticed Buran and said they knew who the previous owner was. Buran was returned to Vissarion, now a cyborg and the leader of Red Thunder, who placed him under the care of General Petrovsky until their copy of the Transdogmafier was made. When this was complete, Buran was used as the first test. The results were a success, and Vissarion appointed Buran to lead the army of cano-sapiens which would be created by the machine, as well as giving him the rank of General. Buran was third in command of Red Thunder's forces and head over all mutant soldiers. He was motivated by the same quest for revenge against those who were responsible for the killing of his family as Vissarion was. Buran, however, actually does fight for the idealistic, communist goals that Red Thunder has as well. After the death of Vissarion, Buran deposed the human, Gen. Petrovsky, who was the second in command. Now, as the leader of Red Thunder, he promoted himself to the rank of Marshal and added a new twist to the Marxist ideals of Red Thunder. He now wishes to liberate all anthros (the forever oppressed "working class") from what he perceives as the oppressive humans (the forever oppressive upper class). He loves dramatic gestures, self-gratifying propaganda, and generally sees himself as the liberator of the earth. He would be more of a tyrant, however. (Character by Greg Smith)


Craig is a Greyhound with a shady background . His known employers include Parvo, Storm, KH Military, Mad Dog, and Dogs Against Humans. He does assassination jobs for them. He may look like a good guy on the outside but on the inside is he completely evil. All he cares about is money. Craig will sometimes pretend to make friends with the victim before he does his job. His abilities include Marksmanship (good shot), Stealth, Nomenclature (ability to wield gun perfectly) and Fist-to-fist combat. Craig blends into the public wherever he is. Sometimes when he is doing his line of work he wears a special ops uniform. His super powers are telescopic vision and night vision. (Character by Kristen Coughlan).


A very dangerous murderer who killed over a dozen people including Silver's (Tom Greystone) sister Susan. Managed to escape from prison several times. At one point Cooper was supposedly destroyed by one of the Immortal Gems. He later came back and was captured again and sent to the South Pacific island prison gulag of Roth Pentell near Antarctica. Some time after he was sent there all activity on the island ceased and the Maddogs were sent to find out why. He somehow gained supernatural powers but thanks to some quick action by Silver, Cooper Graves was reduced to a pile of ash using a fragment of one of the Immortal Gems. One of the most fearsome killers was finally destroyed. (Character by Greg Williams).


After a terrible accident which Parvo has caused in an attempt to steal an alien artefact, the scientist Dr. Damien Darkon was now a half machine. Darkon is a genius in the topic of Cybernetic and Genetic of the weapon-labs of Neon Inc. After this accident tries he a direct connection with the alien artefact. One day later plunders he all the labs and disappears. But a month later comes he back, insane, with a robot army in his back, with the will to conquer and destroy all. Darkon is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. His left arm and his left leg are full mechanical. His left side of the face is covered with a metal plate, with a green artificial eye. His natural eye is azure blue, he has long, spiky red hair and he his in medium condition. He has some metal plates with crystal spheres on his chest. Darkon has a plenty of abilities. His left arm can transform in a high powered plasma weapon. He can generate a force-field shield which deals with a lot of damage, he can phase or teleport himself, he can hack in computer systems, only by watching and analyse them with his artificial eye. His knowledge has for unknown reasons much increased, since that accident. He has created a ship, bases and a mass-transportation system which has theoretically no limit. How far this new knowledge goes is unknown, but he has clearly higher goals as only the Earth. (Character by MG Wolfstone)


The Dark Rovers are the evil equivalent of the Road Rovers. Created from the original Road Rovers' via Parvo's Cano-mutator the Dark Rovers consists of: Destroyer (Hunter's evil clone), Col-Lee (Colleen's evil clone), Cutter (Blitz's evil clone), Frosty (Exile's evil clone) and Fangs (not Shag's clone, but an alien called a Goat-sucker). Though created by Parvo, the Dark Rovers turned against Parvo and went their own way to evil. They were, however, defeated by the Road Rovers and turned back into fur. Later Professor Atwater transformend the Dark Rovers back to "normal" and the Dark Rovers resumes their reign of evil. Destroyer and Col-Lee married and later gave birth to Hunter (their son). Though in public enemies, the Road Rovers and Dark Rovers are secretly friends to their identical partners. Despite being stopped by the Road Rovers time and again, the Dark Rovers continued to expand their operations and gaining new cadets, allies and enemies to become one of the most feared evil groups in the world. (Characters by Daniel Morales)


Earl Hawkins started life in a military family in the United States, where he learned to shoot at a young age. He was later sent to a military academy, where his ambition to leader and combat skills quickly caught the eye of the big brass as well as the attention of the Earth Defense Force. After leaving the academy, Hawkins was approached by EDF recruiters, when he immediately agreed to join. Straight away Hawkins proved his skills as an EDF agent, particularly against the KH Military. He also had the ambition to eventually become a commander of the EDF or even lead the EDF itself. However, Hawkins harbored a good deal of resentment towards Striker, whom he believed was taking away the better assignments from him. After the attack on the EDF headquarters by the Elite Guard and the subsequent disappearance of the KH Military and Striker, the EDF went into decline. Despite the efforts of Hawkins and many within the organisation, the United Nations began to dismantle the EDF shortly after the return of the KH Military. Hawkins and many in the EDF blamed the Road Rovers for their organisation's fall, and Hawkins in particular swore to get revenge on the Rovers.

Just before the EDF was officially disbanded, Hawkins and a large group of sympathizers quit the organization, taking much of the EDF's resources, money and manpower with them. Despite an investigation (which itself was hamstrung by Hawkins' supporters within in the investigation team), Hawkins went into hiding and used the resources to create and build up the Vanguard as a true successor to the Earth Defence Force as well as an opponent to the Road Rovers. Thanks to many research and development programs alongside secret training camps, the Vanguard grew into a formidable force by the time of the Elite Guard invasion of South Africa.


First appeared in final "Final Resting Place" as she was preparing to make an army of killer robots bent on taking over the world. When she first started out she only wanted to change the world so animals would be safe from man, they had destroyed her town and killed her parents mining for minerals. But as she became more powerful all she wanted was world domination. Other than robot construction her other hobby turned out to be cloning, she could use her clones to infiltrate the Rover, Strayer and other government organizations and learn their secrets. Fortunately, The Strayers were able to stop her. Unfortunately, she died in the end (leaped to her own death rather than being captured) As it turned out she was one of her clones, the original Ecosystem was alive and well somewhere to fight another day. Whether or not the clone was anything like the original or even the original still exists or was compilation of something else is yet to be discovered. She is a human Australian female in her mid 20's that is very muscular, like that of a wrestler. She has flowing blonde hair. Usually wears a half t-shirt, short skirt and sneakers. Through all the muscles she is also very beautiful. She has a short temper and a tendency to justify all her actions, big or small. (Character by Steven Today)


