This section contains the biographies of the Global Operations Network Variation (GONV) Forces. Their faction affiliation is highlighted in purple.

1. GONV (GONV Forces)
2. HK-4 (GONV Forces)
3. Patriot (GONV Forces)
4. L-22 (GONV Forces)
5. Series 9(GONV Forces)
6. Xealot (GONV Forces)
7. NME (GONV Forces)


1. GONV:


Name: GONV (also known as Matrix)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Rank: Not applicable

System Tipe: Global operations network variation super computer

Country of origin: Russian Federation

Background: Matrix was a robot built by a mad Russian scientist. This machine had planned to destroy Russia but Alexander Illanov was able to destroy (?) it. Matrix, however, was able download his AI files into the Russian computer system and eventually into the GONV mainframe. When the KH Military built the super computer Matrix went into action. After the events in "The Iron Fist" the GONV vanished. Today GONV (Matrix) plans to get revenge on Illanov once and for all.

Physical: He is a large super computer but when needed can be transferred to a robotic body that stands at 8 foot 1, has railguns on the arms and a camera for a head..

Demeanor: Militaristic, treacherous, cruel and fearless. Willing to work with organic creatures for his own evil ends.

Special Abilities: Military planning, tactics, strategy, ect as a super computer. Deadly fighter when in the robotic body.

Weapon of Choice: Twin Railgun.

Side: GONV Forces

Other: He has a deep hatred for all organic life, especially Illanov.

Voice Actor: Harold Ramis


2. HK - 4:


Name: Hunter/Killer number four (HK-4).

Age: 1

Gender: Male

Rank: Force Commander

System Type: Class one warfare drone.

Country of origin: Ukraine

Background: A standard drone who was created by the GONV for a special purpose: to be the best force commander of Matrix's forces. As such, an AI system similar to that of Matrix's was upload into HK-4's mainframe. He then lived to his name to become the second in command of the GONV's forces.

Physical: He is 6 feet tall class 1 warfare drone with a humanoid build, pulse lasers attach to each arm a retangular head with cameras on each side and has the letters GONV written on the chestplate.

Demeanor: Militaristic and fearless. Has a demeanor above that of an average human.

Special Abilities: Military planning, tactics and strategies. Excellent fighter.

Weapon of Choice: Class 4 pulse laser.

Side: GONV Forces

Other: He is the best force commander of the GONV military and commands the Aquarius Division.

Voice Actor: Robert Burke




Name: Combat Droid codenamed "Patriot"

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Rank: Force Commander

System Type: Pentagon combat driod prototype no. 113

Country of origin: United States Of America

Background: Patriot was an experimental robot built by Pentagon scientists to be used to lead US troops during combat missions and to be used in Special Operations missions. Unfortunately government fundings for the Pentagon's projects were scaled back during the 1990's and various projects were cancelled, including Patriot's. Patriot was then stored deep within the Pentagon's cellars. The GONV Computer then penetrated the Pentagon, gave Patriot the special GONV program and he then escaped from the cellars. He then became the GONV's best force commander.

Physical: He is a 7 foot robot wearing a US camo-uniform, military boots and a helmet. His robot face design gives the impression of great authority, which are further enhanced by the glowing red eyes. Written on his shirt pocket is the letters GONV.

Demeanor: Very militaristic and authorative. He is very stubborn and will do anything to achieve his goal. He shouts in way a drill sergeant would to new recruits.

Special Abilities: Very strong and almost impossible to destroy. Knows every United States military tactic.

Weapon of Choice: Laser Repeater and his fists.

Side: GONV Forces

Other: He commands the Hesphaestus Division of the GONV Forces.

Voice Actor: Barry Corbin


4. L-22:


Name: Levinxa 22

Age: 1

Gender: Male

Rank: Intelligense Commander

System Type: Hacker Drone

Country of origin: Bolivia

Background: L-22 was built by the GONV when it became difficult for Matrix to properly coordinate all of the GONV's hacker drones. L-22 was also given the same GONV program that operates Series 9, NME, HK-4, Patriot, etc.

Physical: It stands at 6 feet with a shaft-like head that has two smaller shafts on the sides and two antenna's on the rear-end of each, mechanical arms, body and legs, the letters GONV written on it's chest (above two plugs) and four-pronged feet. It has a mixture of black and white colours.

