The following stories were written by Greg Williams. Please note that the descriptions are that of the author, not the administrator.

Maddog Bounty Hunters

Season 1

Out of the Frying pan, Into the Fire: Outlaw's origin and how he comes to work for the Rovers.
First Mission: Introduction of Thomas Greystone during Outlaw's first bounty.
Is Home the Hunter?: Tom and Outlaw capture Cooper Graves, and Tom settles things between him and an old friend.
Fellow Hunters: Introduces Wesley and Beowulf as they form the Maddog Bounty Hunters
Conspiracy: General Jeffrey Preacher uses the Maddogs in a plot to kill a state governor.
Homefront Part 1: Troubled Life: The Maddogs return to Tom's hometown to find that it is being terrorized by a biker gang.
Homefront Part 2: Hiyo Silver!: The leader of the gang is revealed and Tom is transformed into Silver the coyote.
Poacher Problems: Colleen's mother helps the Maddogs is capturing a poaching ring.
New Friends, Old Enemies: The Maddogs and the Grizzly Strayers meet for the first time.
Shattered Homefront: The Grizzlies return to help stop a Cano-Mutant on the run.
Deadly Resort: A bounty hunter's only resort is no fun at all when a killer stalks the halls.
Baby Boomers: The return of a kidnapped heir is the only way to stop a civil war torn country
Cycle War: A stolen Cycleborg is updated and returned.
Texas Jack Utah: A hired gun from Silver's past comes back.

Season 2

Enemy Base: The Maddogs are captured by General Parvo during a spy operation
Split Personality: The chemicals that turned Tom into Silver start to have an unusual effect on him.
Hard Time: The Maddogs find themselves on a prison in Earth orbit, courtesy of General Parvo
Family Legacy: The Maddogs must bring in evidence that a member of the Essex family is just as crooked. The introduction of the Maddogs home in San Francisco
Investigations: Saphire is introduced while at the same time another bounty hunter tries to frame Outlaw for attempted murder Silver's Fury: Cooper Graves has escaped and it's up to the Maddogs to bring him in
Swamp Dogs: The Maddogs head for the Bayou to capture two idiot crooks
Brothers: Outlaw's brother John is targeted by an assassin and the Maddogs must protect him
Infinite Love: Outlaw proposes to Saphire
Small Town, Big Problems: A town has lost all its farming animal and the Maddogs, with a little help from Muzzle, must get them back
The Immortal Syndrome: Introduction of Buck and Jasmine, children of Outlaw and Saphire. The rest of the Maddogs are changed forever by the Immortal Gem
Fighting Fire with Fire: A werewolf wannabe scientist must be stopped
Gambler's Game: Donavan Bell is back, this time he's running a gambling casino on a riverboat and dealing in death and murder

Season 3

Heart of Steel Part 1: Out of Body: The Dula brothers have escaped from prison, but an accident makes them even more powerful
Heart of Steel Part 2: Line of Fire: The Grizzly Strayers return to help bring down the robot Dula Brothers
Funny Money: Outlaw captures a supposedly innocent man, but is he as innocent as his lawyer claims him to be
Terror Down Below: Miners and a Strayer unit have disappeared in a mine. And the Maddogs find out the horrifying truth
Wranglin' Robots: The robot Dula brothers are back and with some help from the Grizzlies are finally brought down
Enemy Moon Rising Part 1: Unholy Alliances: The Rovers, Grizzlies and Maddogs must stop an alliance of evil from forming with some help
Enemy Moon Rising Part 2: War Cry: The fight of the century folks!
Selling Secrets: The Maddogs must stop a naval admiral from selling government secrets to General Parvo
Quick Sands of Time: A town's supply trucks are being raided and only Outlaw, Silver and Duke of the Storm Corps can get the suppplies back
Rites of Passage: Buck and Jasmine have completed they're training and are ready to become Rover operatives
Life Changes: An escapee from GenPar Inc infects a high school's water with the same liquid that turned Tom Greystone into Silver
Space Hunters: Alternate future story. The year is 2120 and the Maddogs are still bounty hunting
Highway Dangerzone: It's Outlaw's birthday, but celebrating is the last thing on his mind as the Maddogs chase a biker gang terrorizing a stretch of highway

