The following stories were written by Eric Schulte.

New Rover on the Block
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The N.W.O
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In this story Gabe & Josh's son is 18 years old and Nash & Hannah's daughter is 17. Shannon and Lucas have been dating for a while. They decide to come back from college and surprise their parents but go scuba diving first. During under fun time they run into trouble with Medina a new villain from out of the dark and run into a whole mess of trouble with another monster to be resurrected.

Malagore -- Part 2
In the 1st story a new evil presence made her debut. She started by capturing 2 former Road Rovers Lucas and Shannon. She made a request that they shut down their power or she would kill Lucas and Shannon. They try to figure out a way to save the 2 youngsters.

Malagore-- Part 3
In the last story Gabe, Josh, Cody, Hannah, and Nash made computer cars that would help them on their quest to save Shannon and Lucas. They took the cars to the ghost ship and headed for the triangle. Medina headed for the triangle
after she made the rovers hand over the dark crystal to shut down their power. She crossed the triangle with out even knowing that the Rovers were on their trail. While Medina was celebrating Lucas and Shannon were planning to escape. They removed a panel on the sub wall.

Returning Home -- Part One
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Returning Home -- Part  Two
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Returning Home -- Part Three
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The New McDowd
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Double Trouble
This story will be an event that Nightshift, Neleha, Gabe, and Josh will never forget. Gabe, Josh, Nightshift, and Neleha are getting ready to have their first baby. They can't wait for them to be born.

Birthday Gift
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Pleased to meet you
This story is based on the acutance of Antone McDowd and Calla. Antone and Calla will meet each other and it maybe a start of a beautiful relationship.

The Big Secret
Calla has been keeping a big secret from Antone. She's afraid of telling him because she doesn't know how he will react to it. What will she do, she has to tell him. The question is will she tell Antone and what is the big secret.

Unknown Brother
Sara and Axl Rictor, the newest Road Rover Recruits were pretty happy with their new lives. They felt as if everything they new or needed to know was all they ever needed. They felt that all the secrets that were hidden from them were revealed and that no secrets about them or there past existed. That was until they informed about a dark secret their parents took with them to their grave. It was about an unknown brother they had.

Quintero's Story Part 1
Quintero's Story Part 2
Quintero's Story Part 3
In the story "Unknown Brother" Sara and Axl found out they had a brother they didn't know about. An older brother named Quintero. Quintero was found trespassing on the Road Rover territory. Quintero was captured and brought to the Master. When Quintero was brought to the main office and was identified Sara and Axl were shocked. Quintero was accepted into the group and was happily reunited with his brother and sister. In this story Quimtero reveals his story.

The Replacements
Dylan, Bayson, and Cobber are looking for new recruits to replace them for a week while they go on a trip to Orlando and visit Universal Studios. They each do some scouting and hope to find some one. However an unexpected twist comes along when Cobber, Dylan, and Bayson least expect it. Not only does it mean danger, it also a test for the replacements.

Survivor Part 1
Survivor Part 2
Survivor Part 3
Survivor Part 4
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Absorption Part 1
Absorption Part 2
Absorption Part 3
Absorption Part 4
Parvo makes a new discovery of a new power. the power to stretch his body to any length and size. He could also absorb anyone he wanted and gain power. He chose three warriors for his plan, a warrior of heart, wisdom, and strength,(mainly dylan, eddie, and cody), and complete his ultimate transformation.

Christmas Time
It’s that wonderful time of year again and Striker decided to invite some friends of his to a small party and sleep over. He has also planned a gift exchange and had them draw names for gifts. Striker hopes to have a successful sleep over and his friends hope to make it a good one.

15 Spirits
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