Welcome to the Administration Center or the "Thank you" page. The Administrator is thankful for the following people (no particular order unless stated otherwise). More names will soon appear here.

Dylan Rinalds: For being the first person to draw a picture of some of my characters. I am very grateful. You are always there when I need you and you have helped me out a lot. I owe you about... um... (starts counting, then stops after a while). Anyway, thanks buddy! Recently, you've also helped redesign the layout of my main page and give me a better background. Bud, you're the greatest. :)

Ricky Galahad: You were the first person in the fandom with whom I made first contact. Thanks.

Greg Williams: For tellling me about where to get a free web page on tripod. You made this site possible and have been very supportive for me. I salute you.

Casey Johnson: You were the first person to sign my guestbook. Up the orange guy!

Dianne Laureano: Thank you for being the first to post my stories on the Internet. Go girl.

Robert Baer Jr: For being a great friend on ICQ and for being the first person to use my characters. Thanks a thousand, CD!

Michael Browner: Special thanks for drawing the KH Military logo shown on my main page as well as creating that excellent link button. Many thanks again!

Steven Today: For helping out on several occasions with the Strayers in my fanfics as well as being an idol to me and providing a never-ending supply of sarcastic remarks. Although he's gone, he's left a big footprint in my Road Rover life. Thanks, man, for the many years of Strayer and Rover goodness! <:)

Catman: He's a great chatter and has some great humor. Can cheer me up when I'm down. Another reason why I don't really hate cats.

David Reynolds: What can I say? He helps me and I help him. And he's a good buddy as well! :)

Richard Barrere: Yet another one of my good friends and computer gamer. We have a lot of chatting behind our backs and more to come.

Greg Smith: Also great friend. Nice to talk to all the time! ;)

Wolve: Heck, so many fun things about a fun-loving wolf. What more can I say?

There are others whom I have made friends with, but I'm too lazy to give them all individual thanks, so I'm putting up a list of those who desire many thanks and salutes from me (in no particular order):
- Eric Schulte
- Kristen Coughlan
- Kylen Miles
- MG Wolfstone
- Greywolf Lupous
- Antoneo the Tigerwolf
- Miesjie Renier
- Lobo Registrado
- Sin Rei Kan
- NftNat
- Zorro Re
- Scott Oliverson
- Philip King
- Hotrod
- Shawn Tigges

There are many more people out there who have made me proud of being a Road Rover fan. I'll add your names when I'm not so lazy (or if you tell me so, I'll put it up for you) :-P