Season 4

Gem Hunters: A business mogul has found a 2nd Immortal Gem and the Maddogs must stop him from using it
The Bounty Hunter War Part 1: Divided Loyalties: Bo Chase is back and is getting the bounty hunters to fight each other while the Rovers uncover a plot by Parvo to take them all out
The Bounty Hunter War Part 2: United in Battle: The bounty hunters are made aware of the plot and unite to stop Parvo's attack
Grave Situation: Cooper Graves is back! But his freedom is shortlived and is sent to the lifers only island prison of Roth Pentell
Crackdown Against Crime: Fed up with stepping on each others toes, the bounty hunters form a guild
Down Time: A day off at RRMC
The Bear Facts: Bears are disapearing from a forest and the reason why is obvious when Parvo is involved
Great Dane Dynamo: Beowulf produces a little havoc in The Grid.
Gem Quest Part 1: Trenches: Parvo steals a new submarine capable of going down deep areas to steal an Immortal Gem
Gem Quest Part 2: Eternity: The last Immortal Gem on Earth is destroyed and Parvo's plans thwarted
Walking Over Graves: Cooper Graves has gained supernatural powers and the Maddogs must stop him from going on a rampage
Past Actions: What the lives of the Maddog's looked like before they became a team
Family & Friends: The Maddogs formally break up to go there own ways, not to worry though, they'll be back!

Season 5

Final Frontier: It's the mid 2350's. Outlaw, Silver and Saphire are patrolling the final frontier while Beowulf whips some new space marines into shape.
War Clouds Part 1: Storm Front: All seems peaceful along the border worlds, but a new alien race threatens the peace and war is looming
War Clouds Part 2: Fire Storm: The Terran Federation mobilizes to engage the enemy threat
Fighting Spirit: After a string of defeats, the Terran Federation looks for at least one major victory
Dirt Devils: The Federation finally goes on the offensive, but several taxing months on the same planet will fray anybody's nerves
Short Freedom: The last conquered Federation world is freed and BJ has a moving experience
Sneak Strike: A major Federation base is attacked and provokes a strong response from nieghboring worlds
New Assignment: The 21st is given command of the newest warship to fight the Kzatti; fresh out of R&D
Final Battle Part 1: Courageous Fight: The battle to end the war begins and some good friends pay a price
Final Battle Part 2: Sweeping Wind: The fight is taken to the Kzatti homeworld but the Cutani have more in mind than just letting them surrender
Gem Quest Part 3: Retribution : The son of a Kzatti captain kidnaps BJ to avenge his father
Gem Quest Part 4: Homeworld: The homeworld of the Immortal Gem's is discovered before it is destroyed

