The following stories were written by Catman. Please note the descriptions were created by the Administrator with Catman's permission.

Osceola - A Tale Of A Cat: Catman's first story about how Osceola, his character, joined the Road Rovers. A good read.

Dangerous Rivalries: Dylan and his Mother are captured by Dylan's evil brother, Jake. It is up to Catman, the Road Rovers and the Dixiecats to rescue them from harm.

Forgotten Destiny: Catman loses his memory. Parvo's on the attack. Can his friends help him before disaster strikes?

Island Of Dread: A special story written for Andy Silver and Emily Day.

Mirrored Images Yuhon and Ng-Hu travel to an alternate universe. But their evil Doubles reign havoc on the Tru Galatea.

Souls Bound Together Catman realizes his feelings for Felicia and decides to ask her to marry him, but Parvo has other plans. Can Catman and the Dixiecats save her to make the wedding?

Fury of Fur Kusac T'creal propses to his life long love J'rella.Wolve has a suprise for Nurse Julia. But can they and the Galatea survive the Warrior Councils new secret weapon?