Her real name is Candice Waken. She's only good at one thing: Assassinations. But she does it so well. People all around the world have hired her to off their enemies. She has known to have killed nine people for money, but there are probably many others that have never been reported or could not be connected to her. She enlists aid from her army of mercenaries of English decention. She has never missed a target... That is until she came across the "Road Rovers". They foiled her hit on the British Prime Minister and locked her away. But before they did she managed to poison Hunter. Fortunately, the posion does not affect Cano-Sapiens. Unfortunately, it affected Muzzle, Shag (he's more dog than sapien) and the Master. But in the end Bear tricked the Eliminator into revealing the location of the antidote and everyone was saved (This happened in "Times, Time and Half a Time") Later, she would team up with other villains who would break her out and try to help her destroy the "Strayers" and Rovers, none ever succeeded. The Eliminator is a short slender female human who is usually wears a holster with a gun and is dress in fatigues. She is a very cold and unfeeling human. She will use anyone for her means but never trusts them. She is very military and throughout. (Character by Steven Today)


He is the German Shepherd/Golden Retriever leader of the Dogs Against Humans. The Dogs Against Humans are dogs that rebelled against the handlers and superiors of the Mad Dog Organization. They think all humans should be slaves to all cano-sapien kind or die. They recruit AWOL Mad Dog Soldiers and any canines they encounter. He is very ruthless and has uter hate towards humans. When the Mad Dog Organization transformed him, he turned on the handlers immediately. He was locked up in a hidden underground bunker with other prisoners. After a few years, he escaped the confinement and quickly gather followers in his new order. He plans to create a world where cano-sapien rule and humans are slaves. Fetch sees his brother, Rebel McShepherd as a threat and wants him dead. (Character by Kristen Coughlan)


Ortega was brought up in Colombia as a small-time drug dealer until he was recruited by the KH Military as an agent. He worked his way to becoming Malcolm's financial agent, thus gaining access to Malcolm Industries' Swiss bank account. During the reign of the former KH Supreme General, Franco, he helped smuggle nuclear weapons from the United States and Canada and later helped find the artifacts for the Ion Cannon. When the KH Military disappeared, Ortega took a large portion of the funds to build up a drug empire and to become the world's most powerful drug lord. He also used the funds to create a large, powerful private army which protected him during the War In Colombia, in which the KH Military attacked his forces as revenge for stealing Malcolm's funds and in which the United Nations, lead by the Road Rovers, served as Peacekeepers. Despite his best efforts, Ortega lost the war to the Road Rovers and was believed drowned at the final battle in Atlantis. But Ortega had survived and so did some of his remaining drug bases and much of his wealth. Using these remaining resources, Ortega rebuilt his cartel, which would later be known as the Spider Cartel. The Spider Cartel's share in illegal drug trafficing increased dramatically, particularly during the Techno War that followed a year after the Iron Fist saga. Meanwhile, he had developed a new plan with which to destroy the United States: Project Trojan. Using a cure for the deadly AIDS disease called HIVAGEN and a biochemical trigger, Ortega planned to turn much of the world's populace to powerful "super humans". His dealings with the Octo Cartel, however, eventually lead to Unit STRIKE discovering his plans. Ortega was confronted in his giant mechanical spider, the Gargantua, and was presumed killed when it crashed into a casino in the northern United States. However, up until now, no body or trace of a body has been found of Francisco Ortega. (Character by Gerhard Naudé)


Franco was one of the pups of the first wolf-sapiens to be transformed under the secret Nazi project and was raised as a soldier like Stalker. When the first Supreme General of the KH Military died due to a heart attack, Franco was chosen to be the next Supreme General. In time, however, this choice would turn out to be the worst one. Franco's mind quickly deteriorated as began to wield his new power and exploited it to satisfy his own sadistic and perverted tastes in carnage, pain and suffering. He also gather the most loyal fanatical supporters and formed them into the Elite Guard, who's sole purpose was to secure Franco's position of power and command the other four squadrons of the KH Military. Despite widespread discontent into the direction in which Franco took the KH Military, nobody could mount a real challenge to his rule. That would change in 1979. Franco had earlier order his forces to gather nuclear weapons with which to wipe out the world in an operation called "NUCLEAR STORM." This had brought the KH Military to the attention of the Earth Defense Force for the first time and had tried to stop this, but without enough success. In South Africa, Gerard Vorster's brother Pieter met with senior KH Military officials. When Pieter became suspicious of the KH Military's activities, Franco ordered the killing of the entire Vorster family. This was carried out in a bloody killing during Pieter's and his fianceé's wedding, leaving Gerard Vorster the sole survivor. Swearing revenge, Gerard vowed to kill Franco, but early on in his hunt he was turned into Striker following his first confrontation with the KH Military. Since then, having joined the EDF, Striker managed to stop two of Franco's attempts to destroy the world. The second attempt, onboard the Ion Cannon, would lead to a dramatic showdown between Franco and Striker. By then Franco was consumed by his insanity and tried to kill Striker, but Striker fired a bullet into Franco's head. Striker then escaped before the destruction of the Ion Cannon, and Franco was presumed killed in the explosion. His Elite Guard, overthrown by the rest of the KH Military, was scattered and was thought to have disappeared completely.

However, both General Franco and his Elite Guard remerged around the time of Striker and Phoenix's wedding. Franco had managed to survive the explosion of the Ion Cannon, albeit with severe injuries that left him with several cybernetic limbs and implants. The bullet fired by Striker into his head had lodged in his brain,  suppressing his sanity and revealing his true and deadlier nature. After several failed attempts to have the wedding disrupted, Franco's own forces managed to capture Striker, who in turn was then captured by South African naval vessels. Shortly thereafter, an investigation by the Road Rovers uncovered the fact that Elite Guard forces, following their defeat to the KH Military, had relocated from central Russia to a hidden base in a Kenyan volcano and several other locations. From here, Franco devised a plot to invade South Africa and completely destroy the international community using propaganda promoting pro-sapien and anti-mutant sentiments. Franco's plot managed to succeed greatly, fracturing the international community and making South Africa vulnerable to an invasion by his Elite Guard forces. Despite the intervention of the Road Rovers, the Elite Guard, personally led by Franco, invaded South Africa and made deep progress into that country. However, his plans slowly derailed thanks to the Road Rovers' continued efforts, thanks largely due to the assistance of a mysterious contact called "Miss D". Even so, Franco and his forces managed to reach Pretoria before being betrayed by Mister T, who had been one of his biggest allies up to that point. Attacked by both the Road Rovers and the KH Military's Celtic Squadron, Franco's forces were destroyed and Franco himself was captured by the Road Rovers.

Franco was put on trial, facing charges relating to not only his invasion of South Africa and the global crisis he had sparked, but also for his past crimes during his reign as Supreme General of the KH Military. However, while being sentenced Franco was freed from a Cape Town court by his bodyguard Champion and a few loyal followers. He tried to escape, but was stopped by Unit STRIKE. Just as he was about to be arrested, a mysterious black helicopter appeared and shot Franco multiple times before flying off. General Franco was pronounced dead on the scene. Later, the morgue housing his body was burnt down in an apparent arson attack. All that remained of the former KH and Elite Guard leader were the melted slag of his cybernetic implants and the bullet that had been in his head.


