LASER RIFLE: A standard-issue weapon for light drones, the laser rifle is the highly advanced equivalent of the US Land Warrior assault rifle. It fires a strong laser beam that can kill infantry as well as damage light armour.

LASER REPEATER: The laser repeater fires laser beams at a very fast rate, though the beams are less powerful than that of the laser rifle. Used mainly by battle drones and sometimes light drones, the laser repeater is used to battle large numbers of enemy infantry.

HIGH ENERGY GRENADE: The HE grenade, carried by light, warfare and sniper drones, is actually not an explosive, but rather is container holding high amounts of energy in a compressed state. When activated, the grenade's shell opens and releases the energy. This sudden burst of energy is as power as a brick of semtex explosives.

LASER SHOTGUN: The laser shotgun is similiar to the laser rifle, except that it carries a prism mirror which allows it to split a laser beam into several smaller beams. The smaller beams have the same power as lasers fired by laser rifles, but the LS has a longer recharge rate.

E14 SNIPER RIFLE: An advanced upgrade over the M-40A1 sniper rifle, the E14 fires more powerful laser shots over greater distances and greater accuracy. Like its human counterpart, the E14 is a poor close quarter combat weapon.

FUSHION CANNON: The most powerful hand-held weapon, the fushion cannon fires very strong blasts of concentrated nuclear fushion, causing large amounts of damage. This makes up for the cannon's slow firing rate, weight and its tendency to explode should it overheat from continous firing.

PULSE LASER: The pulse laser is used in place of the fushion cannon by warfare drones who have been assigned to command the GONV divisions. Since these are light, the commanding warfare drones are more agile and able to escape.

VIRILLIUM CANNON: The virillium cannon resembles a flame thrower that sprays out liquid virillium instead of fire. The tanks are reinforced with a light titanium coating to lessen the chance of having them punctured.

RADIATION CANNON: The radiation cannon is the same as the virilluim cannon, except it carries liquid plutonium instead of virillium.

PLASMA SHIELD: An experimental prototype defensive measure of which only a few are in use, the plasma shield creates a force field around the user to provide additional protection from enemy fire. What makes the shield very important, is that the plasma used to make the shield can absorb the energy blasts fired from energy weapons to increase its strength. It cannot absorb the energy from kinetic projectiles.

RAIL GUN: The rail gun is a projectile launcher that fires depleted uranium slugs at extremely high velocity. It can tear through many obstacles before finally stopping and can even puncture thick titanium armor. The downside to this weapon is its very slow rate of fire.

RAIL CANNON: The rail cannon is a much larger version of the rail gun that are attached to starlighter fighters.

CHRONO BOMB: The chrono bomb is the GONV's method of bypassing heavy shields, particulary that of large space-based capital ships. Launched at close range by starlighters, the chrono bomb chronoshifts through time and space, appearing on the other side of the ship's shields. It then attaches to the hull where it then detonates. This advantage of the chrono bomb is offset by the fact that it doesn't carry much explosive materials because of the energy packs needed to make the chronoshift and that it lacks range.

MAG-NET CANNON: The Magnetic Net Cannon is a space-based defensive weapon used to combat large enemy capital ships such as the Canius Minor. It fires a large ball of magnetic energy that expands to take the shape of a very large fish-net. The polarity of the magnetic energy of the net is able to adjust accordingly when it hits a ship's shields, sending a ship tumbling at high speeds through space or even destroying smaller ships. All the net's abilities are controlled automatically by a built-in computer system inside the cannon. Currently the only known cannon was on the Planet Buster missile, but the chance may be that other cannons may exist.

SHIELD SATELLITE: Shield satellites are used in conjunction with other satellites to generate a powerful force field around a large planet such as the Moon. The satellites are also not defenceless, for they are equipped with laser systems to ward off light fighters and small targets. Despite this, it still requires additional protection from Starlighter fighters.


LIGHT DRONE: The standard infantry of the GONV Forces and the most common, the light drone is equal to the best of the world's most powerful human infantry. Armed with either mainly laser rifles or laser shotguns and carrying several high-energy grenades, in groups the light drone can offer considerable resistance.

