The following stories were written by Casey Johnson. Please note that the accompanying text is that of the author, not the administrator.

The Fanclub
Dervish and Valkyrie are assigned to infiltrate a factory and gain information for the Master. But things don't quite go according to plan...
Road Rover Death Match #1!
The first Rover Deathmatch! It's a brutal Battle Royal with lotsa characters in a 'No disqualification, fight-to-the-smiley-face-finish!'
Casey's Trip to Seattle
Here's a little narrative expository paper that Casey wrote about one of his trips to Seattle. A nice little look into his mind...
Fallen Comrades
Here's the actual first fan-fic story Dervish ever wrote. It's a pure Rover story! No fan-chars or anything! It's been hiding away for a long time, but I've gotten Derv to let it be shown! Enjoy this thrilling story, made originally for Kylen Miles' contest!
Random Scene # 1!
Inspired by Mike Hossler's nifty-ass story, Casey wrote this li'l story! Enjoy!
Random Scene # 2!
Here we have another random scene, featuring Derv, Val, some robots, and even DJ in a cameo appearance! This one was inspired by a trip I Casey once took to the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. Hope you like it!
The Bystander
Alrighty, this here's the first official story that I had to make for my creative writing class. It features Beatrice Mendelson, Derv, Talia (in her second or third fanfic appearance), and for the first time in any story...~drumroll~ Cero! ;) Heh heh...Well, I hope you enjoy it. This sucker went through *5* freakin' drafts. I've never *ever* gone through five drafts of a story. ;) I hope it shows. Anyhoo, enjoy!
Eternal Knights
This is Casey's last independent project for his Creative Writing class. It went through 4 different drafts (he scrapped half of the first draft) to make it the good story it is now. Dervish (c) Casey J. ; Dawn (c) Dianne L. ; DJ (c) Jake W. ; Storm (c) WB

The Not-So-New Five Minute Writings Section! (Soon to be it's own page [Pfft...Like that'll ever happen ;)])

Well, I'm quite bored right now, so I'm gonna put in this section telling you what's up with me at the moment. I'll try to change it whenever I update this page, so you have some reason for coming back. So here you go!

May 5: Well, I'm just plain bored right now. No villains to fight, no evil to destroy, no lunchmeat to make a sandwich...It's a very depressing day. I finished drawing a pic of Spirit, but I don't have a scanner to let all my adoring fans see it. That's really annoying. It's cloudy and rainy, which is a good thing. That is, it's a good thing 'till all the mosquitos and worms come out en force. And to top off this boring, dreary day, I've got no new e-mail from my fans out there! (hint hint) That fact just kinda put the icing on the cake. Well, I'm off to find something to do. Perhaps some evil villain out there needs battling for no other reason than they're as bored as I am. Hmmmm...I'll have to check on that. I'm off to a chatroom to find a villain! Bye!

May 6: Well, today I'm in a lot of pain. Yesterday I went to a chatroom, and I actually found a villain to fight. Sad huh? Anywho, I went and fought this villain all by myself, thinking to impress all the cano-ladies. I didn't get a lady, I got serious injuries. Thus, I'm sitting by my computer today, recuperating.
I can't believe that a villain called "The Evil One," who I found on a chatroom and agreed to do battle with, actually hurt me! It's humiliating. Perhaps after I feel a little better, I'll go the sound stage and play some loud music to soothe my aches. Who knows. At least that evil "Evil One" is behind ba--- OH FOR GOODNESS SAKES! He broke out?!? Oh, the internet will pay for giving me this depressing news. Well, I'm not gonna go out there and get 'im again. I'll just get myself to think he's learned his lesson. Yeah, that's it...

(June 23)
Dear Journal:
Heh...I haven't written in you in quite a while, have I? Sorry. I've been traveling, as usual. Hey, do you know about Val? No? Oh man....It's been that long since I've written in this? That's sad. Well, I'd better start off from the relative beginning.
When I left Caninus ('nother story, tell ya l8er) I got to bring with me a mode of transport for my new home. Well, I decided on the newest (and incidentaly most experimental and dangerous) vehicle. It was a brand new Valkyrie-model hover-bike. It came with some state of the art features with it, but also one which I hadn't exactly counted on: It was alive. Yeah, it had some flaw or something which gave it a sort of artificial inteligence. I still haven't decided whether this was a good thing or a bad thing.
Well anyway, after a particularly cool adventure, a stray laser bolt from a c-mute (cano-mutant) went straight up Val's exhaust pipe. I barely got back to RRHQ before he crashed permenantly. Hubert decided to take a look at 'im to see if he could fix him up. Well, it's taking a lot longer than I'd like. So, for the last two months or so, I've just been wandering around on foot. It's not that bad, I suppose. Kinda lonely, true, but I'm used to that by now.
Well, I figure I'll wander around for a few more weeks at least. It's helping me remember some things, and to tell you the truth, it's nice not to have any huge obligations to anybody. Well, until next time.