Note that the Elite Guard also maintains a stockpile of Soviet-era arms and equipment, but the arms listed below are those that were designed by the Elite Guard.


PPE PISTOL: The Personal Protector Elite Pistol is a combination of a handgun and a machine pistol. This allows the user to either fire it single round or automatic, and thus it also carries a larger clip than ordinary pistols. This is usually given to vehicle crews for self-defense or to Alpha Soldiers as a sidearm.

AK-47 EG VERSION: The AK-47 used by the Elite Guard, while at first appearing similar appearance, has undergone extensive modification by the Elite Guard while still maintain its current designation. The rifle is now constructed of light, sturdy materials and come equipped with a larger barrel and bigger magazine clip. The AK-47 (sometimes called the EG-47 to differentiate it from its original model) comes in two versions: a long-range version with a laser scope, and an assault version with a fitted grenade launcher.

EGS-06 SNIPER RIFLE: The EGS-06 is a high-powered, long range rifle that is given to Stealth Soldiers for use in sniping. The rifle uses 30.06 rounds that are fired at a high velocity, given the round enough power to penetrate most infantry body armor. The rifle can be fitted with a silencer and a scope in either infra-red or night vision, depending on the setting.

MAGNETIC RIFLE: The Magnetic Rifle is a new, futuristic energy weapon that fires beams of magnetic energy at high velocity. Magnetic energy is compressed into bullet-like pellets which are then fired through a miniature mass driver. The pellets explode in a powerful burst upon contract with a solid object and can penetrate walls and some armors. While the rifle is capable of recharging, excessive and continuous use can leave the user unable to fire until sufficient energy is restored. The Magnetic Rifle is given to Paladins.

BUZZBLADE: The Buzzblade is a small robotic unit that comes in a soccer-ball sized sphere. When deployed the sphere unfolds to release four blades that rapidly spin up to provide lift. The buzzblade then attempts to attack any hostile by using its spinning blades as a saw to lacerate enemies. The buzzblade is surprisingly resilient to counterattacks and is capable of bouncing off any object it collides with. The buzzblade is used as an anti-infantry weapon and can be carried by individual soldiers. The buzzblade is activated either by a soldier, motion sensors or by remote triggers.

SHOCK CHARGE: The Shock Charge is a hand grenade-like device that is given to crews of Kraken Vessels to defend it against amphibious attacks. When armed, a ten-second timer counts down until the device detonates, allowing the user time to deploy it in the water. When it detonates, the device emits a powerful shockwave and electrical blast in a small radius capable of stunning scuba divers and even killing them via drowning without damaging the hull of the vessel.


ALPHA SOLDIER: Alpha Soldiers (also known as "alphas") are the rank-and-file troops of the Elite Guard. Despite their status, alphas are well-trained and equipped soldiers who can present a challenge to any infantry force. Their body armor is a refined version of Kevlar and metallic fibers that provide not only provide good protection, but are also lightweight and very comfortable. Alphas are used as frontline troops and as guards for most facilities installations. They are also sometimes given mechanical and technical roles. They are generally equipped with AK-47 EG rifles.

STEALTH SOLDIER: The Stealth Soldier is the scout and sniper of the Elite Guard infantry forces. Their uniforms contain small electronic devices that, when activated, allows the soldier to cloak and blend in with his/her environment, rendering them near invisible unless they move. This allows them to sneak past many enemy defenses and to conceal them from hostiles. The downside is that their body armor lacks the strength of their Alpha Soldier counterparts. Stealth Soldiers are armed with EGS-06 Rifles.

BLACK PAW SOLDIER: The Black Paw soldier is the name given to the special forces commandoes of the Elite Guard. Tasked with infiltration, sabotage and other tactical combat duties, the Black Paws are exceptionally trained and are on par with most special forces units around the world. Their armor contains the same cloaking technology as that of Stealth Soldiers, but with the strength and resilience of the Alpha Soldier's armor. They come equipped with the SCAR-BP 100 silenced rifle and plastic explosive charges.

PALADIN SOLDIER: The best and most dangerous soldiers in the Elite Guard is the Paladin. Only the most fanatically loyalists of General Franco are given the honor of being a paladin. A Paladin wears a high-tech battle armor that resembles the armor of a medieval knight, which not only gives the soldier great protection, but the suits come equipped with jet packs that allow a Paladin to fly over short distances and are also capable of administering adrenaline and morphine to its user when needed. Combined with the Magnetic Rifle and their fanaticism, the Paladin Soldiers are a force to be reckoned with.


