This page provides some information on the various factions within the Road Rovers universe, with the focus on the Rover Strike series' villain factions. More factions and additional information will be provided in future updates. Any queries or suggestions on these factions can be sent to gnaude_@hotmail.com.


IDEOLOGY: Destruction of governments and military forces and disruption in global order. Establishment of a wolf-sapien homeland.

CURRENT LEADER: Supreme General Stalker

BASE OF OPERATIONS: Bases have been spotted across the globe, especially in Asia, Africa and South America. May bases are hidden in remote or war-torn countries; rumours abound of bases in stable and/or industrialized countries such as the United States or China, aided by corrupt government and military officials.

MILITARY STRENGTH: Current regular forces numbered at 75,000. Forces divided into Alpha (5,000), Delta (10,000), Gamma (15,000), Omega (20,000) and Epsilon Squadrons (25,000). Possesses advanced, custom-designed and built arms and weaponry thanks to robust research and development. Non-regular forces, including police forces, are numbered at around 2,000.

POLITICAL STRENGTH: Agents have infiltrated many global governments and organizations. Bribery and corruption gives KH Military significant political clout in several countries and global bodies such as the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

ECONOMIC STRENGTH: None. Operates as a modified military junta. Funding rumoured to be provided by Malcolm Industries, with estimates ranging from $10 billion a year to $140 billion a year.

AFFILIATES: Malcolm Industries; various terrorist, rebel and criminal organizations as well as rogue governments and corrupt politicians. KH Military tends to enforce strict rules in relationships with these groups, often leading to fierce arguments that sometimes erupt in conflict.


IDEOLOGY: Complete elimination of all organic life on earth.

CURRENT LEADER: Global Operations Network Variation (GONV) computer, operated by Artificial Intelligence called Matrix.

BASE OF OPERATIONS: Several primary bases on the moon. Outposts on other planets in the solar system have not been confirmed.

MILITARY STRENGTH: Pre-Techno War forces numbered around 850,000 combat units and 250,000 support units. Post-Techno War numbers unknown. Estimates of combat unit numbers range from in the low thousands to several million. Forces initially divided into four major divisions. Current military makeup is unknown.


ECONOMIC STRENGTH: None. GONV Forces are believed to be almost self-sufficient in raw materials and manufacturing capabilities. Any additional resources are generally acquired via force or subterfuge.

AFFILIATES: No known affiliates, though suspected of hiring services of criminal or terrorist organizations when needed.


CURRENT LEADER: Chief Mercenary Scotty McTerry

BASE OF OPERATIONS: Primary bases are mobile and airborne, rarely staying in one place. Few permanent bases have been located in remote regions of Asia, Africa, South America and the Arctic Circle. Recruitment and administration offices located in many major global cities such as Mexico City, Paris, Moscow and Shanghai.

MILITARY STRENGTH: Mercenary forces are divided into four tiers. Lower tiers consist of freelances, guns for hire and soldiers of fortune, while higher tiers consist of expert mercenaries and have access to specialized Mayhem arms. Higher tier numbers are estimated at approximate 14,000 mercenaries. Lower tier numbers vary.

POLITICAL STRENGTH: The Mayhem mercenaries are loyal only to payment and owe strict allegiance to the buyer until mission or task is completed, after which a neutral stance is assumed. This allows the faction's services to be bought by any individual, group or government.

ECONOMIC STRENGTH: Mercenary financial reserves are estimated to be about $243 billion. Operates various businesses and services in military, industrial and research and development sectors.

AFFILIATES: European Corporation; various mercenary groups around the world.


IDEOLOGY: Profit, absolute control of narcotics market.

CURRENT LEADER: Unknown following the downfall of Francisco Ortega. Speculation is that Antonio Vega is frontrunner in leadership battle, but no clear leader has emerged within the cartel.

BASE OF OPERATIONS: Formerly operated exclusively from Colombia, but has since been forced to other locations following the Colombian War. Main farms suspected to be in Afghanistan, Mexico, Venezuela and Democratic Republic of Congo. Other bases and distribution/shipping locations identified in many African, American and Asian countries.

MILITARY STRENGTH: Formerly classified as a military junta, has since been reduced to guerilla force following successive defeats. Armed militia numbers estimated to be around 35,000, excluding hired local criminal elements and bribed law enforcement staff. Relies on weapons bought from the black market with drug money.

POLITICAL STRENGTH: Bribery of local politicians gives Cartel considerable free reign in operating illegal narcotics businesses and other criminal activities.

ECONOMIC STRENGTH: Income from illegal narcotics trafficking is estimated to be between $2 billion and $10 billion per year. Total financial reserves have not been properly determined.

AFFILIATES: Mayor criminal organisations in key trafficking states, including Yakuza, Triads, Mafia and Mexican cartels.


IDEOLOGY: Global domination

CURRENT LEADER: Formerly Supreme General Franco, faction now split between rivals General Diehard (loyalists) and General Seneschal (rebellion).

BASE OF OPERATIONS: Main headquarters formerly under Kilimanjaro, Kenya. Forces now concentrated in the Amazon Jungle and Andes Mountains. Suspected outposts on remote islands in Pacific, Indian and Arctic Oceans.

MILITARY STRENGTH: Current regular forces numbered at 20,000, divided between loyalist faction and rebel faction in approximately equal numbers. Equipment consists of advanced combat weaponry derived from Warsaw Pact armaments along with custom designs and prototypes. Non-regular forces are unknown.

POLITICAL STRENGTH: None. Elite Guard cultivated a powerful distrust of and hostility towards outsiders under Franco that continues under the loyalists. However, rebel faction is rumoured to be seeking ties with outsiders.

ECONOMIC STRENGTH: Source of income is unknown. Suspected to be derived from theft, smuggling and arms dealing.