BATTLE DRONE: The battle drone is a more powerful version of the light drone. Armed with two laser repeaters and better armoured than a light drone, battle drone are mainly used to attack enemy forces and positions which would otherwise be ineffecient with light drones.

KAMIKAZI DRONE: The kamikazi drone is a different version of the light drone in the sense that it carries no weapons, but instead carry packets of explosives attached to its body. It is used as suicide bombers to soften up strong defence and destroy key facilities and forces. Speed is its only defence, but rumours abound that some kamikazi drones may be fitted with riot shields.

MAINTENANCE DRONE: The maintenance drone is used to maintain GONV structures and units, either in the field or during peacetime. Armed with various tools, these drones can effect repairs, upgrade weaponry, maintain machinery and sometimes jst sweep the floors. Though not hostile, their ability to repair destroyed or damaged GONV robots in seconds makes them a threat that should not be taken lightly.

COMBAT DRONE: The combat drone is another powerful upgrade of the battle drone. It looses speed and manouverability, but gains additional firepower and armour. Combat drones can seriously damage enemy armour and kill infantry and in large groups are capable of destroying battalions four times their size. Due to their slow speed and low manouverability, they are vunerable to quick and fast-striking opponents.

HACKER DRONE: Hacker drones are used to break into and infiltrate government and military computers and gather intelligense of enemy forces. They are capable of decrypting codes and bypassing firewalls within a short space of time, using almost untraceable computer lines. The hacker drone, however, can, if detected, easily be infected with a virus while in the process of hacking. Though being able to defend themselves with electrically charged fists and using their speed to evade enemies, they are mainly defenceless and require the protection of other drones.

RECON DRONE: A menace to enemy forces, the recon drone can easily slip behind enemy lines and recon on enemy forces with the minimal chance of being detected. While observing enemy positions the drone relays the information to the nearest GONV military unit, allowing them to mount better attacks or plan defences. The recon drone carries no defensive measures, but is very fast.

SPIDER DRONE: The most feared of all GONV drones, the spider drone sneaks up to an enemy and launches it at the victim's head. Once it has attached itself to the victim's head, it drills a thin probe into the skull that touches the brain. The drone then sends out small electrical charges into the brain, allowing it to completely control its victim's nerve system. In other words, the spider drone mind controls its victims and turns them against its former allies. Once the victim's usefulness has expired or the victim is killed or seriously injured, the drone detaches and begins searching for its next target. The affected victim can be freed by forcing the drone off the victim's head. While without a 'host', the spider drone relies on its speed and small size to avoid enemies.

NULLIFIER DRONE: While useless against regular human forces, the nullifier drone is the bane of all those who have super-powers or abilities (such as the Road Rovers). The drone sends out an electrical pulse that nullifies any super-abilities of any hero within a small radius from the drone, and sets their strength down to the level of that an average human. This can be fatal to heroes who are engaged in combat or fighting enemy forces. The effects of drone's pulse disappear immediately when the hero (or the drone itself) moves out of the radius of effect or destroys the drone. Due to its bulky size, it is slow and depends on the protection from other drones.

TERMINATOR DRONE: An assassin drone, the terminator drone is used to kill off enemies from very long ranges and to eliminate key figures of enemy military, economic and political improtance. Armed with E14 sniper rifles and equipped with a protable cloaking system to hide from enemy forces, the terminator drone is a dangerous opponent. However, it is not very able at close range combat.

CHEMICAL DRONE: One of the products of the GONV chemical projects, the chemical drone carries a pressurised spray cannon that fires liquid virillium over 10 feet. With armour as strong as that of the battle drone and its deadly close-range weapon, the chemical drone is used clear out pockets of enemy infantry.

WARFARE DRONE: The next generation of drones, the warfare drone is the best drone in the arsenal of the GONV Forces. Carrying fushion cannons, they are used to combat heavy enemy resistance, conduct commando raids and to defend the command protocol of the GONV. Certain warfare drones are upgraded with command programs which allow them to command the divisions of the GONV Forces.

UTILITY DRONE: The forerunner of the maintenance drone, the utility drone is an older model that was used by the GONV during its early months. Since the creation of the maintenance drone to improve effeciency, utility drones have been rendered obsolete and slowly disassembled. Today only MERIT, who works for the Road Rovers, is the only active one remaining.