Garis' history is as twisting as his personality. Exile's evil twin brother, he was left alone once his brother left to join the original Road Rovers. After he gruesomely murdered the entire populace of his home town about a month after Exile left, a strange wormhole that led to an alternate dimension whisked him away, depositing him near the new base of the Road Rovers. After being transdogmafied, he lied about the murders, saying a renegade Siberian Separatists Alliance survivor unleashed a gas cloud upon the village. Once he was in the base, he came into increasing conflict with another new cadet, the Akita Koror. After discovering of the Dark Rovers, he attempted to sabotage the base twice. He officially defected at the Guam base, exiting in a hail of gunfire. Amazingly, his evil personality deflected him from the DRs, leading him to join the Fuhrer Eitzweig - the militaristic half of the STORM organization. To prove his worth, he decided to throw the nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic into a bloody war, then sweep in and pick up the pieces. He was nearly successful, as he was going to murder several Haitian and Dominican soldiers stationed near the border. He was thwarted by Koror once again. The rest of the Rovers arrived soon after, aided by the Dominican and Haitian navies. Garis was defeated, but not before he supposedly killed Koror. He was driven to the border of the Dresden and Emmerlande Systems, bent on reeking vengeance. He soon got his chance. After Doom's death he took charge of his fleet and sided with the Daralean fleet and the Dark Rovers once again. He is highly unpredictable and borders close to insanity. He is very power hungry and will use any means to gain his goals using even murder (for which he uses either his right eye's heat beam, speed, sharp claws and strength). (Character by Desutoroia).


The GONV Computer is actually a harmless supercomputer had it not been for the evil atrificial intelligense, Matrix, which is controlling it. Matrix was built by a mad Russian scientist who placed him inside a robot body. Matrix then turned against his master and began his plans gain his goal: the elimination of all organic life on Earth. Matrix first attempted to create a nuclear winter by starting a war between the USSR and USA. General Alexander Illanov was, however, to stop Matrix's plans and destroy his body. His AI program survived however and was uploaded into the Soviet Union's phone lines, where the program was hidden until it was uploaded into the GONV's mainframe. With the computing power of the GONV Matrix now continues his plans of extermination, but he now has to contend with not only Illanov, but also the Road Rovers, in particular Unit STRIKE, of which Illanov is now a member. Illanov and his comrades stopped the GONV when it launched a war in Europe called the Techno War, with the ultimate goal of eliminating all life on earth. The GONV, however, lost the war and was eventually captured. During its trial, however, the GONV self-destructed. But it is widely assumed that Matrix created a copy of itself and the GONV mainframe, located somewhere well outside of Earth's boundries. Today it is still unclear what the GONV will attempt next. (Character by Gerhard Naudé)


Grendle's parents were Mundane Black Panthers (weighting 200 pounds) They were captured by poachers and imprisoned in a compound high in the Rocky Mountains and forced to breed (cubs are worth more and easier to transport) The result was Grendle and Shadow. Soon after, the poachers killed their parents (they had out lived their usefulness) and began to fatten the survivors up for travel. But unknown to the cats or the humans, the cubs were caged in an old toxic waste container which had strange effects on them as time went on. Just before they were to be transported and sold the cats mutated into higher beings. On the outside they looked like normal panther cubs, but they become more intelligent than humans and able to speak. Once this happened, Grendle staged a break out. As a diversion he used his claws to sliced open his own brother's throat, severing his vocal cords. Unable to speak, Grendle cried in pain to luring the guards into their cage. As they tended to the injured Shadow, his brother slipped out of the cage. But once he left the exposure of the toxic waste he mutated once more into a full grown Panther. Seeing that Shadow would bleed to death shortly (there was no way to stop the bleeding), the guards left him to die. But as they exited the cage Grendle killed them both, along with all the other humans in the compound. He then left leaving his brother to die (he was useless to him), but Shadow would live (see Shadow) He set out and began murdering humans for revenge of his parents death thus having on and off engagements with the "Strayers". Looks like an ordinary Black Panther. He can also talk. Like all leopards he has a taste for dog flesh and finds the combination of Cano-Sapiens delectable as well as Cano-Mutants. The only emotions he can show are negative. (Character By Talon Saurn).


The Groomer is General Parvo's loyal assistant in his goal of world domination. Her origins are unknown, but she is believed to come from Ireland. She gave Parvo his name and became his assistant after she completed her first mission (removing Proffessor Otitus, see below). She has shared in Parvo's victories and defeats (mostly defeats). She always has a Lozenge despenser with her to stop the General from coughing up hairballs (which disgusts her). She is very ruthless and cunning. Caution is advised when confronting her (unless you are a member of the Road Rovers or otherwise).


Colonel Havoc was the leader of the rebellious forces that controlled the country of Ovitznia in Eastern Europe. Havoc loves war and money. As a result he had his forces steal the Sceptre of the Valley in order to have Katzenstok and Esneria (two neighbouring countries south of Ovitznia) declare war on each other. He would then sell weaponry to both factions and, after the war, take control of the war-torn nations. The Road Rovers, however, retrieved the Sceptre from Havoc and his forces and had Havoc arrested by United Nations forces with the aid of the native Ovitznian wolf packs. Afterwards Katzenstok, Esneria and Ovitznia were united (the united countries togther take the unusual shape of the Walt Disney character Mickey Mouse's head).


A former Iraqi general he conquered the new Middle Eastern country of Rabu in the Saudi Arabia/Yemen area. An absolute berserker when it came to combat, he earned the nickname "The Madman" for his recklessness in battle. After making himself ruler of Rabu he threatened his neighboring countries with the even larger goal of reuniting Iraq, Iran and eliminating Israel. But the world and the Sea Rover would not let him. Backed up, it was later learned, by General Parvo; who later backed out when Kali-Baba's forces were being eliminated. Furious over the loss of his forces, Kali-Baba set out in a passenger jet with a nuke onboard with the intention of blowing up the combined fleet in the Arabian Sea. Fortunately his plan was thwarted and Kali-Baba met a Goldfinger-like end.  (Character by Greg Williams)


These brothers became the most powerful enemies the Maddogs fought. Huran started out as an assassin and thief and was known throughout the underworld as Black Gun. He kidnapped the infant hair to the throne of the country Malcoria and a civil war ensued. Somehow the baby was lost and ended up in the arms of the Maddogs. Along with Colleen they captured Huran who at the time was posing at a refugee center leader and returned the baby to his parents. Harjo was a hired assassin for the oil tycoon Drake Pennington. When Outlaw's brother John found and ran away with tapes tieing Pennington to Parvo Harjo began gunning for him. With the help of some cunning nuns Harjo was captured and sent to jail. Later both brothers escaped in a run down airplane, but the plane crashed and they were badly hurt. Professor Sergey Talinsky pulled them out of the wreckage and placed their minds into robots he invented. Unwittingly he had placed criminal minds into his robots and they went on a rampage. With some help from the Grizzly Strayers the Maddogs destroyed their bodies but their heads were missing; professor Talinsky added a self-regeneration program to the robots before he turned them on. Months later the Dula Brothers returned and again the Grizzlies and Maddogs put a stop to them using Beowulf's sonic boom clap and Nitro's Banshee Howl. To save them Professor Hubert put their minds into a Computer program to let them live the rest of their lives. Some time later a traitor inside Mission Control stole their programs and new bodies were created for them courtesy of General Parvo. To insure their loyalty he added a scrambler inside them. The Dula Brothers and Parvo planned to take over the country of Malcoria before the ceremony to install Prince Alexander as King. They kidnapped Alexander's wife and ransomed her for the country. With the Maddog's help they brought Parvo's plan to a halt and he escaped. The Dula Brothers however were not so lucky. Harjo Dula was furious at Princess Helen for what she was saying and planned to kill her only to be stopped by one of her maids who took the shot for her. Parvo intervened and completely scrambled him turning Harjo into a useless pile of junk. Huran was enraged and attacked but as Parvo was leaving his scrambler was dropped and left on full power and he was also scrambled. They're minds lost forever, the threat of the Dula Brothers ended. (Character by Greg Williams)