BATTERY BUGGY: The Battery Buggy is a dune buggy that has been modified to act as a reconnaissance, first strike and infantry support vehicle. Two machine guns are fitted for the side and rear passengers to fire at infantry targets, while rocket packs attached to the rear to provide artillery support and rudimentary air defense. They are good at providing support for attacking infantry forces, but their poor armor renders them vulnerable to heavier arms such as tanks.

RHINO TANK: The Rhino Tank is the primary battle tank of the Elite Guard forces. It's design is derived from the Soviet T-72, but with many modern upgrades such as a computerized aiming and targeting system, a 100mm barrel and reactive armor. The most prominent feature of the Rhino is the crescent-shaped shield fitted to the front. It is used not only to protect the tank from frontal attacks, but also as a means to ram vehicles and structures as well as to scoop up landmines and other hazards.

ARMORED SOLDIER CARRIER: The Armored Soldier Carrier is a custom-built troop carrier whose design is a mixture of the Russian BTR and an ordinary bus. Armor-plating and large wheels not only allow it to traverse various kinds of terrain but also provide good protection to the large number of troops it carries. Aside from troop transportation, the ASC can also be converted in a field hospital if required.

TEMPLAR: The Templar battle mech is the latest addition to the Elite Guard arsenal, a product of reverse engineering of the hulks of ruined GONV mechs that lay scattered about in Europe and Africa following the Techno War. A large, two-story bi-pedal mechanized robot armor, the Templar is a versatile and well-armed beast. It's one hand is a powerful laser that can cut through most obstacles, while the other hand is a claw that is capable of even tearing off the turret of a tank. A single pilot controls the Templar using advanced computerized controls, making the pilot a one-man tank.

CLOAK TANK: The Cloak Tank is a treaded platform that carries a mobile cloaking field generator. The field created by a cloak tank allows not only it to be hidden from view, but can also hide a significant number of forces in a small radius around itself. This allows an Elite Guard commander to sneak forces past unsuspecting enemy formations and launch surprise attacks. However, because of the equipment needed to generate the cloaking field, the Cloak Tank lacks armor and is very vulnerable to enemy fire once detected.

BRIGADE TANK: The quad-treaded Brigade Tank is the biggest tank in service anywhere in the world. Designed not only as a powerful weapons platform, but also to serve as a forward command vehicle, hence the name. Fitted with dual cannons, SAM anti-aircraft launchers and communications equipment, the Brigade Tank is also covered in layers of reactive armor to render it very difficult to destroy. Commanders can use Brigade Tanks to lead and direct armed forces into battle with minimal risk to themselves. However, the size and weight of the Brigade Tank makes it very slow and vulnerable in some situations.


VULTURE FIGHTER: The Vulture is the bulk of the Elite Guard's air force. A VTOL aircraft, the Vulture lacks the armor and firepower of many contemporary fighter jets, it makes up for it with speed, manoeuvrability and a highly accurate front laser gun. It can fly much faster and turn more quickly, giving it an edge in dogfights and even allow a skilled pilot to dodge incoming missiles without using countermeasures. It cannot carry more than two missiles or two bombs, thus making it unsuitable for long-range engagements and ground attacks. But while it many not outgun its adversaries, it can certainly out-fly them.

OWL HELI-TRANSPORTER: The Owl is a significantly upgraded Russian Mil Transport Helicopter that carries its own cloak generator, allowing the Owl to remain hidden even when in flight. It is capable of ferrying soldiers and strike teams without alerting enemy forces. Aside from a pair of mounted machine guns on either side, the Owl is unable to defend itself if detected and carries little armor. Therefore escorts generally provide protection to the Owl.

SKYLIFT HELICOPTER: The Skylift is a massive helicopter with four power rotor engines and a strong frame, allowing it to carry three Elite Guard combat vehicles over large distances. It has good speed and its construction gives it good resilience against hostile fire, though it is not invulnerable and protection is still recommended for these transports.

OH-10 CENTURY PLANE: The Century Plane was originally a Russian Backfire Bomber by design, but extensive modifications have turned it into a unique aircraft suited to the needs of the Elite Guard. It contains the most technologically advanced systems and incorporated stealth design, giving it great flexibility to serve as either a cargo plane or a bomber (it can be interchanged between the two modes if necessary). However, the Century cannot defend itself and requires escorts from Vultures in combat situations.