BATTLE VIPER: The battle viper is a three-pod tire vehicle that carries various kinds of weapons to be used to support GONV drones in combat: two forward pulse lasers, one laser repeater cannon and one plasma cannon. These weapons are manned by light drones. Though lacking armour, the battle viper has high speed and manouverability.

WARHORSE: The warhorse is the APC of the GONV and can carry a good number of drones to and from the battlefield. Because of its hovering ability, it can travel faster than a human APC and avoid the problems that plague non-hovering ground vehicles (such as slippery, muddy or poor roads). It has no weapons and only medium armour, it's main protection coming from the drones it carries.

LASER TANK: The main battle tank of the GONV Forces, the laser tank is equivalent to the M1A1 Abrams, Leopard 2 and Challenger tanks. The tank's powerful laser can destroy enemy tanks, but is ineffective against infantry. Like all modern tanks, the laser tank also has several other disadvantages, such as being prone to RPG-infantry.

MKIV MECH: The fourth model of the mech walkers, the MKIV, carries large MIW cruise missiles mounted on its back that it can use to bombard targets from long range. The warheads of the cruise missiles can be either conventional or upgraded to carry biological or chemical missiles. The MKIV has no defences other than strong armour, and depends on other mechs for protection.

LYNX CRAFT: Acting as a scouting vehicle, the LC's hovering ability allows it to traverse most terrains and even shallow waters. It is very fast and agile, but suffers from a lack of weapons.

FLAK TANK: By combining World War II flak cannons with sophisticated targeting computers and building it into a chaingun-style spool, the Flak Tank is one of the most lethal air defence weapons there is. The flak fired from the tanks are much more accurate and can hit even aircraft moving at super sonic speed. The flak can seriously damage aircraft with a direct hit and even indirect hits can cause damage. The only fault with the FT is that it cannot defend itself against ground units.

MKI MECH: The first model of the mech walkers, the MKI carries dual chainguns which can fire bullets at around 40 rounds per second. It is very effective at removing enemy infantry and can even challenge enemy armor if armed with armor-piercing bullets. Its walking ability makes it very mobile in the field.

MKII MECH: The second model of the mech walkers, the MKII carries dual missile packs on its sides with which to destroy enemy armor and even fire at low or slow flying aircraft such as helicopters. It is also reasonably effective against infantry.

MKIII MECH: The third model of the mech walkers, the three-legged MKIII carries two long-range rocket launchers which act as artillery to bombarded enemy positions. It also carries a small laser cannon to drive away enemy infantry, but it is defenceless against enemy armor and aircraft. Its three legs makes it faster and more agile than other mechs.

COMMAND VEHICLE: GONV command vehicles are used to further improve the coordination of the robotic forces during wars and other operations, ensuring that commands are carried out effectively and efficiently. They are well-armed with an anti-tank laser and SAM packs due to the fact that are high-priority targets for enemy forces.


PREDATOR: The predator is a VTOL aircraft and is thus very manouverable. It carries two powerful laser cannons and can fire at both air and ground targets. It is equal to the F-18 and MIG-29, but due to its VTOL nature, it suffers a loss in speed. It is the main GONV fighter.

BLACKBIRD: The airborne VTOL equvalent of the warhorse, the blackbird can ferry many drones quickly over any kind of terrain to and from the battlefield. Its large size makes it an easy target and requires protection from predators.

SKYDRAGON: The Skydragon is the GONV's main and only attack helicopter. It carries two missile packs on the tips of the wings as well as dual laser repeaters that have a higher power setting. It is equal to the US Commanche helicopter and is used for similar missions as their human counterparts.

WAR CARRIER: The largest aircraft in the GONV arsenal, the WC can ferry legions of robots from one location to another in a short period of time, mainly between Earth and the GONV bases on the Moon. Its large size makes it an excellent target for enemy forces, but due to its thick armour and the large amounts of GONV aircraft it can carry, the WC is not easily brought down.