President of Isaac Industries, this business mogul had an obsession about living forever to increase his wealth. He managed to find the 2nd Immortal Gem buried in the mud at the bottom of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii but the Maddogs intervened. The gem chose that moment to activate and float away into space. Isaac was seriously disappointed and set about creating a submersable capable of traversing the depths of the Mariana's Trench where the last Gem was. He struck a deal with Parvo to get it but was betrayed and "discharged" from the sub.(Character by Greg Williams)


Jacob is the brother of Dylan, but is very different in terms of demeanor of his brother. His road to evil started when he tormented his brother behind their parents' backs. When the parents vanished he was chosen to be cano-mutated by Parvo, though his allegiance is not always to Parvo and often becomes mercenary. Jacob has a mental problem in the sense that he is angered quickly, is merciless and believes in brute force. This often makes him very unpredictable, especially since he is also considerably strong and always wants to get his own way. (Character by Dylan Rinalds)


Professor Otitus was Professor Shepherd's assistant who helped build the Transdogmafier and obtain the needed government grants to fund the project. However, because of his greed for money, he wanted to sell the blueprints of the Transdogmafier to the highest bidder. Requested for proof, Otitus was to transdogmafy Muzzle, but was unable to capture him. So instead he substituted Boots (see Parvo) for the process. When he saw Parvo appear, he was scared so badly that he became partially insane. After failing to build a working Cano-mutator for Parvo, Parvo had the Groomer shave his head and it also resulted in him becoming completely insane.


Joseph Mange was a soldier from the planet of Idej, which had been waging a war with the neighboring world of Yelgar many millennia in the past. While escorting a new Idej super weapon, Mange's unit came under attack and his wife, who part of the group, died in his arms. Enraged, Mange absorbed the power of the new super weapon and annihilated the attacking Yelgar forces. He returned to the Idej High Council and demonstrated his newfound ability by single-handedly destroying Yelgar and its inhabitants with his powers. But his powers, combined with the devastation caused by the war and the death of his wife, caused him to take over control of Idej and rebuild it in his image. But his reign proved tyrannical, with his will enforced by armies of super powered soldiers. He was eventually overthrown after his powers were neutralized and sealed in a special stone that was cast into space. Fast forward to the present day, where Professor Hubert stumbles upon a meteorite that had crashed near where he was on holiday. Hubert picked up the rock, unaware it was the stone that held Mange. Hubert fell under Mange's sway and installed the stone into a Transdogmafier. When a new recruit name Rogue was transformed by the very same Transdogmafier, he absorbed the powers of the stone and its occupant. During the course of several months Mange tried to exert his influence on Rogue, but he managed to resist until a botched mission resulted in the recruit being forced to fully absorb the powers lest Mange harm his girlfriend Amy. He did so, and underwent a change that turned him into the physical form of Joseph Mange. Mange, however, did not have full control over Rogue, who gave the secret of Mange's original defeat to Amy during one of his relapses back to his original form. Meanwhile, Mange joined forces with Parvo and used his powers to create a new breed of cano-mutants called Chaos Rovers. When the Chaos Rovers attack RRMC, Mange is defeated when a machine constructed with the guidelines given to Amy by Rogue is used to extract him from Rogue's body. Rogue was left in a coma for several months afterwards, but Mange is killed in the extraction process. (Character by Daniel Thwaites)


Josef Schlectermann was the son of a former German philanthropist who did charity work as penance for the activities of his grandfather, who was a member of the Nazi party. Unlike his father, Schlectermann admired his grandfather and the regime he supported. He grew more radical while studying biology and genetic engineering in Hamburg, disliking how Germany had been split by the United States and the Soviet Union. It was there two key things happened: he became a member of the Iron Guard, an underground Neo-Nazi group and caught the eye of a major biotechnology firm. His work brought him fame and money grants, much of which he gave to the Iron Guard and allowing him to rise in the ranks. When the firm was acquired by the European Corporation, Schlectermann was tapped to lead a major project called AniCom, the aim of which was to create technology similar to that of the Road Rovers' transdogmafiers. Schlectermann was very successful and the respect and approval he earned gave him greater freedom for his work. He exploited this, buying up properties and moving AniCom to these sites where he began to subvert the project with the aim of using AniCom to create an army of cano-sapien warriors for the Iron Guard. However, his plans were uncovered by EuroCorp executives who then covertly alerted the Road Rovers. The Road Rovers managed to stop his plans and Schlectermann himself was killed by EuroCorp when his neo-Nazi ties became known.


A female wolf-sapien attached to the KH Military and one of Tesla's scientists. A true fanatical zealot, she introduced an idea to create "Wolf-Bots." Stalker reluctantly agreed to let Luna start on her project. Slowly but surely her wolf-bots took shape and she envisioned them becoming the standard assault troop; no more sacrificing valuable troops. They're first target: the Ursa Majors. Luna was on hand to watch as her wolf-bots did their job and was pleased by even more targets, an away team from the Sea Rovers. They did what Luna considered impossible and defeated her wolf-bots. Rather than be taken prisoner, Luna swallowed poison, and with her gone, Stalker had the entire project scrapped.  (Character by Greg Williams)


Or commonly referred to as The Admiral. He had a run in with Bear back when he was human... Or, it was more like a partnership. With his help Matt used Bear's native burial grounds for disposing the nuclear waste from his Militant army The Admiral was going to use to over throw the United States. Because of him, no one is able to return to that area for the next 12,394 years. They had to move the whole town. But after Bear became a Cano he and his "Strayers" shut down Matt's operation. He was court-martial for misappropriating military funds and equipment along with the obvious, trying to overthrow the government. But he managed to slip out of the army's grasp and disappeared. He lost all his assets and his flamboyant lifestyle. With funds being tight, Matt tried the Parvo approach. With the help of a chemical Mutator, he started turning ordinary Wolves into Mutants (by this chemical is how Bear became Rabid) Once again Bear and The Admiral's paths crossed, in the wilderness of Idaho. There he planned pouring vast quantities of the Mutator into a river, every wolf that touch it would be transformed into a mutant. But more than that, they would all be genetically under his command. Two important players would be Herod and Herodias, his Lieutenants of his new wolf army. He and his wolf Mutants could easily take over the country in weeks. Bear, the "Strayers" and the Rovers were able to foil his plans and bring The Admiral to justice, but at a terrible cost. In the battle Bear was transformed into Rabid, one of Matt's Wolf Mutants. But in the end they were able to break Rabid's loyalty to The Admiral (Seen in "Severed Blood") Later, to exact his revenge, the Admiral was busted out of jail. He then capture Nitro's entire pack, including her sister. It was a trap to lure both Bear and Nitro. It worked, and worse yet it was at a point when Bear was back to his human form. But thanks to some quick thinking and the Admiral's over confidence, Bear managed to turn the tables. With some help from the pack the Admiral was recaptured (as recorded in "Wedding Bell Blues"). He is a muscular African American who is also a breed military man. He is always playing mind games and searching for weakness in both his foes and allies. He plans everything. (Character by Steven Today).


