The following stories were written by Chris Markham. Note that the accompanying text is that of the author, not the administrator.

New world, New life (part:1): This is where Parvo tries to get hold of deadly weapons in a parallel world where the road rovers don't exist. But Chris witnesses the whole thing and gets kidnapped by Parvo's goons. Will the Rovers come to the rescue?

Odd one out (part:2): (sequel to New world, New life) Chris is trying to deal with being stuck in another world. At the same time he must try and fit in with the Rovers while living at the RRMC. And it isn't going well.

The Generation Arise: Some suspicious activity at one of General Parvo's abandoned laboratories draws the attention of the Road Rovers, who go in to investigate. WARNING: story contains swearing, violence and gore which may be unsuitable for younger readers.