The following stories were written by Bart Walls.

A New Era
 ...And Groomer Was Her Name-O!
Past, Present And Future
A New Killer In Town
Celebrate Bad Times Come On!
Goddess Twins? Part 1
Goddess Twins? Part 2
Street Rovers 2
Out Of The Final Frontier
Elemental Disaster
Quadruple Threat +2
Roverbrawl '99
Young Huntry: In The Navy
Trans-Rovers: The Movie
A FoE Holiday
Loner's Secrets
The Big Secret: The Past Of A Pyrenese
The Street Rovers: An Introduction
Close Encounters Of The Rover Kind
Tribal Trouble
Christmas In The 3rd Millenium
Space Double R, Part 1
Space Double R, Part 2
The Return Of Mystic McLab