Born in Africa during the early 1980’s, Night was destine to become the Chief of his tribe and raised to understand his blood right. Sometime in his childhood he was taken from his tribe and was brought to America where he grew up, and became childhood friends with Captain Shadow before he was changed into a Cano-sapien. Growing up together they both realized they had found their Soul’s Brother, and were as close as any blood related siblings could be. They both competed against each other in everything they did, from school work, to games, and everything else they did, just to show the other who was better. Nothing they did was not influenced by their friendly ‘sibling’ rivalry, up until Nick became an immortal and learned Magic when he was an adult, the exact same time that Shadow did, then his views of the world changed. He became bitter and resentful that his gift was also bestowed upon his best friend, and set out to destroy him to prove that his gift was his and his alone. Their friendship ended there and turned into a fierce and fiery hatred of one another that has lasted centuries and still burns just as intense to this day. He is a male African-American human of more than 400 years (but looks 29), stands at 6 feet 1, has dark brown eyes, short black hair, dark brown skin tone, clean shaven, otherwise clear complexion. He usually wears armored Leather-like black suit. Equipment belt that holds his basic equipment, ammo, and gun holster. Night has nearly the same powers as his soul’s brother, Captain Shadow. He has a wide range of magical powers, and uses them as much as needed. Although he does not have the invisibility of his brother, his natural stealth capabilities are formidable. He is also unmatched in hand-to-hand combat as well as sword fighting, honing his skills to near perfection over the centuries. Like his brother, his marksmanship with pistols are only average, but are nonetheless noteworthy. Night is cold hearted and hateful, and would kill anybody for the smallest of reasons. The only reason he doesn’t is that he lives by a code of honor, and believes that everybody should have a chance to fight for his own life. Intelligent but slightly rash in his decisions, he never surveys the entire situation before jumping in. When in battle he is utterly fearless and never shaken even during the most intense or difficult fights. He has a burning hatred against the man he knows as his brother, Captain Shadow, and will stop everything he is doing simply to fight against him in hopes of killing him once and for all. He and Captain Shadow are nearly the same person, they think alike, have nearly the same goals and ideals, and are both immortal. (Character by Richard Barrere)


When he lived at the hidden community he would injure any new dog to prove that he is the alpha and not to mess with him. He kills anyone who gets in his way. He thinks all females are for pleasure. He secretly became a sapien and had the power to temporary rob others of their powers. If he came across a female, he would lock them up in a secret chamber. Rebel and his allies found this out and with the help of Beth, he was stopped. He is currently locked up in his canine form waiting for revenge. (Character by Kristen Coughlan).


General Parvo was known as Boots (see The Master) but is now a human cyborg (he does, however, still retain feline ears). He is a notorious villain who's only goal in life is that of world domination (much like everyone else). He plans to gain this through his army of Cano-mutants, the stronger version of Cano-sapiens. He is tried many times but has always been defeated by the Road Rovers. He does cough a lot as a result of hairballs and thus requires lozenges to stop his coughing. He has no permanent base because the Road Rovers usually end up destroying it. He is the most well known and notorious enemy of the Road Rovers.


Not much is known about this cold mercenary except that he is a male human and according to Interpol hails from Scandinavia (born between 1940 and 1950). Random reports say that he had possibly participated in the Vietnam war in 1968 on the Americans side and had possibly worked with the USSR (where he had received training in the KGB) to hunt and kill political enemies in 1976. His real name has been a mystery but he took the name "Plague" as his mercenary name. What is known about him is that he is willing to work with anyone who paid his amount of $670 000 or higher and works in commando raids and 'silencing' enemy figures. He prefers using a Colt 45 and Steyr Aug as his weapons and despises all kinds of energy weapons. He stands 6 foot 4, has dark brown hair and green eyes and he usually wears black pants, white T-skirt, black army vest, black beret and black army boots. He is cold and loyal (for money) as well as anti-social and aggressive at times due to a medical mental disorder. (Character by Markus Laitinen).


A bull-mastiff Cano-Mutant, Rhino was a member of Parvo's troops and is responsible for taking out Beowulf's eye. He was severly injured from debris when the Rovers attacked Parvo's ship and has a huge scar along his shoulder and most of his chest. He never blamed the Rovers but instead blamed Outlaw who warned the Rovers about Parvo's activities. Months later he had a gang formed and terrorized the town of Stump Hollow; which was a ruse to get the Maddogs to come. He was defeated by the Maddogs and made a regular dog again, but Parvo captured him again and Mutated him. In fear he ran away from Parvo and found himself face to face the Maddogs and Grizzlies. Pleading for their help he surrendered to them and is now a normal happy canine. (Character by Greg Williams).


Robert Gregon is a human who is the head scientist of the Mad Dog Organization. The Mad Dog Organization is a human run organization that is backed by a secret global organization. They create cano-sapien soldiers. The training only brings out only the best. All failures are sent to labs to improve the next generation and/or killed. He is working toward the prefect cano-sapien soldier. He keeps his Cano-sapien specimens in half starved conditions and sometimes never puts the specimens under an siesta when experimenting on them. Most of his specimens are failures from the training or AWOL cano-sapien soldiers that he wanted alive. He oversees most of the breeding done for the Organization. The two cano-sapiens he desires the most are Drifter and Lily because both of them have a rare gene that give them the power to turn in super cano-mutants at will. He did manage to capture them. He took sex cells from the both to create embryos that were implanted in Lily. Drifter and Lily managed to escape. Gregon vows to capture them again and their puppies. Months later, he captured XL766 and Amber. When the Rovers came to save them, Gregon faked his death. He is currently in hiding, binding his time. (Character by Kristen Coughlan)


Ross Dole was an African American businessman who used blackmail to gain his ends. He used this to force Steven Today to infiltrate RRMC which result in Steven being turned into Bear. Ross also wanted to use blackmail to become the president of the United States to gain control of the CIA, FBI and other agencies with which to rule the world. Bear and the Road Rovers were, however, able to stop Ross and put him behind bars. But he always escapes to annoy the Road Rovers and the Strayers. His main powers are that of blackmail and his observation with which he tries to control a situation and everyone in it. (Character by Steven Today).


A catahoula leopard dog, Rowdy was known as a second generation cano-sapien, meaning he was born one. He attended classes at the Dixieville Rover Academy and became the star student of his class, but grew disgusted with humans when the Human League started protesting in front of the school. With a group of like-minded students, Rowdy escaped the burning of the academy and started the Roughnecks; they're goal to make the Human League stop it's activities. Rowdy had Sheldon McCoy kidnapped and planned to turn him into a sapien, but his plan backfired and in the confusion of the fight between the Roughnecks and the Rangers, Rowdy slipped away, but was followed by Sheldon McCoy and killed. Rowdy's well intentioned but doomed tactics were stopped. (Character by Greg Williams)


Sister of Isaac Gabriel, she took the company's helm when Isaac did not return from his Pacific Ocean venture. She was duped into buying an island in the Chukchi Sea, off northern Russia, called Ivanoff Island. At one time a wildlife sanctuary, Ruth intended to turn the island into a dumping ground for toxic and nuclear waste. The Ursa Majors arrived to stop her but were driven away for a squad of Gonv drones that Ruth had stashed away for a special occasion. With the combined forces of the Ursa Majors and the Sea Rovers, Ruth's dumping plan was thwarted and she and her men were arrested by Russian authorities. (Character by Greg Williams)