Wildcard's Stories

Cargo Run: A normal cargo run is anything but when a young Kzatti female comes aboard
The Chase Pt 1: Capture: Cutani hunters stalk the Kzatti girl on a Federation station
The Chase Pt 2: Freedom: The Cutani hunter is finally stopped, the Kzatti girl returned and joins BJ's crew
The Jokes are Wild: Mysterious accidents start occuring after the Wildcards pass through a gaseous cloud
Blast From the Past Pt 1: Prologue: The greatest threat to the Fedration has returned
Blast From the Past Pt 2: First Blood: The strength of the new enemy is tested and the Wildcards find the truth behind the Kzatti War
Blast From the Past Pt 3: Let the Games Begin: All the pieces are in place and the battle is ready
Blast From the Past Pt 4: Checkmate: Both forces go head to head in an all out fight
Blast From the Past Pt 5: Aftermath: The very ugly result of the war on the enemy side
History Lesson: A look at how the Terran Federation came to be
The Great Race Pt 1: Race Day: The Wildcards take part in the Zandar sponsored Great Race held every five years
The Great Race Pt 2: Sore Players: The Cutani captain decides to make life miserable for everybody
The Mirror War Pt 1: Looking Glass: Raven and Miles are catapulted to another dimension where the KH Military rules. My "War Without End" sequel
The Mirror War Pt 2: Dark Faces: Raven is on her own as she tries to escape
The Mirror War Pt 3: Home Bound: Raven and Miles make it back in one piece to our universe
Cold Crash: The Wildcards discover a ship lost over a hundred years ago buried in ice
Slaver Saga Pt 1: Abduction: Tundra is kidnapped by slavers who believe all sapiens should work for, not beside humans
Slaver Saga Pt 2: Prison Life: Tundra and his fellow prisoners work under brutal conditions as the Wildcards attempt a rescue
Slaver Saga Pt 3: Liberation: Maverick has the workers freed and brings down the slavers
Royalty Rescue Pt 1: First Contact: The Wildcards rescue the dethroned High Leader of the Drarmai Alliance who is on the run
Royalty Rescue Pt 2: Hero Worship: The High Leader's reign has been reestablished and the Wildcards are regarded as heroes for saving his life
Shore Leave: The Wildcards spend shore leave on Marconis Prime
Jumping Mirrors Pt 1: Prologue: The rebellion in the alternate universe recruits the help of the Wildcards
Jumping Mirrors Pt 2: Preparations: The rebellion readies itself for the full onslaught of the Alliance
Jumping Mirrors Pt 3: Close Combat: The battle for the station out in space
Jumping Mirrors Pt 4: Fire Fight: The battle to keep the station from falling
Jumping Mirrors Pt 5: Home Again: The Wildcards return home and discover a hitchhiker
The Forgotten Pack Pt 1: Contact: A lost colony of animals initiates contact after they realize their sun will go nova
The Forgotten Pack Pt 2: The Search: The Wildcards search for a new planet for the colonists to resettle
Cerberus: The Wildcards learn the fate of a lost Space Rover vessel
Confrontation: The evacuation begins, but an incident between the Cutani and Kzatti could start another war
Dark Horizon: A Cutani general takes matters into his own hands by seceeding and declaring war on the Federation
The Uncivil War: The war takes it's toll on everybody and a heavy price is paid to stop it
Brothers Keeper Pt 1: Memories: BJ is hired to bring in his older brother AJ and some old memories are stirred up
Brothers Keeper Pt 2: Memorial: AJ resfuses to go and challenges BJ to a duel, with deadly results
Wild Frontier: A new threat from beyond Kzatti space has returned to wreck havoc
Invasion! Pt 1: First Strike: The Yuva'zag's first target is taken and not even the Cutani can stop them
Invasion! Pt 2: War Storm: Once again the Federation goes to war against a seemingly invincible enemy
Invasion! Pt 3: Strategy: Vital intelligence is gained on the Yuva'zag as another planet falls to them
Invasion! Pt 4: Before the Storm: Another planet falls as the Federation readies to stand it's ground
Invasion! Pt 5: Upper Hand: A small team infiltrates the mothership and gives the Federation the edge it needs to make the Yuva'zag retreat for once
Invasion! Pt 6: Hard Strike: The mothership is finally destroyed and the Yuva'zag are in retreat
Revelations: The war ends as the true homeworld of certain gems is revealed
Errand of Mercy: The Wildcards help in the reconstruction effort by assiting the Fr'del
Down Time Pt 1: Killer Holiday: BJ, Raven and Tim go on a star cruise, but some "old friends" decide to pay a visit
Down Time Pt 2: Friendship: Miles, Rif and Leroy visit the Deneb system and Rif meets an old flame
Down Time Pt 3: Family: Steven visits his father while Mrr'tas and Maverick see her uncle
My Enemy, My Ally Pt 1: Refugee: The Wildcards encounter refugees from another galaxy with an invasion warning
My Enemy, My Ally Pt 2: Tunnels: Plans are made to shut down the new enemy's invasion route
My Enemy, my Ally Pt 3: Gate of Freedom: The invasion is prevented and more refugees arrive to form a brand new colony

The Sea Rovers

First Season

Anchors Away: An introduction of the crew
Trial By Fire: A cruise ship is attacked and the crew must rescue the survivors
Face of the Enemy: The villians of the series are introduced
The Truce at Tucker Atoll: The crew get some help in the coming battle to stop the terrorists, from the KH Military
Action Stations!: The battle to stop the terrorists begins.
Action Stations! Pt 2: The enemy seems defeated, but their leader gets away
Wind of Deceit: The crew readies for the next battle as a traitor begins his evil plots
Big Rig Bust: The terrorists are finally stopped at an Aleutian oil rig
Party Favors: The crews former "allies" leave behind an explosive little surprise

Second Season

Friendly Port: The crew goes on shore leave as the ship undergoes repairs
Ambush Pt 1: The crew arrives in East Timor only to be attacked by terrorists
Ambush Pt 2: The ship is terrorized by three KH subs as it tries to reach a friendly port
Danger Down Under : As the ship undergoes repairs, a saboteur implicates a crewmember as a spy for Parvo
Point Zebra: Bowser's son comes aboard as the ship goes into battle
Juggernaught: The crew must sink an enormous battleship terrorizing the sea lanes
The Dogs of War: Two destroyers go after a band of cano-mutant pirates
Slaver's Trade: The crew breaks up a slave operation
Carrier Clash Pt 1: Following up on their previous mission, the crew takes on Parvo
Carrier Clash Pt 2: Parvo scheme is stopped, but with a terrible price
Raise the Retriever: The ship is raised from the ocean bed and undergoes refiting

Third Season

A New Beginning: The ship is once again seaworthy
Terror Trial: The crew takes part in a what if terrorist exercise
The Atlantis Project: Bowser and several crewdogs help defend a classified underwater research lab
Out of the Ocean Blue: A new band of terrorists make themselves known
Operation: Chaos Pt 1: While docked in Casablanca the destroyers have a run in with the terrorists
Operation: Chaos Pt 2: The terrorists strike the NASA shuttle facility, and join the list of dangerous terrorists
In the Middle: KH Military and Ocean Blue forces go head to head as the crew watches
Revelation: Ocean Blue forces raid the ship, and the identity of their leader is learned
The Greek Connection: Several crew members go to confront Ocean Blue's leader in Greece
Tidal Forces Pt 1: The race is on to stop Ocean Blue from taking over the world

