This section contains the biographies of the Spider Cartel. Their faction affiliation is highlighted in teal.

1. Ortega (Spider Cartel)
2. Carlos (Spider Cartel)
3. Turwar (Spider Cartel)
4. Ernesto (Spider Cartel)




Name: Francisco Ortega

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Rank: Drug Lord

Species: Homo-sapien

Country of origin: Colombia

Background: He was a small time drug dealer in the streets of Bogota, Colombia, before the KH Military employed him as an agent. As Malcolm's money handler he was able to steal the company's funds when the KH Military was teleported. With this he became the most powerful Drug Lord on Earth. Despite the destruction of his base in Colombia by KH and UN forces he still controls the world's illegal drug trade.

Physical: South American who stands at 6 foot 9, has black moustache and hair. He usually dresses casually and looks like George Corraface.

Demeanor: Militaristic, egoistic and very sure of himself. Also a business man, particularly when it comes to drugs. He loves spiders and keeps them as pets.

Special Abilities: Expert on drugs and the drug trade.

Weapon of Choice: Minigun

Side: The Spider Cartel

Other: He is very rich, has a private army and connections in the Mafia.

Voice Actor: George Corraface




Name: Carlos Peru

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Rank: Field-Marshall

Species: Homo-sapien

Country of origin: Venezuela

Background: Carlos was a former soldier for the private army of the former drug lord Pablo Escobar before going over to serve Ortega after Pablo's death to the US Delta Force (which caused his armed forces to largely be absorbed by Ortega's). His military expertise allowed him to eventually take full control (after Ortega) of the Cartel's forces.

Physical: He is a South American who stands at 6 foot 3, has dark brown hair and green eyes. He wears a white shirt, black trousers, red coat with black sleeves, red military boots with black soles and black military cap. On his right chest pocket are his name tag with the Cartel insignia and on the left chest is his numerous military decorations. On the back of his hand is a scar he got from his service to Pablo.

Demeanor: Militaristic and authoritive. Doesn't take nonsense from anyone and can become very dangerous when angered. Prefers to stay out of view in public.

Special Abilities: Expert in military tactics and strategies and using the Cartel's forces to the fullest extent.

Weapon of Choice: Uzi machine gun that he usually carries under his clothes.

Side: Spider Cartel

Other: He commands the Spider Cartel's armed forces.




Name: Turwar (former name Alfonso Gomez)

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Rank: N/A

Species: Not specified. Currently classified as "Mutation"

Country of origin: Cuba

Background: Alfonso was another of Pablo's men before going over to join Ortega's forces. Although he was an excellent soldier, his alcoholism lead him to suffer a severe accident that would change him. During a visit to one of Ortega's special drug laboratories, he drank an experimental (and untested) drug with some whiskey. This caused him to be mutated into a slobbering monster with a severe alcoholic problem. Ortega soon used this weakness and brought Turwar (as he called him) under his control to serve him and the Cartel in special missions and operations.

Physical: He is a very large monster who stands at 8 feet, has greenish leather-like skin, large brown horns, triangular blood red eyes and an extended muzzle with razor-sharp teeth and nostrils. His body has the appearance of an extremely skinny person with large knobs forming at his joints, a three toed foot (with sharp nails) and another nail forming from his heel. His claws have the ability to morph into any kind of sharp object, from a knife to a scythe.

Demeanor: Simple-minded and once set on an order he doesn't stop until he has completed his mission (or gets intoxicated). Obeys only the members of the Spider Cartel. Can only talk a few simple words.

Special Abilities: Heightened senses, skin that can sometimes repel bullets and very strong. Can burrow through most hard surfaces. The perfect killer.

Weapon of Choice: Scythes that form out of his claws.

Side: Spider Cartel

Other: Due to his mutational status, his heightened senses and his liver's increased ability to handle 147% more waste, Turwar is even more of an alcoholic than there ever was and will very rarely pass up a chance to drink. When in public he wears a large robe with the cap over his head to prevent scaring people unless told so by his masters.

Voice Actor: N/A




Name: Ernesto Tello

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Rank: Drug Baron

Species: Homo-sapien

Country of origin: Mexico

Background: Ernesto Tello dropped out of high school after finding that being a small time drug dealer made good money. Soon he was managing his own little cartel within Mexico's southern provinces despite his young age, which earned him the ire of several older rivals. When an assassination attempt on him failed, Ernesto started a drug war that quickly became a savage conflict. After several brutal years, Ernesto's cartel had suffered considerable losses and he was on the verge of defeat. But then Ernesto scored a major coup when he agreed to join with Ortega's Spider Cartel. Using this new backing, Ernesto eventually crushed his rivals and became one of the top drug barons within the Spider Cartel. Following Ortega's fall to Unit STRIKE, Ernesto quickly took control over part of the splintered Spider Cartel and established himself as a contender to become the new drug lord. However, he still faces considerable opposition from other contenders within the cartel.

Physical: He is a Central American man who stands at 5 foot 5, has black hair and tanned skin. Though muscles, he also has a portly build around the waist. Usually he wears an all white suit with a red tie, black shoes and a red handkerchief in one pocket.

Demeanor: A smooth talker and charismatic individual with a strong competitive streak. He can be fairly brutal to those who oppose him, but lavishly rewards those who serve him and tends to take good care of his followers in order to earn their loyalty. Tries to remain calm at all times and seek opportunities in any setbacks he may suffer, but sometimes gets too clever by half.

Special Abilities: A brilliant administrator and has a good grasp of economics.

Weapon of Choice: A pair of retractable blades that he hides under his suit sleeves.

Side: Spider Cartel

Other: Although not technically the outright leader of the Spider Cartel, Ernesto enjoys considerable support and power within the organization and is regarded to be the frontrunner in becoming the true successor of Francisco Ortega.

Voice Actor: Danny Trejo