Shade was an ex-Alpha wolf in his own timber wolf pack near the Rocky Mountains. Cruel and demanding, he commanded his pack with no show of compassion or reasonable order. A tyrant, you might call him. This was all until a group of research scientists shot him in the leg one day and took him back to their laboratory in an old abandoned factory. There he was run through multiple experiments and tests, including being injected with some experimental drugs. These had extreme effects on his mind and body, giving him the mind of an insane killer and incredible strength. In the final experimental lengths, he was eventually mutated into a luposapien, along with a silver/black wolf that was not madly driven like he was. Shade and this other wolf (who he warned to escape "before he regretted it") broke out of the factory, Shade ruthlessly killing one of the scientists in the process. The other wolf urged Shade to follow and escape, though Shade had ideas for use of the machines in the factory. Shade felt that the wolf kept him from doing as he pleased and that he "ruined his life," so to this day Shade vows "revenge" upon that fellow captive wolf. He is a completely black wolf, and when I say completely, I mean in his entirety. His fur is a scraggly mess and his ears are sharply pointed. His build is rather high and very muscular, and at 6'7", that's intimidating. His eyes are blood red and lifeless. He tends to wear a white wide-spread collared shirt with rolled-up sleeves and satin trim (kinda tells you something). He also wears dark navy pants with a black leather belt and knee-high black boots. Top it all of with incredibly sharp teeth that bear a menacing grin and you have evil in the fur. For an embodiment of pure evil, I think you can guess. Shade is utterly ruthless, cold, heartless (can we say literally?), power-hungry, and thrives on the pain of others. He shows no remorse whatsoever to anything or anyone. When he sees agony and despair, he is thrilled and pleased. Shade loves nothing more than to destroy and kill in his desire for absolute power. Sheer power and evil energy, simply. Shade's total vileness and insanity drive him to destroy whatever he pleases with incredible obliterate power. (Character by Nightshift)


After his brother abandoned him in the poacher's compound (see Grendle), Shadow dragged his dying body from the cage. And, like his brother, was instantly mutated into a full sized panther. The mutation healed his wounds and saved his life but did not repair his severed vocal cords. He too left the compound and went on a rampage against mankind for the murder of his parents. "Strayers" and "Road Rovers" were dispatched to stop him, but they were taken out just as easily (Shadow is virtually undetectable, he can hide anywhere or get into anywhere without being seen - No one living has ever seen him but Bear) But his evil rampaged ended when he ran across Bear. The cat easily bested the Cano-Sapien, yet he sensed something in him. Something different. Shadow fled instead and let Bear live. Afterwards, he began to spy on Bear and his group of "Strayers" (always in the shadows) He quickly learned that Bear isn't really a human nor a canine. Plus he shares the same plight as himself: Never able to see his family again. With his interest peaked, Shadow forms a secret alliance with Bear: He will end his attack on humans and canines (but continues to feast on wild animals) and spy for the Strayer as long as Bear keeps Shadow's existence a secret (One Cano-Sapien is no match of Shadow, but a whole group of them could defeat him) The cat enjoys watching the exploits of Bear's team from the safety of the shadows. When Shadow collects special information he will contact Bear using an ultra high frequency pulse from his electronic voice box to signal Bear for a meeting. The Cano-Sapien will find the meeting place by following a trail of synthetic paw prints which can only be seen by Bear's special gun glasses. Once he reaches the meeting place, Bear will always call out: "Shadow. Are you there?" His electronic voice will always respond with: "Suspect the darkness for I am always there." Looks like an ordinary Black Panther (weighting 200 pounds) He can also talk using a special electronic device strapped to his neck. A surprisingly agile beast. The Panther will trust no one. The only reason that he tolerates Bear is because he gives Shadow entertainment, though the life and death adventures of he and his "Strayers" (Shadow remains out of site and unwilling to help) He has no emotions, they were ripped out of him when his own brother ripped out his vocal cords. He gets great amusement from taunting and matching quips with Bear. (Character by Talon Saurn)


Born in the 1980's as a human Eskimo from the tribe's Chief and Chieftess in the Kiana Tribe, the man whom later became known as Shadow was taught everything about honor and tradition and what would be expected of him when his time came to become Chief. When he was 23 he was kidnapped by General Parvo and became the first Human-to-Cano-mutant test subject. The Cano-Mutator was calibrated correctly and changed the young man into a Cano-sapien. The Road Rovers saved him but could not change him back, so he joined them as a new Road Rover. During his life as a Road Rover he became immortal, and never physically aged past the age of 30, as well as learning the art of magic. He transferred from the Road Rovers to the Space Rovers and served there for several centuries, earning his rank as captain, then fell in love with a fox-sapien named Rebecca and starting a family with her and having a single son. When Shadow's son was one year old he and his mother were killed in a military strike on a civilian planet, which drove Shadow mad with grief. Years later he resigned from the Space Rovers and was sent back in time to end a catastrophe that destroyed the Earth before it could happen. Captain Shadow is cold hearted; he won't care if someone dies, as he only lives to complete his missions. He always follows a code of honor and will never break his sworn word. Calculating and intelligent, he will analyze what is against him and find a way through. Though calm during missions and even more so when under fire he can agitated and angry if his mission is taking too long or is rapidly going downhill. He always prefers fighting his enemies honorably, either in hand-to-hand combat or with melee weapons, but will not hesitate to use other weapons if need be. He enjoys fighting against opponents who are equally skilled as him, though he doesn't like fighting those who are weaker than him and cherishes the fights where he is outmatched. His powers lets him become invisible when in a shadowed area, but when exposed to direct light he is only transparent, and generally the brighter the light the less transparent he is. He has also learned magic, and he uses it whenever the situation warrants it. Though his magic is broad in its capabilities he prefers using it to make elemental attacks, such as lighting, fire, wind, etc. and doesn't really use it for much else. His hand-to-hand fighting abilities are unmatched, as is his skill with the sword, having perfected his techniques over the centuries, though he is only an average shot with his pistol. He is a Rough Collie who stands at 6 foot 2, has emerald green eyes that glow and shimmer with light, unbroken black fur that covers his entire body and shoulder-length silver hair that's usually tied in a ponytail. Over his left eye is a diagonal line of white fur that looks like a scar. He looks 30 years of age but is in reality over 400 years old. He wears an armored leather-like black suit and equipment belt that holds his basic equipment, ammo and gun holster. Even though he fights on the Road Rover’s side as a Strayer, and for the UN as a ‘Black-Ops Soldier’, his true agenda is known only to him. What his ultimate plans are and what they will do to the world is something only he knows, and with the Road Rovers believing that he is on their side gives him the ultimate advantage. (Character by Richard Barrere)


Father of Tex McCoy, Sheldon is your typical southern redneck. Before becoming a father he was a member of the Klan, and in later years started to despise all sapiens. With his wife Mimi and a small band of followers they created the Human League, an anti-sapien group. When he learned his son Tex had become one of them, Sheldon grew even more fanatical, but his plans were halted by Tex and Cobalt. Partially paralyzed in a car accident, it was thought the Human League would go away, but sheldon McCoy would not be brought down so easily. Brought back to full health by a doctor, who he later learned was one of Franco's agents, Sheldon restarted the Human League. Now with even the current governor of Georgia on his side, the Human League performed hate crimes against all sapiens, and in a television interview gave a scathing diatribe against the Master and all sapiens. He managed to escape justice after the Chattachee Riot and was planning a "Sheldon's March" through Georgia to eliminate all non-human residents. He was soon kidnapped by Rowdy and his Roughnecks, who he had dismissed as a minor nuisance. Tossed into one of General Parvo's old cano-mutators, Sheldon came out as a non sentient feline hybrid with lion, tiger and smilodon characteristics. He spends the rest of his days in a Georgia wildlife sanctuary, the friendliest big cat you'd ever want to meet. (Character by Greg Williams)