Fourth Season

Tidal Forces Pt 2: The battle to stop Ocean Blue ends
Home, Sour Home: Tex must stop his own parents from becoming anti-sapien militants
Semper Canis: Tex and his platoon must choose between the Marines and being Road Rovers
The Madman: A rouge military invades a Middle Eastern country and the crew goes to help
Dogfight: The crew watches as the situation goes from bad to worse for the fleet
United Front: The crew gains allies as the Madman prepares for a grand gesture
Nuke Buster: Bowser stops the Madmans plans to nuke the fleet
Voyage Home Pt 1: The crew learns their home port has come under blockade
Voyage Home Pt 2: The blockade is broken and Bowser transfers off to head the Academy
Chain of Command: The introduction of new crew members as the ship sets sail again

Fifth Season

Gas Attack: Tex and his platoon rescue a frieghter carrying various gas grenades from hijackers, with amusing results
Jungle Fires: The crew goes to South America to diffuse a dangerous situation
United We Stand, Divided We Fall Pt 1 : Ursa Majors crossover. A team from the ship goes to the aid of the Ursa Majors on a disputed island
Cold Warriors Pt 1: Interpol cop Sam McTeague returns and asks for Bengal's help in uncovering a plot to attack the U.S.
Cold Warriors Pt 2: Sam and Bengal foil the plot to attack the U.S.
Barrage Attack: The crew must take back a new missile cruiser from rouge special ops soldiers
Eye of the Storm: The crew endures a typhoon in the South China Sea
Rising Sun: An incident over international waters has a new Chinese carrier gunning for the crew
Sundown: The crew fights off attacks from the Chinese carrier with some help
To the Death: Part 2: An away team from the ship discovers a new weapon undergoing testing

Sixth Season

Things To Come: Bengal assumes command as a new crisis brews
War of the Wolves: A new breed of werewolf terrorizes the Black Sea area, and the KH Military is caught in the middle
Face of Evil: Alura, Queen of the Werewolves, makes her intentions known
Stalking Allies: General Stalker makes a deal with Captain Bengal as the fleet goes to battle
Mutiny Under Fire Pt 1: Ordnance Chief Kenai takes KH Military tech's hostage as the Black Sea heats up
Mutiny Under Fire Pt 2: Chief Kenai finally stands down as another ship is sent to the bottom
Midway Revisited: The crew takes on Alura's carrier in a very familiar battle
Top Dog: The pilots hold off enemy MiGs as the crew comes to the rescue another ship
The Angry Sea: Nature conspires against the crew as Alura goes after the big prize
Bon Voyage: Alura's forces are defeated and the crew victorious

Ursa Major stories

A Grizzly Situation: An oil pipeline worker disapears doing his job and new team is sent in to rescue him
The Outpost: The Ursa Majors take on a KH Military outpost
Poached & Scrambled: The Ursa Majors discover an arctic sanctuary being destroyed by industrialists
United We Stand, Divided We Fall Pt 2: Sea Rovers Crossover. Both groups put a stop to an industrialists plans to ruin an island sanctuary
The Lost World: A big game hunter posing as an explorer dupes the Ursa Majors into finding a hidden world of prehistoric mammals and cavemen
Strikezone: The Ursa Majors team up with Unit Strike to fight the KH Military's newest weapon
Family Ties: The Ursa Majors team up with the Maddogs to rescue Yukon's ex-wife and brother
Total Havoc: The Ursa Majors chase Col. Havoc across Alaska
Blaze of Glory Pt 1: The Ursa Majors are targeted by the KH Military


After transferring off the Retriever to take care of his family and take a teaching job in Australia, Tex McCoy has returned to active duty with his new international team known as the Rangers.

Back in Action: After a stint at the academy, Tex McCoy returns to action
Family Feud: The Human League has made a comeback, and another Rover team goes rouge
Hate & Fear: The Human League spouts it's hatred while the Rangers try to keep the peace.
Riot Act: The Rangers do what they can to break up a major riot.
Obsidian: The Human League's backers are revealed and Rowdy wants his side of the story told.
Rough & Rowdy: The Roughnecks are finally caught and the McCoy's must deal with a new problem.
Spy Game: Several Rangers go undercover to stop the sabotage of equipment
Arctic Fire: The Rangers head to Alaska, where the KH Military is making a come-back.
Arctic Thunder: *NEW* The Rangers and allies take down Obsidian Unit hard
Their Own Way: Tex visits his family while the Rangers go their own ways