STARLIGHTER FIGHTER: The only fighter craft of the GONV that can operate in space, the starlighter is very fast, well-armored and carries plasma shields. Armed with rail cannons and sometimes chrono bombs, this fighter is currently the best single space fighter available. These craft also have a tendency to ram into enemy ships, particulary when it is seriously damaged. It cannot operate in gravity more than that of the moon, since they are very heavy.


WAVESPEEDER: The wavespeeder is the fastest vessle of the GONV fleet. It is used to scout ahead of the main force as well as harrass unprotected ships. Its light build allows it to operate even in shallow waters. However, it lacks armour and firepower and thus avoids larger enemy ships.

DREADNAUGHT: The most powerful ship in the world after the KH battlecruiser and the US carriers, the dreadnaught carries large numbers of bombardment lasers and long-range surface-to-surface cruise missiles. It can bombard coastal, inland and sea surface targets from great distances with devastating effect. However, the dreadnaught has no defences against submarines or aircraft and thus depends on other ships to defend it from these threats.

CORVETTE CRUISER: The standard GONV naval vessel, the CC is the equivalent of the AEGIS Cruiser. Carrying powerful surface laser cannons and anti-aircraft missiles, the CC is the main attack ship in the GONV fleet. It is mainly used to attack other ships, as well as defend GONV ships such as the Dreadnaught and Hydrofoil from enemy attacks.

HYDROFOIL: This large ship is the cargo and robot carrier of the GONV fleet, able to carry large amounts of robots and cargo over long distances. It's large size and slow speed, however, make it an easy target for enemy ships and aircraft if unprotected.

SHARK SUBMARINE: Called Sharks because of their shape, these submarines are larger than any known submarine in existence. Due their shape, they are more stealthy than other submarine in use today. It is classified as a boomer submarine because it can fire torpedoes as well launch HK (Hunter-Killer) missiles.


PLASMA TURRET: The plasma turret is used to defend GONV bases from enemy vehicles, in particular enemy armour. It fires a powerful blast of plasma that can seriously damage all but the strongest and best armoured tanks. The blasts can also be used with good effect against infantry. It cannot, however, fire at air targets.

FLAK CANNON: A stationary version of the Flak Tank, the FC can fire more powerful flak shells at a greater speed and at a much further range. Like the Flak Tank, it cannot defend itself against ground units.

TORPEDO LAUNCHER: This shorebased defence system is placed on docks to defend GONV naval bases from enemy shipping. It does so by launching guided torpedos at a locked target from the dock into the water. It is very effective against enemy ships, but it cannot fire at ground or air targets.


VIRILLIUM: The most powerful and deadly chemical/biological agent ever producer, virillium, which comes in gas form, attacks the cells of the body of any organic creature it comes into contact with and spreads rapidly. The gas causes the cells's structure to deteriorate, thus resulting in the victim literally decomposing in seconds. Fired from either rockets or missiles, virillium is absorbed through the skin and is capable of penetration light clothing. However, the biggest fault with virillium is that it is highly combustable and a single spark or flame can ignite the gas into a fireball.

PLANET BUSTER: The Planet Buster was a nuclear uber-missile built by the GONV as the final solution in destroying all life on Earth. This huge missile carried a 100 gigaton warhead, plus numerious 120 megaton nuclear bomblets built into the sides as part of the missile's MIRV (Multiple Impact Re-entry Vehicle) system. It also a Mag-Net Cannon to defend itself from large capital space ships, as these ships had the firepower to penetrate the special titanium alloy armor. It was built and housed inside a special silo at the surface of the moon. The GONV also built a fake duplicate of the missile to dupe the Road Rovers and prevent them from destroying the missile. The plan worked and the missile was sucessfully launched towards Earth. However, by pure accident the missile's fushion power core was serevely damaged, causing the Planet Buster to explode before it could reach its MIRV launch point. Today, the remaining debris of the missile that was not incinerated by the explosion or in the atmosphere, drift in orbit around the Earth.

BIO-CREATURE: Although very little is known about this kind of weapon, it is clear that the bio-creature(s) are a product of genetic manipulation and engineering of the GONV. It involves creating and breeding new organic lifeforms specially for hostile purposes and use in combat. So far only one bio-creature has been seen on the Planet Buster and, although it was destroyed, it is clear that this could be the next level in powerful superweapons.