A Greek business man and president of Thera Shipping company or THESCO. Spiro's father was once a powerful man in the olive growing and shipping business before the arrival of the Nazi's. After the war the family was ruined and Spiro's father tried as a Nazi collaborator. Spiro tried throughout his youth to erase that dark stain on his family name and built up THESCO, based on the Aegean island of the same name; Mykonos. THESCO came under the scrutiny of Interpol for illegal deals and weapons transfers including General Parvo, the KH Military, GONV Forces and the Iraqi oil for food scandal. All the while he financed a growing terrorist organization known as Ocean Blue. They soon got noticed, even by the Road Rovers. Spiro's ultimate goal was to build a raiseable underwater city called Nazcapolis, and with it, rule the ocean, and the world. However he did not count on the Sea Rovers to stop his plans and Spiro Mykonos went down with the floating city he created.  (Character by Greg Williams)


Stalker was born in 1945 in an Austrian zoo and was one of the world's first wolf-sapiens. He was changed to this form by the Nazi's who had planned to use wolf-sapiens to gain victory from the jaws of defeated. This plan backfired and the wolf-sapiens rebelled against their captured and stole the Wolfmatron (the Nazi's version of the Transdogmafier). When Stalker became old enough he began to work his way up the ranks to become the KH Alpha Squadron General during the reich of the insane Supreme General: Franco. During this time Stalker used Striker to destroy Franco and become the new KH Supreme General. This had a serious reprecussion in the sense that Striker's actions had teleported the entire KH Military to the alien planet of Savara. Thanks to the leadership of General Stalker the KH Military served as Peacekeepers for the alien races of Savara, all the while building up the KH Military to what it presently is and trying to find a way home. One day they succeed and return back to Earth, more powerful than before. Stalker then began to lead the KH Military against the Road Rovers and the United Nations which lead to the Iron Fist crisis. Stalker lost the Iron Fist crisis due to the Road Rovers, but his actions established the KH Military as the global terrorist force. He is militaristic, authorative, strict and stern and thinks twice about a situation and keeps all options open. Though evil, he believes in killing only soldiers, not civilians. He also respects his enemies, doesn't criticize his own forces and thinks negatively of most enemies of the Rovers. He is a great leader, an expert in military tactics and strategies and is also an excellent fighter due to his great strength and the magical powers of the Crysillis Crystals which he has learned. All this has earned the reputations as the Road Rovers' , and in particular Unit STRIKE's, most dangerous foe. (Character by Gerhard Naudé)


A man in around his 50's, Travis was a very respected Bounty Hunter until he started wiping out the competition at a BH's only resort; with a little incentive from Parvo. He welcomed the chance but never fully carried it out thanks to the Maddogs. He was later used by Parvo in a plan to destroy all the bounty hunters but he was already dead at the time. (Character by Greg Williams).


Tuffles is a tabby cat, grizzled and caustic to the bone, he has had a bitter life and gives back to all he meets. The reasons for his change was accidental, a mysterious "old cook" took him away from a bountiful trashcan, the mysterious man managed to evade Tuffles mad slashes at his body by holding the furious tabby by the scruff of the neck. The man was hopeing that his experiment could fix the kitty and turn him into a hero (and give him felo-sapien abilities.) He was muzzled and his claws where almost removed, but even under general anesthesia he slashed out at the vet, The old cook locked him up in a tiny cage, incarcerating him for no reason(in his mind). He felt like he was kept in solitary for years(It was 14 days). When the man injected him with a tranquilizer meant for a tiger he became drowsy and weak. The good doctor then put him in some sort of metalic contraption, and a bright white light flashed in Tuffles eyes, then images of good cats began to play in front of him. Tuffles was a surviver, he began to understand that if he took on this look he could escape this terrible place and begin to scavenge the whole city again as the top tom cat. He then put on his best good kitty show, god it was the most miserable time of his life, for many, many years he played the sappy, nice, nice kitty(only 8 days really). The "old cook" put the deceiving tabby in a metallic tube, huge it was, it could easily hold that mean old man in it, but the man closed a windowed door, shutting Tuffles in, Tuffles screeched and screamed as a warm mist filled the capsule, and bright lights flashed all over, he felt surges of electricity jump to him, and burn him. Tuffles crumbled as he struggled against the change, but the surge of power entered him, he became like the most terrible creature on earth, human. Truffle couldn't handle it and went into a deep emotional shock, going into a physical coma, when the process was over it was apparent that he was dead. The man picked him and deposited him the soil, digging his grave 6 feet deep. During the night Tuffles awoke and clawed his way out. Tuffles saw what he wanted, he was outside the terrible compound, and free. Tuffles is a Tabby mutant, looking almost like a tiger, but with thinner stripes and a deeper orange coat. Tuffles is 5'10 and weighs in at 201lb.Tuffles has yellow eyes and his left fore paw is white. Tuffles left paw is also missing one toe. (A birth defect.) His voice is always bitting. Tuffles has no superpowers, he isn't particularly strong or fast, his strongest asset is his knowledge of the streets, and especially in big cities where he can get assistance from the underground and the persecuted slum dwellings mutants. Tuffles dosen't engage in combat much, as already stated he has no special advantages, but he has learned to use street weapons, knives, clubs, bottles, and his personal favorite, colt pistol that he always keeps on him. If he is expecting trouble him might take his uzi(although he is not a very good shot). He has managed to aquier a kevlar vest(bulletproof) that he constantly wheres under his tattered sweetshirt(the image has long since worn off) Although he could dress well he perfers to look like the street people, his people. Tuffles is mentally sound for the time being. He is always looking out for himself, and will constantly take advantage of the misery of others to better himself. Tuffles has no qualms about breaking laws, although murder doesn't serve a purpose worthy of the manhunt that goes on after the fact. (Robberies are forgotten quickly). Tuffles has frequent dealings with the underworld(and is relatively honest with them), this gives him access to the black market goods, and the plentiful mercenary contracts that pay so well for a criminal whose prints look like nothing anyone has seen before. Tuffles manages to live a comfortable life from his self serving attitude, but he loves to still hang out with his people, the dregs of society. Where he came from, and what he believes he truly is. Tuffles frequently leaches off other villains plans(For example when megalomaniac villain gets into a fight with some capped buffoons over some high Tec goodies he will sneak in and pilfer a few objects while the battle is going on elsewhere. The heroes think the villain managed to get away with some of his prize and never suspect the sly tabby cat took the missing objects. Tuffles' opportunistic attitude can both hinder and benefit a hero group. He might sell information, or just steal from the heroes when Mr. Supervillian distracts them. Tuffles will happily steal from any pure bred human or "humanized" animal, but chooses not to exploit the unknown mutant population (those who have no human attachments) who suffer because of humanity's cruel and unfeeling attitude towards the "Freaks". If given a chance to hurt the "old cooks" mind controlled mutants he will, although he might not recognize the professors handiwork. If he gets in trouble he has no qualms about abandoning a job, and can be very undependable if there is nothing he can benefit from for helping (Don't pay him upfront for instance). A convincing cur every step of the way, and someone not to turn your back on. (Character by Talon Saurn)


An agent of Franco, Ulrik posed as the benefactor of Sheldon McCoy's Human League. When he was exposed, Sheldon McCoy lost his financial backing and Ulrik went into hiding. He resurfaced in Alaska and had the town of Hope Valley wiped off the map. The Ranger's and allies came to stop him and succeded in whittling down his forces until only Ulrik was left. Attempting to get away in an escape plane, Ulrik was shot down over the Bering Sea by the Rangers. (Character by Greg Williams)


He was the one who made Brind and Amour become evil. He forced it upon them. He didn't want Janne at the time becuase he thought he was too weak (that was a mistake). He will probably be the most evil charater I ever came up with. He will fight Janne in Per Mare, Per Taran. (Character by Phillip King).