Demeanor: Highly intelligent with no emotion.

Special Abilities: Agility and intelligense.

Weapon of Choice: Electrically charged fists.

Side: GONV Forces

Other: He controls all of the GONV Forces' hacker drones and the intelligense sector.

Voice Actor: William Daniel


5. SERIES 9:


Name: Series 9 Agribot

Age: 4

Gender: Male

Rank: Force Captain

System Type: Converted Agricultural Robot

Country of origin: Japan

Background: Series 9 was built in Japan by an intelligent farmer who wanted to lighten his work. Thinking that the robot should think for itself, the farmer stole the electronic brain for Series 9 from the Misubushi Artifical Intellgense System (MAIS) laboratories in Tokyo, little knowing that the brain had a virus planted by the GONV. Once the farmer had finished building Series 9 he activated him. For a while Series 9 worked on the farmlands, but then the GONV gave him the same program that makes all the robots in the GONV hate humans. This caused him to develop a particular hatred to any Japanese, whether he/she is human or a Cano-sapien. Series 9 turned on his former master, then destroyed the MIAS labs and joined the forces of the GONV to become a Force Captain.

Physical: He stands at 6 feet, has a low-tech humanoid body which looks like it's been built by an amateur. The electronic parts that can be seen are bright green and the metal parts are dark green and yellow. It's head looks it has a helmet on, it's eyes are dark blue and it has a speaker for a mouth. Written on it's chestplates are the letters GONV.

Demeanor: Slightly militaristic and slightly stupid. Harbours a deep hatred towards humans, in particular Japanese. Has a tendency to sometimes go very stupid at any given moment.

Special Abilities: Highly agile and a good shot. Can convert normal construction and agricultural robots into killing machines for the GONV military.

Weapon of Choice: Laser Shotgun

Side: GONV Forces

Other: He commands the light drones of the GONV military. His worst enemy is the Japanese Spitz: Alethia.

Voice Actor: Mako




Name: Model 2L211A "Xealot"

Age: 2

Gender: Male

Rank: Force Sergeant

System Type: Experimental Radiation Drone

Country of origin: Mexico

Background: Xealot is the GONV's next generation chemical drones which carry liquid plutonium with which to attack organic targets. Xealot is the first of this new drone-types (called Radiation Drones) and is currently being tested before it's brethren become mass-produced by GONV factories.

Physical: It stands at 7 feet, has a high-tech humanoid body which is green/black/white and three-toed feet. It's head is triangular with a rectangular speaker, and its eyes are also triangular. It has one four-clawed hand, the other being a device that resembles a firehose end. A pipe leads from it to the liquid plutonium tanks attached to it's back. On it's chest are the letters GONV with a red radiation hazard symbol below it.

Demeanor: Very intelligent and militaristic. Hates anything organic, even if it is on the GONV's side. Due to a fault in its language chip it can only speak a few words, such as "living things".

Special Abilities: It can absorb the energy fired at it from any energy weapon and converts into power for it's plasma shield. It is also very strong.

Weapon of Choice: Radiation Cannon

Side: GONV Forces

Other: He commands most of the GONV's chemical drones.

Voice Actor: Peter Weller


7. NME:


Name: New Military Electronics (NME)

Age: 3

Gender: Male

Rank: Force General

System Type: EuroCorp Experimental Warfare Robot

Country of origin: Belgium

Background: The NME was an experimental robot built by the European Corportation (EuroCorp) in Brussles. The NME was to be the first generation robot built for the electronic battlefield with the special ability to adept to it's current situation. However, the NME was also infected by the GONV and just before the Techno War took place, it escaped from it's hangar and rampaged throughout the EuroCorp laboratory complex where it was built. It then later joined the GONV Forces.

Physical: He is a large, four-legged robot of 10 feet with a large body, a head that is mainly square with only two cameras for eyes and two morph-weapon devices attached to it's sides. Under it's body are tank treads should it lose it's legs and also attached to the sides of his body are two arms with large claws.

Demeanor: Militaristic and cold. Has no emotions and is very ruthless towards organic creatures.

Special Abilities: Adaptable fighting machine and ability to create new weapons for itself. It is also invunerable to EMP.

Weapon of Choice: EuroCorp Heavy Laser.

Side: GONV Forces

Other: He controls a large section of the GONV's Zeus Division.

Voice Actor: N/A