NIGHT WING: The Night Wing was General Franco's private aircraft that resided in the Wardrome as a personal evacuation craft. Shaped like a large flying wing, the NW carried onboard cloaking devices that allowed it to be hidden from sight while its exterior was covered with radar-absorbent materials to make it nigh invisible. Four sets of engines powered the aircraft, allowing it to reach mach 1 speeds at maximum thrust. The interior of the Night Wing contained sleeping quarters, a command center and an armory alongside the small cargo hold. During the invasion of South Africa Franco attempted to flee in the Night Wing, but thanks to Striker the aircraft was intercepted and eventually captured. It is currently being stored at Road Rover Headquarters for study and research into its technology.


KRAKEN VESSEL: The Kraken Vessel is a large freighter that has undergone a transformation to serve the needs of the Elite Guard. Given a stealth design and look, the Kraken is able to ferry Elite Guard troops and equipment over the oceans while remaining undetected from the world's maritime forces. It's primary attribute, aside from its stealth ability, is its speed and its cargo capacity. Though it carries a minimal amounts of self-defense weapons, its crews are well trained soldiers who can repel even determined attacks by raiders.

BEACH HOPPER CRAFT: The Beach Hopper is basically a one-pilot hovercraft that can carry troops and vehicles from Kraken Vessels to shore and vice versa. It's distinct feature is the reduced noise coming its specially designed engines, allowing it to make insertions without attracting unwanted attention to loud noise.


LASER TRIP DEVICE: The Laser Trip Device is a small electronic disk the size of a bottle cap that can be fitted to any surface. When placed and activated, it fires a laser beam that acts like a wire. When this laser line is broken, it activates a signalling system in the device that can send out a pre-programmed transmission to any device it has been linked to, be it an explosive device, an alarm or a buzzblade. It is mainly used to defend narrow and spaces such as vents and sewer pipes that cannot be regularly patrolled.

GALT HEAVY CANNON: The Galt Heavy Cannon is part of the Galt Defense System, designed by an engineering team codenamed "GALT". The heavy cannon at first appears to be a turret-mounted tank cannon, but closer inspection reveals the highly sophisticated targeting system that links the cannon to other cannons in a network. A single operator can then control several cannons during a battle, allowing for easy targeting and prioritizing of hostiles. The system is generally used for base defense in conjunction with the Galt AA Battery, but it can also be mounted on mobile vehicles to provide additional support.

GALT AA BATTERY: Another integral part of the Galt Defense System, the AA Battery boasts a pair of chainguns and missile packs mounted on the same turret system as the heavy cannon. A single operator can control several such turrets, allowing good anti-aircraft coverage on either manual or automatic control. The battery is used in conjunction with the cannon or mounted on vehicles.


THE WARDROME: The Wardrome was an immense mobile fortress shaped like a pyramid and which was used as headquarters and spearhead of the Elite Guard force that had invaded South Africa. The huge vehicle, mounted on a large treads and powered by several nuclear engines, was an imposing sight as well as capable of defending itself as well as launch its own attacks. Multiple Galt Heavy Cannons and Galt AA Batteries combined with a thick plating skin and EMP-hardened shell, the Wardrome was a huge challenge to any attacking force and almost impossible to penetrate (though it was still vulnerable to internal sabotage). The control room allowed the leaders of the Elite Guard, including General Franco, a great deal of command and control over the Elite Guard brigades. The Wardrome boasted private quarters for Franco, his closet allies and personal guard as well as recreation and training facilities along with armories and detention blocks. It also had a catapult system to launch General Franco's private aircraft in case of emergencies. During the invasion of South Africa the Wardrome managed to reach the outskirts of Pretoria, but an EMP detonation inside it brought the massive machine to a standstill and causing extensive damage. Now paralyzed, the Wardrome came under attack from both the Road Rovers and the KH Military. With the odds overwhelmingly against the Elite Guard, Franco fled the Wardrome in his Night Wing aircraft. Not long after the KHA Victoria moved in and destroyed the Wardrome, leaving a heap of flaming debris and only the treads still recognizable. The remains of the Wardrome were later taken as scrap by the locals after the war had ended.