Formerly an army commando for the United States, he developed what could be called Bosnian War Syndrome, which drove him insane. He now opposes all authority and anything that tries to enforce it. He is a slightly handsome man of Spanish decent. He usually wears a camouflage combat suit. He has a light Spanish accent. His works mostly for himself, but is known to ally with enemies of the Rovers if he's having trouble with them. He has been a thorn in the Rover's side for quite some time, and they're never able to get rid of him or capture him. (Character by Greywolf Lupus).


Von Erich was once human, but some unknown traumatic event caused his mutant abilities to emerge. Born to a rich family, he used his money and his powers to bring other mutants under his control. Seeing mutants as an entirely different species, he ultimately developed the idea that they should be the rightful rulers of earth. He used every opportunity to further his goals, and had many battles with Jolt's parents, who were not only mutants, but also government agents. In their last battle, Von Erich killed Jolt's father, and left his mother for dead. However, his life was completely changed after he set his sites on Professor William Shepherd. He felt the telepathic powers that slumbered within Shepherd, and he awakened them, hoping to earn Shepherd's allegiance. However, Shepherd refused, and Von Erich was nearly killed in the explosion of Shepherd's first lab in New Mexico. Von Erich swore that he would have revenge, and sought out Shepherd in Los Angeles, where he was once again defeated by Shepherd. However, this time, he was thrown into an experimental machine that Shepherd called a "transdogmafier." Von Erich was changed into a cano-mutant, and was forced to flee back to his ancestral castle in Europe. Gradually, studying his own transformation, he was able to use his own scientific know-how to create his own version of a transdogmafier, which he then used on mutants to create super-powered cano-sapiens, which he now believed to be the new superior species. Most recently, he built a huge lunar base with a huge laser that he could use to change large numbers of people into cano-sapiens, thus securing his army. However, he failed, but managed to finally earn his revenge by changing Blaze into a cano-sapien, and ensuring that Extreme got scattered across the globe. He was believed to be killed when the base exploded, but time will tell... He is a German Shepherd cano-mutant. He is roughly 6'2" tall. He has erect black ears, a black muzzle, black hands and feet, and a strip of black starting from a tuft on his head straight down his back to the tip of his tail. The rest of his fur is a dark brown. He has a black patch over his left eye, and there is a scar extending from above and below the patch. His right eye is brown. He usually wears a black military style outfit, with red trim on the cuffs, collar, belt and boots. He also generally wears a black jacket with a cape flowing off the left shoulder. The cape is black on the outside, but the inside lining is red. Von Erich has extremely powerful psychic abilities. He can do many things with these powers, including disguise his appearance, cloud minds (including mind control), generate blasts of psychic energy, and move things. His most powerful attack is his psionic lightning bolt, where he channels all the psionic energy in the air into one extremely powerful bolt of energy. His degree of control over his powers is so good that he was able to change Blaze into a cano-sapien by manipulating his very molecules. He's very forceful, but at the same time charming. He often uses his powers to hide what he is, put more out of necessity than out of shame. He's usually very mannerly, which is part of his charm. He is also quick to anger, but generally keeps his cool. Not matter how angry he gets, he is always in control. Von Erich has a bizarre obsession with the idea of a dominant species. He'll stop at nothing to ensure that his dream of a canine dominated world becomes a reality. He also has a fixation on Jolt and the Master. With the Master, it's strictly revenge. With Jolt, it runs deeper. Von Erich offered him the chance to protect his family by joining him, even helping him get Domino back. Jolt declined the offer, but Von Erich continued to have a bizarre fascination with him. When they fought, Von Erich made several references to Jolt's father including references to exactly how he died. He also hinted at a deeper connection to Jolt, but that connection has yet to be revealed. He also had a brief obsession with making Colleen his bride, even going so far as to kidnap her. (Character by Chris Chestnut).


Much of Master Yurikan's history is unknown, but what is known is that he is one of General Parvo’s Ninja-Cano-Mutants. He is also one of the many Sensei who taught Sayonaria her skills in the dark side of the Martial Arts, but is only one of the few who were Cano-Mutant’s themselves. Currently, he is training new Ninja-Mutants that can prove their worth to him, and also follows Parvo’s orders without question, even though he is under no ‘programming’ like all the other Cano-Mutants. To date, he has killed over 90 of Parvo’s enemies, but this number is a ‘best guess’ because it is difficult to tell considering many unconfirmed reports from Rover Operatives and that knowledge of his past is sketchy at best. He is a male Akita/Shiba Inu Mix in his late 40's, has pale white eyes with no pupils (since he is blind), stands at 5'7, has a thin but well toned and fit build and speaks with a slight Asian accent. He has brownish-rusty colored fur, gray markings on the tips of his ears, along the underside of his muzzle down his neck and to his stomach, and the tip of his tail. He usually wears a Ninja outfit, with shoes, pants, robe, and gloves that are a dark gray cloth, but no ninja mask. He also usually wears a blood red headband over his eyes, and carries his long spear on his back. He is a master of the Martial Arts, far more skilled than anyone, including Sayonaria, and he uses his Long Spear with an expertise beyond belief. He also has super senses, including super touch (he can feel the wind of someone moving even slightly), smell, and hearing (easily as powerful as the Grizzly Strayer Unit Leader, Bear). With those super senses he is nearly able to predict what a person will do before they do so. Whether his senses are natural or unnatural is in question, but by far make up for his blindness. He is polite and receptive when not fighting, and is almost a pleasure to be around. He speaks with sagely wisdom to people who ask him proper questions or seek his tutelage. When fighting he holds the utmost honour to his enemies, and keeps a level head through any fight and never looses his concentration. He doesn’t worry if he faces another warrior that is equal to his skills, and is constantly training himself to be ready for his next battle. (Character by Richard Barrere).


Storm was a United States Military Captain who was given a dishonourable discharge after opening fire without a direct order during the Gulf War. He vowed revenge and stole a decoder of the US Navy's secret orbital laser weapon to destroy major US cities. The Road Rovers stopped his mad plans, but when he went to stand trail mercenaries freed him and transported him to their spaceship. He tried to brainwash the world leaders to destroy each other with nuclear weapons, but once again failed. Intel shows that because of his mental instability he now resides at the Sunnyvale Sanatorium.